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Chapter 344 Night guests

The news of the appearance of Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag didn’t come out immediately by Mu Yi’s order. Although he decided to reorganize the power of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, he still had more important things to do. Namely, transfer the fury of the old Taoist priest and lay him to rest.

Although the price was that his bones would rot faster, Mu Yi was not willing to let him continue to be a fighting zombie.

The old Taoist priest had died peacefully. In his own words, he had lived so long and found such a good successor. He had no regrets in his life. He had already laid down his hatred and the world. Maybe death had been a relief for him.

Mu Yi would not disturb the old Taoist priest anymore.Therefore, it was imperative to transfer his fury and cut off the connection between him and Li the Cripple. He would not be thwarted.

To ensure that everything was safe, Mu Yi didn’t let E Gui announce the news of his return. Only when the old Taoist priest’s work was finished, could he think about and do other things.

Two days later, he was still at the estate of E Gui, but this evening, it was completely guarded. Without E Gui’s permission, no one was allowed to go in and out, and those who disobeyed the order would be killed.

Although some people doubted this order, they dared not disobey it. They firmly guarded the manor and forbade people to enter.

In the backyard, Big Slave blocked the entrance, and E Gui and Gui San were on the other two sides. According to tonight’s alert, as long as the visitors didn’t have the strength greater than the fifth-grade, they couldn’t sneak into the backyard. What’s more, Mu Yi was here to guard.

“Master, you are ready.” Li the Cripple sat face to face with the old Taoist priest, waiting for him to adjust his state to the best, then opened his eyes and motioned to Mu Yi.

Because he took the Nether flowers, his face was still half black and half white. He looked ugly, but the Li the Cripple didn’t care. With his new strength, even if he was ten times as ugly, he would be happy.

“Okay, let’s go.” Mu Yi nodded and looked at the old Taoist priest. At this time, the old Taoist priest didn’t have divine sense. Only under the control of Li the Cripple could he have action.

Li the Cripple didn’t dare to be careless because he was very clear that everything tonight was a matter of life and death. If he was successful, his strength would be greatly increased, but he couldn’t escape from death if he failed. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to fight for everything. How could he tolerate losing it again when he could see hope?

Li the Cripple slowly raised his hands, and the old Taoist priest did the same. The two hands finally stuck together. At this moment, the suppressed Qi of the two people was released without reservation. The strong dead Qi suddenly made the backyard gloomy, and the trees, flowers and plants slowly turned yellow.

 Mu Yi kept his eyes fixed on the two men in case of an accident. He watched Li the Cripple’s black and whiteface contort as the old Taoist priest’s fury was transferred into him.

Hearing a murmur from Li the Cripple, his breath suddenly became unstable. However, Mu Yi didn’t make a move, but chose to believe in him. After all, Li the Cripple had full confidence. Even if it was exaggerated, it was definitely more than half a chance to succeed.

In this case, it was impossible to fail at the beginning.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Li the Cripple to get used to the situation, and his breathing became stable again. Then, the strength of the old Taoist priest was pouring into Li the Cripple’s body, and Li the Cripple’s face seemed to be constantly changing, sometimes all white, sometimes all black.

Mu Yi could feel Li the Cripple’s power was slowly increasing, and the aura of the old Taoist priest was also weakening.

If someone else did this, he would surely fail, but the old Taoist priest was the body refining corpse of Li the Cripple. There was a connection between the two. Although this power could not be shared, it was more than possible after he took the Nether flowers.

Looking at the old Taoist priest, Mu Yi grew saw. He knew that maybe after today, he would never see this face again. Mu Yi did not regret his choice. He believed that if the old Taoist priest knew this, he would certainly support his decision.

Of course, it was more likely that he didn’t care. He was a corpse without a mind. It was just Mu Yi who couldn’t let go.

However, Mu Yi did not regret what he had done. If a person did not have obsessions and desires, what was the meaning of living?

The backyard grew more and more lifeless. The first one who couldn’t stand it was Gui San. However, he still gritted his teeth and insisted until Mu Yi let him leave.

As for E Gui, he was also in the second difficulty, and he could stand it. However, he couldn’t understand what Li the Cripple was doing, and the relationship between them made him feel confused. Although he didn’t understand, he didn’t ask.

All of a sudden, Mu Yi looked to one side worriedly.

“I didn’t expect to see a good play when I arrived today. It was interesting.”

A voice suddenly came out, but it was on the roof. Big Slave and E Gui were shocked.

The latter was furious. The man came here uninvited, so he had to be an enemy. Mu Yi explained  that no one was allowed to disturb him. This was all his fault.

“Bold.” E Gui shouted lightly and went to the roof. Then, he saw a man in black standing on the roof, looking down at the yard.

“What are you doing?” It seemed that the person in black knew E Gui and spoke casually.

“Who are you?” E Gui stared at the other. Although the other did not release his Qi, the feeling in his heart told him that the other was very strong and he was not a match.

Even so, he was not allowed to step back at the moment.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. What’s important is whether you have considered it well?” Said the man in black lightly.

“What are you talking about?” E Gui was stunned, but asked quietly.

“Naturally, joining the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag,” said the man in black.

“Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag?” 

E Gui’s eyes narrowed. Although someone had looked for him long ago, he pushed him away for various reasons. Now, the other party forced him to come to the door at this critical moment with ill intent.

If the other party already knew the identity of Mu Yi, he would have chosen to come at this sensitive time. His first reaction was that he had a traitor in his midst, but he didn’t make a statement about it. No one knew except Gui San. How did the other party know?

E Gui was worried. He was not afraid of him but worried that Mu Yi would misunderstand him.

“It’s true. There’s another message coming today that says that there are only two halls that have not yet submitted to our Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. I think Master E understands what I mean?” The man in black did not look at E Gui, but at Mu Yi in the yard.

Mu Yi didn’t even listen to him. His attention was still on the old Taoist priest, and he felt his aura disappearing little by little.

But E Gui’s face had become extremely ugly and ashamed. When Mu Yi asked before, he said that there were four halls still loyal. 

Unexpectedly, in two days, the forces under the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag had been basically wiped out. 

“Are you finished?” E Gui stared at the man fiercely.

“I’m finished, of course.” The man in black nodded and said.

“Now that you have finished, please leave,” said E Gui.

“Leave? Why? What a good play.” The man in black said and continued to look at the yard. “If I don’t see it wrong, that’s a necromancer, right? Tut Tut, I didn’t expect that the Sparrow Organization would collude with necromancers. If the Envoy of the Vermillion Bird’s Flag knew, he would be disappointed. “

“It seems that you are making trouble tonight. Since you won’t leave, don’t blame me for being rude.” Although E Gui knew that he could not beat the other, he could not stand back.

“Just go away. You are not my opponent.” The man in black shook his head and continued to look at Mu Yi. “I think he’s a good one. Do you want to play?”

Mu Yi still didn’t pay attention to him as if he was just air. 

Although he wore a mask, it could be imagined that his expression was not good at the moment.

“Well, in that case, don’t blame me.” The man in black said, and suddenly raised his hand and summoned a little cold light, aiming for the old Taoist priest and Li the Cripple.

At this moment, Mu Yi’s expression finally changed. With a wave of his right hand, the cold light was stopped. Then, he appeared on the roof. Without saying a word, he waved the Bamboo Tree of Life to fight the man in black without reservation. His eyes were murderous.

The man in black didn’t seem to have expected that Mu Yi would be so fast. When he saw Mu Yi, he was shocked. However, his reaction was also very fast. He used his right hand to touch his waist. A silver light came out from his waist then rolled towards Mu Yi like silver.

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