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Chapter 345 the Greatest Obsession

   There was a man in black whose strength was between the sixth and seventh grade. E Gui could not deal with him though his strength was comparable to the top of the second difficulty of seventh grade. He was at the top of the world and the Envoy of the Flag in the Ear Group.

Each of the Envoys of the four flags had his own magic weapon. The top of the second difficulty was not comparable to their combat power.

   But there was no doubt that the man in black was definitely strong. Moreover, he obviously came to Mu Yi, seeming to know the identity of Mu Yi.

   Unfortunately, he miscalculated his strength.

   The silver snake, rising from the waist of the man in black, was hit by the Bamboo Tree of Life. Then, the man in black looked terrible and instinctively stepped back.

“Late,” Mu Yi sneered, only to see the Bamboo Tree of Life flick gently. The silver snake burst then the Bamboo Tree of Life fell towards the head of the man in black.

The man in black tried to shift his body and raised his arm to block.

   With a crisp sound, the arm of the man in black was broken by the Bamboo Tree of Life and pressed to his shoulder as if a mountain had slammed into him. Then, he fell down.

If he hadn’t, the Bamboo Tree of Life would have crushed half of his body and killed him.

   Mu Yi looked at the big hole in the roof, his eyes were cold and murderous. Then, he shook and followed after the man. No matter what happened tonight, he could not let this man go, even if he was a follower of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag.

   After landing, the man in black rushed to the window. He knew that he was definitely not a match for Mu Yi. If he didn’t leave, he would die. He regretted coming. 

   The man in black, named Zhang Chao, was one of the two strongest men under the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. He happened to be nearby, so when he heard about the news of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, he rushed to cow him into submission and almost got himself killed.

  Mu Yi was faster than Zhang Chao. Before Zhang Chao could get close to the window, Mu Yi had stopped him. 

“I am the Right Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. We are friends.” Looking at Mu Yi, Zhang Chao spoke quickly. If he was killed, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag would not let him go.

“Friends? Then, you are more damned,” Mu Yi said in a cold voice. Even if he had been the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, he would not allow him to live, let alone let him cow him into submission.

   At the same time, Bamboo Tree of Life in Mu Yi’s hand moved towards Zhang Chao. Zhang Chao used his other arm to lift his sword and defend himself.

   Mu Yi’s body flickered and disappeared in front of Zhang Chao. Zhang Chao’s eyes suddenly widened and he was dead. In his chest, there was a dot. Besides, he had no other injuries.

   After waiting for Mu Yi to leave the room, something seemed to land in the room.

“My lord.” 

Mu Yi went out, and saw E Gui who was ashamed.

“I have killed him. You can deal with it,” Mu Yi said and went back to the yard to guard behind the old Taoist priest. Looking at his appearance, it was hard to imagine that he just killed a man.

   When E Gui came into the room, he saw Zhang Chao lying on the ground with his eyes wide open. Perhaps, it had been a simple test that had cost him his life.

   If there was regret medicine, he would definitely buy it.

   E Gui looked grave. He grabbed Zhang Chao and left quietly. He didn’t feel sympathetic to Zhang Chao, but he was sad.

    Li the Cripple and the old Taoist priest in the backyard didn’t know what happened outside. With time passing, the skin on Li the Cripple’s face began to look old, and he lost all his hair, but his energy became more and more powerful.

   At this time, Mu Yi couldn’t help worrying because he knew that this was the most critical moment. If he didn’t get it right, both of them would suffer from the boomerang effect and die.

   Fortunately, Li the Cripple didn’t let him down. His expression was distorted, in the end, the strength of the old Taoist priest was pulled out from him a little bit as his appearance seemed to grow old all of a sudden. His skin was like an old tree skin without water, and his body also exuded the heavy smell of decay.

   Finally, Li the Cripple shouted, a strong energy of death broke out from his body. At the same time, the old Taoist priest fell backward.

   At the critical moment, Mu Yi flicked to block the strength of Li the Cripple’s energy then carefully held the old Taoist priest.

The old Taoist priest’s appearance returned to that of the serene dead.

“You can sleep well, I promise, no one will disturb you anymore.” As Mu Yi said this, he picked up the old Taoist priest and put him in the coffin he’d made. It looked ordinary but showed all his regard.

   He sealed the coffin cover. Suddenly, Mu Yi breathed out a long relieved breath. He was inexplicably relaxed, even his spirit strength increased greatly.

   Mu Yi remembered the past times with the old Taoist priest. This memory of sealing his coffin framed them all.

   Looking for the old Taoist priest had been the biggest obsession of Mu Yi’s life. He had gone through many hardships, but finally completed it.

  It was more than a breakthrough. It was almost uncontrollable. There was a light wheel behind his head, and his body vibrated again and again. But after every shock, he became purer. His whole body seemed to be baptized from inside to outside and he felt like walking on clouds almost like a fairy. The wind around him seemed to pass through his body, and moonlight shone into his heart.

  He cleared his mind. Some of the problems he didn’t understand in the past were figured out like a kind of epiphany.

   Mu Yi was standing in the yard. Suddenly, the wind wrapped around him, but his clothes and hair didn’t shake.

Big Slave stood at the door and stared.

    Li the Cripple was still immersed in his own world at the moment, keeping his body stable.

   As for E Gui, maybe he was the only one who was sober, but he didn’t understand what kind of state Mu Yi was in at the moment. The scene was deeply imprinted in his heart and wouldn’t be forgotten for many years.

   Mu Yi remained immersed in this state for a long time before he gradually woke up. He felt unprecedented ease, physically and mentally. Moreover, he found that his strength of the spirit increased a lot. The Qi in his Dantian gradually condensed into a vortex and slowly rotated.

   The deepest chakra of his body, Mūlādhāra, showed vitality, while Svādhihāna was transforming essence. The three chakras were brighter than ever before. Mu Yi had an intuition that the fourth chakra would be opened by his mind, and there would be no instability.

   But Mu Yi did not make a breakthrough. He would keep cultivating for well-grounded development.

Mu Yi found that the seed of Taoism in his heart became more solid. It was still a shadow, but its color was more profound.

 He became more powerful. The third level of Vajra glaze body had been completed. He could also make a breakthrough at any time, or even catch up with the realm of Liao Fan. At this speed, only those reincarnated as Living Buddhas could match it.

   However, Mu Yi was not complacent. He knew that he still had a long way to go, especially when he decided to practice Taoism and Buddhism. It was doomed that his way would be more difficult. Mu Yi was more cautious and afraid of making a mistake.

   When Mu Yi woke up, he found that Li the Cripple was still sitting there. His energy was fluctuating, and his face was black and white. He looked like an old man in his seventies, and pained.

   Mu Yi knew that something was wrong as soon as he saw him. His Yin and Yang were out of balance and his power was out of control, a sign of being possessed by the devil. If no one helped him, he would explode with a bang.

   Fortunately, he had already cut off the connection with the old Taoist priest, and transferred his fury and Yin Qi to his body, so no matter what happened to him, he had nothing to do with the Taoist priest.

   Li the Cripple noticed that Mu Yi was looking at him. He opened his eyes and looked at Mu Yi with difficulty. His eyes were full of supplication because only Mu Yi could save him. If Mu Yi didn’t save him, his fate would be miserable.

   Mu Yi stood there, motionless, as if he did not see his plea. Through the ghost slave bond, Mu Yi could feel his mood, mingled with resentment, despair, and the desperate will to survive.

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