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Chapter 346 Waiting

   When the power inside Li the Cripple’s body was getting completely out of control and even an immortal would be hard pressed to save him, Mu Yi finally moved.

    Mu Yi appeared in front of Li the Cripple and placed his hands on Li the Cripple’s head. At the same time, his mighty mind and spirit power entered Li the Cripple’s body. Because of ghost slave control technique, Li the Cripple had no resistance against Mu Yi’s mind power and allowed it to enter his body. Mu Yi’s mind power gradually controlled Li the Cripple’s body.

Li the Cripple was in bad shape. Originally, the Nether flowers balanced the life and death Qi in his body, so even if he absorbed the fury of the old Taoist Priest, he would be fine, but the problem was that his strength was increasing too fast and his mind and spirit strength couldn’t keep up and spiraled out of Li the Cripple’s control.

 When Mu Yi took control of Li the Cripple’s body, he tamed it with his own mind and spirit power, and the life and death Qi rebalanced. When the life and death Qi flowed in his body, forming the pattern of Tai Chi, it contained a kind of wisdom.

   The pattern of Tai Chi faded in a flash then disappeared in Li the Cripple’s body. Mu Yi felt regretful that he couldn’t see the pattern anymore.

   At the same time, he also realized that necromancers had a purpose. Everything was balanced. Zombies pointed to a great truth, and people who understood life and death could become quite terrifying.

   However, understanding the truth of life and death was also very difficult. It took more than luck to understand it.

   It seemed that Li the Cripple went wrong, but in fact, he gradually returned to the right path. However, how to continue in the future depended on himself.

   Mu Yi sealed part of Li the Cripple’s strength with the method of restriction, and he didn’t take back his strength until Li the Cripple’s mind and spirit power could control his body.

   An hour later, Li the Cripple opened his eyes and looked at Mu Yi with a complicated expression. Li the Cripple looked older than before, but he was stronger.

   If he could understand life and death, he would become young again. However, it would likely take a long time.

“Li Ji bows to you, master,” Li the Cripple went to Mu Yi and kneeled solemnly.

The power in his body had been out of control. He thought he was going to die. Mu Yi could save him, but had seemed to ignore him. He didn’t hate Mu Yi. After all, he turned Mu Yi’s master into a zombie.  Being hacked into pieces couldn’t make that right. He only hated himself, but this hate was more like his attachment to life and unwillingness to die.

   Originally, Li the Cripple thought that after finding the Nether flower and absorbing the strength of the Taoist priest, he could reach the top at once. He had been so naive to think that reaching the peak of second difficulty was that simple. It was not because his master’s records were wrong but his incompetence.

   If fighting zombies did this, it would be possible for them to reach the top, but he was different from the fighting zombies. If he had such strength but couldn’t control it, he would end up losing control of his strength and devolving into madness.

   When Mu Yi saved him, he didn’t even know what he was feeling. Grateful? Glad?

 Regardless, he survived, and his strength grew to the fifth grade. When his mind and spirit power became more powerful, he could release the power in his body and advance again.

   Li the Cripple knew how it came to be, so he kneeled sincerely in servitude and devotion.

“Do you know why I saved you?” Mu Yi looked at Li the Cripple and asked.

 Li the Cripple shook his head, “I, your servant, don’t know.”

“It was you who took my master away, forcing me to step into the world. Now I still have many causes and consequences to solve so I can’t seclude myself with my master. I saved your life with the aim to make you guard his grave to pay back your mistakes. When I return to seclusion, you will be free again,” said Mu Yi lightly.

  Originally, he did intend to let Li the Cripple die, but when he saw the desire in Li the Cripple’s eyes, his heart suddenly trembled, and he chose to save him. Letting him guard the old Taoist Priest’s grave was also one of the reasons why he chose to save him.

 He had received a lot of gratitude and resentment. It was impossible for him to seclude until he resolved it all. Thus, it was impossible for Mu Yi to bury the old Taoist Priest in the mountain without doing anything more. He couldn’t travel all around the world carrying a coffin, so the best way was to let Li the Cripple guard the grave.

“I, your servant, abide by master’s orders. As for freedom, I don’t care. I have nothing else to ask for in my life. I only beg master to let me take revenge in the future. From then on, my broken body is under master’s command,” Li the Cripple said solemnly.

“Don’t worry, when you have enough strength, I will let you take revenge,” Mu Yi nodded.

   Although Li the Cripple’s strength was equivalent to the fifth grade, it was just power not control. He had made continuous breakthroughs and rapid progress, so it would be hard for him to wield all his strength. If he went after Qu Yang under this circumstance, he would definitely die.

   Although Qu Yang’s strength was only of the fourth grade, he was in the fifth grade as long as he was in Qu Mortuary, and he could wield all his strength. What’s more, there was Bei Ming and many living zombies around him. If Li the Cripple wanted to get revenge and kill Quyang, he had to reach the sixth grade.

When Li the Cripple heard Mu Yi’s words, he immediately got excited and his eyes were filled with tears.

“Thank you very much, master.”    


The next day, in addition to E Gui, there were more than a dozen people standing in the Sparrow Organization. These people were all the elder members and elites of the Sparrow Organization. Their arrival meant that Mu Yi had revealed his identity.

Mu Yi had called out the Xin lamp. Along with E Gui’s testimony, no one could doubt him, but Mu Yi’s young appearance worried them. No one could deny that Mu Yi was Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, but if his strength was not enough to subdue all the people necessary, it was impossible to convince or subjugate anyone.

   In this world, strength counted.

   However, when Mu Yi released his aura a little, the people were out of breath. After being sacred for their lives, people’s eyes on Mu Yi became fanatical again. A powerful envoy could undoubtedly lead them to a glorious future.

   Of course, some people were worried. All in all, Mu Yi was late. The power of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag had been almost completely occupied by the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. According to Zhang Zhao, only two halls were still loyal to the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.

   Compared with the strength of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, the strength of his side was nothing.

Mu Yi did not pay attention to other people’s vile thoughts, but looked at E Gui and asked, “Leader E, how long will it take you to reorganize the strength of the Sparrow Organization?” 

   According to the reaction of the people, he knew that there were still people with vile thoughts. However, he didn’t care. A few people couldn’t change anything. Even if all his information was revealed to these people, he was not afraid.

   From the moment he killed Zhang Zhao last night, there was no leeway between him and the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, and playing tricks was not his style. As long as he did the right thing, he could defeat everyone. Anyone who betrayed him would pay a price.

“It will take at least three years to recover the Sparrow Organization to its peak, but it will only take three months to recover to seventy to eighty percent of its power,” E Gui said loudly, although one hundred percent was close to seventy percent, it took ten times longer than the time the latter needed.

   Because Sparrow Organization was located in a remote place, the territory of the Tu people who had always been relatively secluded, the unrest that year did not disturb the area. Although Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag had not appeared in these years, the Sparrow Organization had always existed silently.

   Some old people retired after they reached the age, and some people left because of disappointment. Once the news that the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag returned spread, those who left disappointed would surely return, but those old people would be unable to bear the burden.

  Recovering seventy percent of its strength in three months was the best result that E Gui could achieve with all his efforts.

Mu Yi looked at E Gui and all the people in the hall, “Three months is too long. I’ll give you two months. In two months, I’ll come back here and take you out of here.”

“As the lord has ordered,” E Gui took the lead in saying aloud, with a more fanatical expression.

“I’ll do as you said.” 

Most people’s expressions were similar to that of E Gui, but there were many people who were not willing.

   However, Mu Yi believed that this would not happen when he came back next time.

   In these two months, Mu Yi decided to go back to Funiu Mountain to bury the old Taoist Priest then return here to consolidate the power belonging to him and fight the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag to completely lay the foundation for his position.

   At that time, he believed that the warm-hearted Envoy of Xuan Ming’s flag would be willing to help him. He could also take the opportunity to improve his strength in these two months. Only in this way could he have the capital to fight the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag.


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