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Chapter 347 Back to Funiu Mountain 

   Half a month later, a carriage came into Funiu town. Originally, the carriage was not unusual, but the driver was a trembling old man who looked as if he would die at any time. However, he was skilled at horse riding. Even though there was a constant stream of people on the road, he moved forward easily.

    A big man who was a little dull followed the carriage, carrying a huge package. He sweat like a pig, and it was clear that the package was heavy from the sound of his footsteps. However, the big man followed the carriage without expression as if the heavy package was not on his back.

   This group was Mu Yi and others who came back from Laosi City. Mu Yi sat in the carriage with a light blue flame between his hands. The flame beat gently in his hands like an elf.

   After half a month, he finally came back here. However, Mu Yi was not idle on the road. He began to practice the fire control technique. He had been able to make a turn, which greatly increased the power of Nanming Li Fire.

   Due to the rapid progress in this period of time, Mu Yi had specially made a huge package for Big Slave full of heavy fine iron, so that he could carry it all the way. However, after half a month’s walking, there was no more vanity in Big Slave, and his strength was all restrained and could be controlled easily.

   As for Nian Nuer, she was already awake. Her strength, as expected, advanced one level and reached the fifth grade without the help of the Bamboo Tree of Life. Once she merged with the Bamboo Tree of Life, her strength could reach the sixth grade, and there was no sign of instability.

   Her speed of advancement made Mu Yi envious.

   In half a year, Funiu town seemed to become livelier. There were more carriages on the official road, and the town became noisy and lively.

   Mu Yi asked Li the Cripple to drive the carriage to the foot of Funiu Mountain. After getting off, he took out the coffin and held it over his head. Fortunately, no one was there. Otherwise, they would be shocked to see this.

   After the chakras were opened, Mu Yi’s strength increased a lot. Later, he cultivated Vajra glaze body, and his strength increased even more dramatically. Therefore, the coffin of several hundred catties was nothing in his hands.

   Arriving at Funiu Mountain, Nian Nuer came out of the Bamboo Tree of Life. She hopped quickly in front and seemed very happy. Obviously, she took this place as a home. Even the eyes of Big Slave were gentler.

   Only Li the Cripple followed Mu Yi without saying a word. He also lived here at the beginning, but now things weren’t how they used to be. After coming back, his mood definitely became different.

“Are you the Priest Mu?”

   Just up the mountain, a middle-aged man walked out of the hut on one side. When he saw Mu Yi, he was shocked then surprised.

“Who are you? Why are you in my house?” Before Mu Yi spoke, Nian Nuer asked questions. The middle-aged man did not live in the small Taoist temple, but built a small house nearby and lived there.

“I’m a servant of the Su mansion. I’m ordered by my master to take care of the Taoist temple here and wait for the Taoist Priest to come back,” said the middle-aged man immediately.

“It is so kind of Master Su to do this.” Mu Yi nodded, then took the coffin to the back of the house. He found the tools and began to dig. He did it by himself as he did last time and soon buried the coffin.

“We’re home, old man. From now on, no one will disturb you. You can rest here.” Mu Yi looked at the grave and said softly. There was no tombstone, no joss paper, no tribute, only a pile of loess.

For Mu Yi, those things were meaningless. As long as this was his home, that was enough.

   Mu Yi kowtowed respectfully in front of the grave, then got up and looked at several figures in a hurry in the middle of the mountain. Su Chongshan was the first one. Having not seen him in half a year, he looked a lot better. It was no wonder that he looked better than before because when Mu Yi saw him last time, he was worried about his wife and had not gotten a good rest for many days.

   But now, Su’s family was thriving, and the ambition in his heart could be unleashed. 

Su Chongshan spoke with admiration, “Having not seen you for half a year, the Taoist priest became more and more extraordinary, not like us, the ordinary people, but more like the relegated immortal falling to Earth.”   

   His words were not pure flattery. With the deepening of Mu Yi’s Taoism, his temperament was also constantly changing. He had unique characters and temperament. Although he had been cultivating for such a long time, he had not really returned to his original nature yet, and his Qi could still be seen by other people.

“You are getting stronger and stronger. I think that wish has been fulfilled,” Mu Yi smiled.

“All thanks to your plan. Otherwise, the Su family wouldn’t have today’s glory. Jin Lun and his father are in the capital. I’ve sent people to deliver the letter quickly. I believe they can return in two days,” Su Chongshan said.

“You are too polite. What I said was just a young man’s boast. Even if the thing is successful, it’s because of your strategic genius.”

   Mu Yi and Su Chongshan entered the Taoist temple. Although they hadn’t returned for half a year, the temple was clean. This undoubtedly showed that Su Chongshan had a very high opinion of Mu Yi. Although Su Chongshan decided all the major issues on his own, without Mu Yi’s ways of increasing luck, the Su family would not have turned bad luck into good luck several times as if they were helped by immortals.

   After a lifetime of practice, Su Chongshan had already developed a pair of smart eyes. He knew that the reason why Su family could develop so fast, in addition to Su family’s efforts, was the mysterious theory of Qi and fortune. At the beginning, some people may not believe it, but they had to believe it after experiencing it several times.

“Half of the achievements of the Su family were possible because of you alone,” Su Chongshan said forcefully. If it was not the case, he would not rush here as soon as he got the news that Mu Yi had returned.

   Mu Yi smiled and said nothing modest, acquiescing to Su Chongshan’s words.

“What is your plan for this return?” Su Chongshan looked at Mu Yi with eager eyes. Although the Su family had developed rapidly in this half year, Mu Yi had not been around. It had always made him feel uneasy and afraid that something unexpected had happened.

   Last time Mu Yi left, he said that once he came back, he would live in seclusion here. However, the way Su Chongshan saw it, if this talented person lived in seclusion on this mountain, it would be a waste. He even had an idea that he wanted to let Mu Yi completely join the Su family and make the relationship between them closer.

“It may be a disappointment, but there is still unfinished business in the world. I will stay here for at most one month then I will leave.” 

Mu Yi could naturally see Su Chongshan’s plan, so it was better to say it clearly. The Su family was very powerful, the family of the rich. But for Mu Yi, the pool of the Su family was still too small.

   At this moment, Su Chongshan couldn’t help but think of what Mu Yi said to his grandson before leaving. Mu Yi said talented people would fully exert their gifts once they had opportunities. Now Mu Yi was ambitious, how would he be willing to remain in a small pool?

   Thinking of this, Su Chongshan had a wry smile on his face. Didn’t he know it? He was just unwilling to accept it, but he quickly accepted it and adjusted his mood. In any case, he just needed to have a good relationship with Mu Yi. Because it was not Mu Yi who couldn’t leave the Su family, but the Su family couldn’t leave Mu Yi.

Su Chongshan shook his head, “I am the one who dreams. It’s a pity that you will only stay for one month. I’m afraid you won’t see Yingying.” 

“Oh, where is Miss Yingying?” Mu Yi asked curiously, and the girl in the long, green skirt came to mind.

“To be honest with you, Yingying left with an expert,” said Su Chongshan.

“An expert?” Mu Yi was surprised.

“Exactly, more than half a month after you left, a middle-aged woman came and said that Yingying had a relationship with her, so she accepted Yingying as a disciple and took Yingying away.”

“Since you were willing to let Miss Yingying leave with her, I don’t think the expert is a fake one.” 

Mu Yi smiled. Su Chongshan was a bright man and he couldn’t be cheated.

   Unexpectedly, Su Chongshan’s face showed a wry smile. “The expert was really powerful, but I didn’t want Yingying to follow someone as a disciple, let alone leave. Yingying wanted to.”

   After Su Chongshan finished, he looked at Mu Yi deeply and seemed to say that all this had something to do with Mu Yi.

   Mu Yi’s mind turned slightly, and he understood Su Chongshan’s intentions. Mu Yi’s expression was stiff for a while. However, he still said, “Everyone has their own destiny. Miss Yingying may be able to achieve something in the future. It’s not a problem to protect the Su family. Do you know the name of the expert? In the future, maybe I can meet her out in the world. “

“That person only said that her surname was Yun and she came from the top of Qiong Mountain. Besides that, she didn’t leave any information. She didn’t even say where she would take Yingying to and when she would return.” Su Chongshan smiled bitterly with a touch of sadness between his eyebrows.

   In his opinion, the best destination for his granddaughter was to marry Mu Yi. There was no rule that Taoist priests couldn’t get married. Only in this way could the Su family completely tie itself to Mu Yi. If they had a son or daughter in the future, giving the Su family to Mu Yi would be no big deal.

   It was a pity that his granddaughter didn’t have such a fate. The reason why she was willing to leave with others was that she didn’t want to be too far away from Mu Yi. For Su Yingying, what kept her from Mu Yi was not the distance, but that she couldn’t see the world Mu Yi existed in.

“Surname Yun, the top of Qiong Mountain? I remember it and inquire about it someday. I believe that Miss Yingying will be fine. “


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