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Chapter 348 Thunder Techniques


   Su Chongshan came and left in a hurry. He didn’t even see Nian Nuer since she was hiding in the bamboo forest. Maybe he thought that she still couldn’t appear in the daytime, so he didn’t bother asking for her.

   Mu Yi didn’t mind supporting the Su family at all. Su Chongshan had already sent him the land lease of Funiu Mountain. The whole mountain was his to control as he wished and no one could drive him away. He could also leave Li the Cripple to protect the mountain if he left. He had more than enough strength.

   Three days later, Su Jinlun came up the mountain. His face was tired, but his eyes were very bright. He was excited to see Mu Yi. After half a year’s training, his impetuousness had all faded away.

   Su Jinlun was one of Mu Yi’s few friends so they spent the morning talking and catching up. Su Jinlun talked about everything that had happened in his absence. Mu Yi was happy to just sit and listen. He had grown accustomed to fighting, but this kind of life made him warm.


   Most of Mu Yi’s time was spent practicing the fire control technique, but after the first turn the difficulty increased. Mu Yi could only turn the Nanming Li fire into a small snake. The color of the Nanming Li fire had deepened and it had gotten stronger as well. He had made some progress.

   As for the thunder technique, Mu Yi had not started practicing yet. He tried to use the Five Thunders charm to guide the lightning, but it seemed something was missing. Also, even though Vajra glaze body was at the third level of perfection, he estimated that he couldn’t bear the real power of natural lightning, so it was dangerous to practice the thunder technique. It was another reason why he hadn’t started.

   In addition to boxing every morning, Mu Yi rarely sat down and rested. He was afraid that he would open the fourth chakra accidentally. His current relaxed state made him feel closer to the nature of the world. He could feel that it wasn’t time yet.

   It became overcast suddenly one day. Mu Yi could tell a rainstorm was coming. He bathed, changed clothes, and removed his hairpin. His hair fell and covered his shoulders. He had already found a lead. It was a ten-foot-long bronze pole, which was inserted in the highest place on Funiu Mountain. Mu Yi had drawn the Five Thunders charm runes all over the pole.

   A dark cloud seemed to be within reach. The wind blew suddenly making Mu Yi’s clothes and hair sway. Back in the Taoist temple, Nian Nuer was near the window worrying. She could appear in the daytime without fearing the sun, but she still didn’t dare to go out in this kind of weather. She could only stay in the room.

   Big Slave stood behind her. His eyes seemed unfocused but he was staring into the distance. It seemed like he was looking at Mu Yi on the top of the mountain through the window. Li the Cripple stood in front of the Taoist temple and looked towards  the distance as well.

    Finally, a flash of lightning lit up the darkness and the sound of thunder rang out. Mu Yi looked up at the lightning running through the dark clouds. The power of nature was much stronger than his Five Thunders charm. He felt tiny in comparison.

It is said that monsters, animals and plants need to go through natural calamities to transform. Ghosts become the king of ghosts and people reach the third step by meeting the test of heaven and earth. Although I am reluctant, I should be able to bear one strike.

   Mu Yi knew his line of thinking was correct. There was no power in the world that could be obtained from nothing. The more you wanted, the more you had to pay. The thunder technique was powerful, but practicing it was very dangerous.

   He thought about having to face the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag soon. The Yellow River’s ancient road would be open in a few months as well. He would have to face the world’s most powerful people, so he was determined to move forward.


   Lightning lit up the sky. Mu Yi felt like the lightning was getting closer to him, as if it would hit the bronze pole at any moment. The thunder continuously rumbled and the clouds seemed so close this high up the mountain.

Boom! Boom!

   The lightning lit up Mu Yi’s face as the storm continued. He looked up at the sky and reached for the pole. Lightning hit the pole wrapping it and Mu Yi in purple light. Mu Yi was forced to let go of the pole and fell to the ground. His body felt like it was being torn apart and even his spirit was being attacked. He was slipping into unconsciousness due to the pain.

    The Xin lamp that was in his sea of knowledge moved bringing him back to his senses. The purple light that had invaded the sea of knowledge was quickly suppressed. The three chakras emitted light and wove together with the purple light that had entered his body. One by one, small symbols appeared on his body. Buddhist Scriptures started flowing through his mind as the Vajra glaze body began to break through to the fourth level.

   There seemed to be a hunger coming from deep within his body. The lightning that surrounded his body was absorbed and transformed into nutrients for the Vajra glaze body. After breaking through, it was even able to fully stabilize.

The Five Thunders were based on the principle of the Tao as the body, the method as the use, internal repair – the exploration and combination of body, external use – the exploration and combination of thunder and lightning. People can gather the Qi of the five elements and utilize the five thunders of the Qi. The thunder method is the way of nature. The God of Lightning is my God. By combining Qi with God one achieves the thunder technique.

   Mu Yi remembered the passages from the thunder technique at this time. He hadn’t forgotten his main purpose. The Vajra glaze body had solved the initial danger, so now he could start officially. There was still a lot of the power of lightning in Mu Yi’s body. He used the thunder technique to manipulate it. When he opened his eyes, a purple flame flashed in them.

   Mu Yi didn’t hesitate to grab the pole again. He couldn’t stop now.

   When Mu Yi was hit by the lightning, Nian Nuer was nervously clinging to the window.  She wanted to rush out without thinking about anything else. However, she thought about what Mu Yi said and chose to stay inside and believe in his words.

“Only the master could withstand the power of heaven and earth in such a state.” Li the Cripple whispered.

He had already found out that Mu Yi was not really at the top of the second difficulty and that there were only three chakras in his body. Li the Cripple was almost shocked silly by the information. How amazing was his master’s talent? If Mu Yi opened seven chakras, which step would his strength increase to? He was sure that Mu Yi was a genius rarely seen in a hundred years.

   There was another flash of lightning and Mu Yi’s body was struck again. He managed to stand steadily without falling. He grasped the bronze pole firmly as it was struck by lightning again and again. In his body, a faint rune appeared in his five internal organs and grew brighter as he absorbed the power of the lightning.

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