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Chapter 349 Breaking It by Himself

       Eventually the lightning stopped, leaving only rain behind. Mu Yi stood tall and upright at the top of Funiu Mountain. His whole body had an indescribable majesty. The light of four chakras were superimposed behind his head. The fourth chakra opened and had integrated with the others while he was practicing the thunder technique.

   The fourth chakra was the heart chakra. In Buddhism, it was also called the Dharmakaya chakra. This heart chakra not only increased strength, but also strengthened one’s wisdom. Mu Yi looked inside his mind and saw the Tao seed above the great light chakra. It hadn’t changed much this time but a Tao seed was already difficult to achieve. If it could be condensed so easily, it would not deserve to be thought of so highly.

   In order to advance, it was necessary to have an understanding of Taoism as well as heaven and earth. Taoism was a kind of thought, just like the ancient sage and the sub saint’s struggle for knowledge, but understanding could be achieved through even a mere thunder technique.

   Now without using magical power, his combat power had reached the top of the second difficulty. His strength could not be considered weak even if compared with Ning Wuque and White Wuchang. If he used magical power, he could suppress two people. He now had the qualifications to fight against the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag.

   Mu Yi’s thunder technique could only be regarded as a small success since most of the lightning force was actually poured into the earth. If he wanted to achieve a big success or even a complete success, he needed to lead down the lightning of heaven and earth by himself. Only then could he perfect the thunder technique.

   The thunder technique only had three realms of success: small, big and complete. Once it was complete, one could summon the lightning of heaven and earth to kill the enemy. The small success of the thunder technique increased the power of the Five Thunders charm. As for how much it would increase, even Mu Yi didn’t know but he suspected the lightning would have the power to threaten the top of the second difficulty.

   With his current physical strength, if he wanted to achieve the big success in the thunder technique, he must open the sixth chakra at least. The Vajra glaze body should be cultivated until it reached the fifth level, otherwise he would not be able to withstand the lightning. It wouldn’t be easy to achieve it. The small success technique was enough for him for now.

   The first turn of the fire control technique was all that Mu Yi could achieve in such a short time. His strength wasn’t increasing anymore, so he could only practice slowly. Mu Yi shook his head and opened his eyes. He had climbed to the top of the mountain with the help of the lightning. He was satisfied as he headed back to the Taoist temple.

“Brother!” Nian Nuer said, rushing towards him as he appeared.

Mu Yi glanced at Big Slave. He didn’t know if it was an illusion but he thought Big Slave had smiled. When he looked again, his usual blank expression had returned.

   Li the Cripple had already disappeared quietly. He only wanted to be a shadow. He spent most of his time in front of the tomb of the old Taoist priest, like a tomb keeper. Su Chongshan and Su Jinlun had seen him several times during this time, but they didn’t know he was an expert.

   Mu Yi hid in the Taoist temple and devoted himself to cultivating for a while. There were seven chakras. Mu Yi had opened more than half of them. However, he also understood that the further one progressed, the more difficult it was to open the chakras. So many people of the second difficulty were stuck and could not break through.

   This was mostly because when they broke through to the second difficulty, they were greedy. Some even opened several chakras to make their strength soar for a while, but this only laid an unstable. In the later stages, they then had to make up for it.

   The last chakra was the top wheel and the last shackle in the human body. Only by breaking the last shackle could one get through the bridge between heaven and earth. Once the top wheel was opened, the bridge between heaven and earth was connected.

The heaven and earth in the human body established a small connection with the world, which was the real reason why the top of the second difficulty could control the strength of the earth and the sky. Although Mu Yi was powerful, he was still unable to control the strength of the earth and the sky.

   Mu Yi was in the process of cultivating when Su Chongshan came to see him. It seemed there was something urgent that they needed his assistance with. He came since his concentration was interrupted. He now understood why the ancients would flee into the deep mountains to cultivate. They didn’t want anyone to disturb them.

   As Mu Yi approached, he saw Su Chongshan looking worried and slightly nervous. When he finally noticed Mu Yi standing in front of him with a smile, he felt relieved.

“Why are you so frightened?” Mu Yi asked.

“I don’t want to bother you, but the problem is beyond the ability of the Su family. Do you still remember the Church of the Thousand Children?” Su Chongshan asked directly.

“The Church of the Thousand Children? Of course.” Mu Yi nodded.

He thought of the Dharma protector of the Church of the Thousand Children. If he hadn’t fought him, he wouldn’t have broken through the second difficulty and gained Big Slave. The Dharma protector had fled at the time because he was unable to fight back.

   Mu Yi knew that the Dharma protector probably hated him deeply. Mu Yi not only destroyed his body, but also took away Big Slave. If there was a chance to get back at Mu Yi, he would never give it up. Mu Yi thought that the Dharma protector came back for him and the Su family had maybe suffered.

“Our Su family’s business in the provincial capital has been under comprehensive pressure. After some investigation, I found out that it involved the Church of the Thousand Children. The Church of the Thousand Children is powerful and relies on the governor, so our Su family has become a plague that everyone avoids. I didn’t want to disturb you but Jinlun was arrested. They told us if we want Jinlun alive, the whole Su family must be used to exchange.” Su Chongshan said.

“I figured. If my guess is not wrong, the Church of the Thousand Children should be coming for me. The past should be settled this time.” Mu Yi said lightly.

   If it was when Mu Yi had just broken through to the second difficulty and destroyed the Dharma protector’s flesh, the Church of the Thousand Children might pose a threat. Mu Yi wasn’t afraid of them with his current strength. Even Big Slave, Li the Cripple, and Nian Nuer were strong enough to fight against the Church of the Thousand Children.

   The lion which was catching the rabbit used all its strength. He planned to save Su Jinlun and ended everything himself. Su Chongshan was relieved knowing Mu Yi would handle it. He had seen Mu Yi’s strength. He was confident that no one could stop him. He also knew that the well-known devil Taoist was Mu Yi.

   If Su Chongshan knew about this, so did the Dharma protector of the Thousand Children. Since he dared to provoke Mu YiI, he should have some backing. Moreover, he had only seen the Dharma protector of the Thousand Children, but the leader never appeared. Mu Yi was confident that no matter what their scheme was he could handle it.

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