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Chapter 350 Came to Qingjiang Prefecture again

          Mu Yi left with Big Slave and Nian Nuer. Li the Cripple stayed to take care of the Taoist temple. The provincial city that Su Chongshan was referring to was Qingjiang Prefecture, which was the headquarters of the Church of the Thousand Children and the Far Ink Professional Organization. 

   Mu Yi got dressed and put on a Bamboo hat so no one could recognize him. Big Slave had gotten smaller so people would only fear him a little. They would never associate him with the most powerful weapon of the Church of the Thousand Children. There was no need to worry about being recognized during the trip. Mu Yi wanted to hide their identities so as not to involve the Su Clan in his matters.

  Funiu Mountain was Mu Yi’s home and he didn’t want to lose his home. He knew that there would be no other paradise like Funiu Mountain for him in the world. If someone found out his identity, those people who wanted to seize the key of Yellow River’s ancient road would kill the people of Su Clan. Prince Chun who had returned to the capital would not let them go.

   When they arrived in Qingjiang Prefecture, they went to the Far Ink Professional Organization.

“Is the Master here?” Mu Yi asked the guard at the door.

   The guard’s attitude was surprisingly good as he quickly replied, “The Master hasn’t returned from escorting. Please leave your name and I will let her know when she comes back.”

   Mu Yi was disappointed. He didn’t know why he had come here. What had been said was obviously an excuse for outsiders. Mo Ruyan hadn’t come back here after leaving Luoyang City. He didn’t know where she had gone. Whether she was in danger or not could only depend on her own strength.

“It’s okay.” Mu Yi shook his head and turned around.

“Wait. The Master’s father is here. I could give the message to him.” The guard said hurriedly.

“Alright. When she comes back, please tell her that an old friend came. She will know.” Mu Yi said and then left with Big Slave.

“That was strange. Your face is covered and you said to say an old  friend is visiting. How would the Master know who you are?” The guard muttered.

“Little Seven, what are you talking about?” A middle-aged man, who had just come out, asked.

“Uncle Cai, there was a strange man who came to see the Master, but he didn’t leave a name. He left after saying that an old friend came to visit.” Little Seven said.

“What did the man look like? ” Uncle Cai asked excitedly.

“He was wearing a hat and his face couldn’t be seen clearly.” Little Seven admitted. “But he was followed by a big man who looked fierce.”

“How tall was the big man? Nearly 3 meters? ” Uncle Cai asked.

“3 meters? Uncle Cai, that’s impossible. The big man was only a little taller than me.” Little Seven said.

“That’s not him.” Uncle Cai said with a disappointed tone.

“Uncle Cai, what are you talking about? Does that man have something to do with the Master?” Little Seven asked.

“Get out. Can you inquire about the Master? You better be careful. If the Master’s father heard about it, you would be punished.” Uncle Cai scolded with a smile, then left.

“Ah, that’s right. Recently, the Master’s father gets angry when anyone mentions the master.” Little Seven said to himself. He quickly shut up and focused on his work.



   When they arrived at the inn, Nian Nuer came out of the Bamboo Tree of Life. She had to stay in the Bamboo Tree of Life if they were around other people. It was another way for them to go unnoticed.

“Brother, has Ruyan come back?”

“No, maybe her tour is not over.” Mu Yi said lightly.

“Oh.” Nian Nuer said, looking depressed.

“My Lord.” Someone knocking at the door said.

“Come in.” Mu Yi said after Nian Nuer returned to the Bamboo Tree of Life.

This was one of the secret places of Su Clan in Qingjiang Prefecture. Only Su Chongshan and a few other people knew about it. The door opened and a man dressed as a waiter came in. He looked like he was in his twenties. He had the kind of face that would not stand out in the crowd.

“My Lord, I’m Su Yun.” he said.

“Do you have any news about Su Jinlun?” Mu Yi asked directly.

   In addition to their legal business, the Su Clan cultivated a group of people secretly. They collected information or helped the Su Clan when asked. Su Yun was the leader of the group of people. According to Su Chongshan, Su Yun was a scholar previously. However, something happened so he changed his name and joined Su Clan. Su Chongshan trusted him a lot.

“The young prince is being detained in the prison of Qingjiang Prefecture, which is guarded heavily. I tried my best to save him, but was unable to.” Su Yun said shamefully. “There is no real danger, but he will suffer a bit.”

“A little suffering doesn’t matter. It’s a good thing for him to experience more trials.” Mu Yi nodded.

As long as Su Jinlun was alive, even if his arms and legs were broken, he could help him recover. The prison was probably a trap made by the Church of the Thousand Children to catch Mu Yi. The reason why Su Jinlun was locked up there was because they knew Mu Yi would enter to save him. Su Yun didn’t say anything after Mu Yi spoke. His face didn’t even twitch but Mu Yi still felt his disapproval.

“Let’s talk about the Church of the Thousand Children. Who is the leader of the Church of the Thousand Children now? What forces do they have in Qingjiang Prefecture? “Mu Yi asked.

“At present, the leader of the Church of the Thousand Children is still the Dhammapala. It is said that his surname is Yan. He is the chief guest at the governor’s residence. In Qingjiang Prefecture, it seems that he could even command the wind. The young prince was put in prison on his orders.” Su Yun said quickly.

   The Church of the Thousand Children held great power, which had a lot to do with the governor. Without the governor’s assistance, it would be difficult to save people in Qingjiang Prefecture. Su Chongshan had asked him to listen to and follow Mu Yi. He didn’t say anything and did as told. If Mu Yi failed, he wouldn’t be accountable.

“That Dhammapala’s surname is Yan?” Mu Yi asked.

 He remembered that back then Dharma protector said after the fall of Qing Dynasty, it must be time for the Yan Dynasty. Mu Yi was confused by his words at the time. Mu Yi was not optimistic about the future of the Church of the Thousand Children because of its style of action. They may cause some trouble for people but they would never succeed. Maybe it was just a cover.

   The Church of the Thousand Children was related to a governor. In the Qing Dynasty, there were less than ten governors. A governor who could manage one province or several provinces was like a duke. In Qingjiang Prefecture, the governor had absolute power over life and death. Su Clan was full of impressive people, but its rise and fall could still be altered by the governor.

“What do you know about the governor?” Mu Yi continued.

“My Lord, his name is Zhu An. He was a number one scholar in his early years. He is a man of great abilities. Under his control, the life of the people who lived in Jiangnan and Jiangxi started to thrive. After gaining control of the military and politics, he became extremely domineering. There are many concubines and many children in his family. He seldom goes out and the residence is heavily guarded. It’s said that he has first-class experts for protection. It has not been confirmed.” Su Yun said.

“He’s cautious. It doesn’t matter if he has first-class experts. As the governor of Jiangnan and Jiangxi, his identity is too important. If he died suddenly, for the Su Clan it could be a disaster. We can only start with The Church of the Thousand Children.” Mu Yi said slowly.


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