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Chapter 351 Entering the Headquarter


   Mu Yi’s words sounded a bit boastful. There were few people in the world that wouldn’t pay respect  to a governor.

   Although Su Yun didn’t take it seriously, he firmly suppressed these ideas in his heart. He didn’t know Mu Yi. He only knew that Mu was invited by Su Chongshan who had strictly ordered everyone to obey his orders. Anyone who dared to disobey would be punished severely.

   Mu Yi knew what Su Yun was thinking, but he didn’t care. When he defeated the Church of the Thousand Children and rescued Su Yun, his actions would speak louder than any words. The problem was the governor of Jiangnan and Jiangxi. If not handled carefully, he would definitely bring disaster to the Su family.

   It was not that he didn’t want to remove him secretly, so that he could get rid of everything. However, he had to consider the consequences. The death of a governor would absolutely be a big event in the court. If the court focused its attention on this, and the Su family was implicated, the whole family would be sentenced to death.

  He was not afraid of the court’s pursuit, but the Su family couldn’t afford to gamble.

   So, the best way was to wipe out the Church of the Thousand Children while not to offending the governor. Even if he couldn’t be his friend, he would at least try to avoid being his enemy.

   After thinking about it, Mu Yi decided to start with the Church of the Thousand Children, especially  Dhammapala Yan. Since he was the guest of the governor’s residence, he must have a profound relationship with the governor. The truth of their relationship was something he needed to find out.    

After learning where the headquarters of the Church of the Thousand Children was from Su Yun, Mu Yi told him to leave.

   It was not until the evening that Mu Yi left quietly with Big Slave. When they arrived at the headquarters of the Church of the Thousand Children, they were covered with funny-looking masks on their faces.

   The headquarters of the Church of the Thousand Children was not in downtown, but in a village outside the city. It was a beautiful place with mountains and rivers. Along the way, they met some strong men patrolling. It was clear that this place was strictly guarded.

   However, these guards could not stop Mu Yi and histhis companion. They easily broke through several patrols and quietly entered the manor.

   The Church of the Thousand Children was dedicated to the God of the Thousand Children. It was said that this god had supernatural power and many children. In the fairy kingdom, he was also an influential man. It was said that as long as one believed in him and became a believer, theyhe could achieve what theyhe wanted.

   For those who want to have children, if they believed in the God of the Thousand Children, they would be able to have children in the next year.

   For example, a couple in Li’s village had been married for several years but had no children. But they had a baby the next year after they became believers of the God of the Thousand Children.

   Another example was a family in Zhou’s village, who had given birth to a few girls, but not a single boy. After they believed in the God of the Thousand Children, they immediately gave birth to a big fat boy.

   The same happened to a rich man Mr. Tian and the County Governor Ma. When these influential figures began to believe, others followed one after another.

   Although rumor said that the Church of the Thousand Children was very powerful, in the eyes of Mu Yi, they were just a group of liars. If a god could only help others have children, he was definitely a miscellaneous god and had no magic power. What’s more, when the dhammapala of the Church of the Thousand Children came to him, he didn’t see any magic power except for the doton, and the dhammapala didn’t call any god to join their battle.

Either the master of the Church of the Thousand Children knew some medical tricks, or he had just been playing tricks. Mu Yi preferred the latter. Gu Yaosen was almost forced to hand over his wife. That was why Mu Yi got into trouble with the Church of the Thousand Children. Later, the dhammapala of the Church of the Thousand Children attacked Funiu Mountain, was defeated and was forced to leave.

   Now, Mu Yi was a little curious. In just half a year, Dhammapala Yan had recovered? Even if he wanted to reclaim his power, he would not have returned to the same rank as before in such a short time unless he had some other way.

   At the thought of this, Mu Yi had quietly brought Big Slave into the manor. His consciousness could feel that there were many experts lurking in the manor, but they were all second-class experts. Vaguely, Mu Yi also heard some women’s screams.

   Mu Yi’s eyes flashed with a killing intent, but he didn’t make a fuss. The main purpose of his trip was to find the dhammapala and the head of the church if possible.

   Mu Yi was planning to wipe out the whole church from the top down. Only in this way, there would be no future trouble for anyone when he left.

   Mu Yi stealthily grabbed a yard guard and learned where Dhammapala Yan lived. Mu Yi took Big Slave there.

   It was a separate yard. Mu Yi and Big Slave froze when they stepped in. It was like a spell was cast on them. Mu Yi wanted to sneer.

   Time passed so slowly. Mu Yi and Big Slave had not moved an inch for more than an hour when the door of the house suddenly opened, and a person came out. At the same time, there were figures showing up. Some blocked the door, and some stood against the wall. They were all holding sharp weapons and looked at him and Big Slave.

“Welcome.” Coming out of the room was a young man, who looked at Mu Yi with an arrogant chuckle.

   Although the face in front of him was different from the dhammapala who killed the people in Funiu Mountain, Mu Yi could be sure that he was the same man. He’d just lost his old body and took another one and returned to the top of the second difficulty in a short period of time. His Qi revealed that he had opened up more than one chakra. He must have encountered some chance, otherwise it would have been impossible to recover so fast.

“You seemed to know that I was coming,” Mu Yi said lightly.

“I thought you would go to the prison first to save people, but you chose to come here. You really don’t know what to do.” Dhammapala Yan stared at Mu Yi, as if he wanted to tear him apart. 

“I’m curious. How did you identify me?” Mu Yi asked.

Mu Yi took off the mask. However, Big Slave standing beside him didn’t move nor take off his mask, because he had not received the order from Mu Yi to do so.

   Because of the great change in Big Slave’s body, Dhammapala Yan did not recognize Big Slave at a glance and thought that he was just a companion. 

“No matter if I am in Qingjiang mansion or Funiu Town, as long as I want to know, there is nothing I don’t know.” Dhammapala Yan said confidently, but although he didn’t say how he found out, Mu Yi could guess.

   He returned to Funiu Mountain without hiding his whereabouts. As long as there were spies in Funiu Mountain or the Su family, they would immediately know when he had come back.

   They didn’t attack until half a month later because they were preparing for a brutal attack.

   Even Su Chongshan guessed that he was the most popular evil spirit slaying Taoist Priest in the world, let alone Dhammapala Yan. He had not publicized this matter because he had been waiting for him to come back. After knowing his strength, the dhammapala still had the courage to set a trap for him. 

He must be well-prepared.

“Oh, it seems that you are confident that you can control me?” Said Mu Yi lightly.

“Since I know that you are the most famous evil spirit slaying Taoist Priest in the world, how can I underestimate you? Everybody, come out.” Four figures came out and surrounded Mu Yi.

   These four figures were not in the manor before; otherwise, Mu Yi would have detected them. They had come quietly after Mu Yi entered the yard and hid in the dark.

“Four first-class experts? You’re really taking this seriously,” Mu Yi looked around and smiled. 

There was no panic on his face.

   The four first-class experts were really strong. At the beginning, there was only one first-class expert in the Octagon Organization despite its power and size. Since the Church of the Thousand Children was able to gather four first-class experts, they could not be underestimated.

“In the face of you, we have to send out our best.” Dhammapala Yan smiled proudly, then looked at Mu Yi and continued, “Now, I’ll give you a chance to hand over the key to the Yellow River’s Ancient Road and join the Church of the Thousand Children, so I can consider letting that kid of the Su family go.”

“Hand over the key to the Yellow River’s Ancient Road then join the Church of the Thousand Children?” Mu Yi laughed and said, “What if I don’t?”

“No? Then you’ll die. “Dhammapala Yan smiled ferociously, and suddenly said in a loud voice, “Do it!”

   As soon as the voice fell, the four figures around him rushed towards Mu Yi almost at the same time. However, Mu Yi had a faint smile on his face as if he didn’t see them.

   Just when people thought that Mu Yi would be killed, Big Slave who had been standing behind Mu Yi suddenly struck out. Before that, some people had paid attention to him because ofhis height and size, but no one really cared about him.

   But now, with Big Slave striking out, they felt as though the sky was falling.

As soon as the four got close to Mu Yi, they suddenly felt that they were being tossed around by huge waves in a great sea.

Such power!

  In their minds, Big Slave had to be a famous expert at the top even in the first-class realm.

   The first-class experts were shocked, but it was too late for them to regret, but they could only be brave. After all, even if he was a top expert, he might not be invincible against four other experts.

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