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Chapter 352 Slaughter


When the four people attacked, Mu Yi had basically figured out their strength. The strongest one of the four was almost in the third grade. As for the other three, one was in the second grade and the other two had both just become first-class experts.

There was a big gap between each grade of the first class. Big Slave had reached the fourth grade and was endowed with innate power, so the four people were crushed. He hadn’t transformed this time, otherwise,he would have been more terrifying and the four people might not have had the courage to fight against him.

Dhammapala Yan widened his eyes when Big Slave broke into action. He had been surprised by Mu Yi several times. After all, Mu Yi had just broken through the second difficulty half a year ago. Although he had such a great reputation across the world, the fight that made him famous was the one in which he had killed the people of the Octagon Organization and fought the leader who was of the second difficulty.

   As for the killing of the Qing Dynasty’s elite soldiers in Jinan and the things that happened in King Xian’s tomb, they were not known at all. In the eyes of the public, Mu Yi disappeared after the fight with the Octagon Organization. Many people thought that Mu Yi had hidden out of fear, so he was not very strong.

Dhammapala Yan knew when Mu Yi had broken through. He had been confident that he could figure out Mu Yi’s strength. He had thought that Mu Yi could have only opened two or three chakras in just half a year, even if he was a genius. Therefore, he had prepared one third grade expert and one second grade expert for Mu Yi. The two first grade experts were just for the sake of assurance. He had thought he and these experts together could definitely kill Mu Yi.

Because he had felt that everything was under control, he had kept Mu Yi’s return a secret to ensure that no one else would scare him from returning, giving him the chance to kill him and obtain the key to the Yellow River’s Ancient Road. It could be said he could kill many birds with one stone.

However, Dhammapala Yan hadn’t expected that chakras couldn’t represent one’s real strength. Mu Yi had turned on only four chakras, only one more than he had expected.

But even without Mu Yi’s help, Big Slave alone, who had reached the fourth grade, was enough to make his plan fail in an instant. 


Seeing that the fastest third grade expert knocked down by Big Slave, Dhammapala Yan cried out. The third grade expert was stronger than him, but he looked like a child when fighting Big Slave.

No matter how loud he cried, nothing changed. Big Slave crushed the other three. They vomited blood and fell helplessly to the ground.

Not only Dhammapala Yan but all the people looking on were stunned. Especially those second-class experts who hadn’t expected that the first-class experts would be defeated so easily.

It couldn’t even be described as defeat. It was a fiasco. The four hadn’t had any power to fight back. Were they really first-class experts? If so, what kind of expert was Big Slave?

Big Slave stopped attacking after knocking the four people down. He returned to the back of Mu Yi and stood there as if what had happened just now was not worth mentioning.

“Dhammapala Yan, what else do you want to say?” Mu Yi put his hands behind his back and looked at Dhammapala Yan.

“Well, very well. I didn’t expect you to find such a strong helper, but you offended the Church of the Thousand Children. Even a seventh grade expert cannot protect you.” Dhammapala Yan stared at Mu Yi hatefully, and he still didn’t admit defeat.

“Oh, a seventh grade expert. the Church of the Thousand Children has such strong experts? By the way, I haven’t seen the leader of the Church of the Thousand Children. Where is he?” Mu Yi asked.

“I admit that I underestimated you this time. If you join the church, you will not only write off our grudges but also be able to see the leader.” Dhammapala Yan said confidently.

“If I join the church, what position will I get?” Mu Yi asked curiously.

“The position of Right Dhammapala. My position is Left Dhammapala,” Dhammapala Yan said directly.

“Just right Right Dhammapala? Forget it. “Mu Yi shook his head.

“As long as you can make enough contribution to the church, even my position of Left Dhammapala will be available to you.” Dhammapala Yan’s face was gloomy. If Big Slave wasn’t behind Mu Yi, he would not have been so nice.

“Just a Left Dhammapala. I’m not interested. If you can give me the position of the leader of the Church, maybe I would be interested,” said Mu Yi lightly.

“How dare you!”

Someone snapped. It was the third grade expert. He stood up from the ground and stared at him with murderous intention.

The rest of the group looked at him with hostility.

“It seems that you are insincere.” Dhammapala Yan’s expression had become extremely angry.

“Haha, you and other heretics, everyone has the right to kill you. Do you want me to join you? You’re really ridiculous,” Mu Yi sneered.

“Fight together!” Dhammapala Yan roared. 

The second-class experts standing on the wall took the lead in the attack, while the others moved at the same time. The third-class expert and his companions focused on Big Slave at the beginning. With the lessons just now, they didn’t expect to defeat Big Slave. They just wanted to hold him for a moment.

Dhammapala Yan thought he and the others were enough to kill Mu Yi. As long as Mu Yi died, it would be over.

“Nian Nuer, I’ll leave it to you,” Mu Yi said quietly. 

When he had heard those screams, Mu Yi had made a decision. He had intended to lure the leader out, but now it seemed that he was not here.

In that case, he would kill everyone who was there first.

With Mu Yi’s words, the Bamboo Tree of Life in his hand suddenly disappeared. Then, a little girl with bare feet wearing a white skirt appeared in the air. Her white skirt fluttered gently, but her expression was cold.

“Kill them all!” Mu Yi added. 

Then, Nian Nuer waved her hand. Several rays of light suddenly flew out of her hands. The people in the front suddenly screamed and flew backward. After landing, they were unable to move, and their breathing faded.

Nian Nuer’s body swayed and pulled out several shadows. The people around Mu Yi were suddenly gone, and more people flew backward.

Nian Nuer had reached the fifth grade. With the Bamboo Tree of Life, she was in the sixth grade and overqualified to deal with a group of second-class experts. They felt as though their hearts had been gripped by an invisible force before they could see it clearly. Before they could beg for mercy, their hearts exploded, killing them instantly.

When Dhammapala Yan saw this scene, he didn’t dare to say a word. He turned around and tried to escape.

Mu Yi took a step and appeared in front of him like a teleport.

“Get out of the way!” When Dhammapala Yan saw Mu Yi appear suddenly, his pupils shrunk sharply. He launched his attack with no mercy because he was sure that he would be killed and buried without a tombstone if he didn’t fight.

Looking at Dhammapala Yan’s ferocious expression, Mu Yi waved his right hand, and Dhammapala Yan snapped to the ground. There was a clear palm mark on his face.

After tumbling across the ground for a while, Dhammapala Yan finally stabilized himself and looked at Mu Yi with totally different eyes as if he had never seen Mu Yi before.

Although he had long known that Mu Yi might have become very strong, he had never thought that he would have been as weak as a baby against Mu Yi. He hadn’t known how ridiculous his previous scheme had been. He had thought he was good at judging people and wanted to take Mu Yi under his command. Now, he realized he had been a joke in Mu Yi’s eyes.

Looking at Mu Yi walking step by step, Dhammapala Yan shouted in a hurry, “Spare me, and I will let Su Jinlun go.” 

“It’s just a prison. I just didn’t want to alert you before. Do you think it can stop me?” Said Mu Yi disdainfully.

“I can tell you who the leader is.” Seeing that Mu Yi was not moved, Dhammapala Yan could not help but speak again. He would not hesitate to betray the leader for his own life.

Mu Yi had known that Dhammapala Yan was a man with great ambition and unwilling to be subordinate to the leader when he had found him last time. But now, he was just a stupid person who didn’t know why the leader had pushed him out.

Nian Nuer had slaughtered all the people. As for the four first-class experts, even if they had joined hands, they had only held on for three rounds against Big Slave and were killed.

Dhammapala Yan was the only person alive.

“Oh, who is he?” Mu Yi felt a little excited when he heard the words. He looked at Dhammapala Yan.

“He is–” Dhammapala Yan opened his mouth and tried to say the man’s name. But before he could say it, he suddenly widened his eyes as if he had met with something extremely horrible. Then, he opened his mouth and spewed out a mouthful of blood. His breath was dissipated instantly.

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