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Chapter 353 The Game


Looking at Dhammapala Yan who had stopped breathing on the ground, Mu Yi was sure he was dead, but the specific cause of death was a mystery. It didn’t seem like poisoning, nor had he been secretly assassinated. It seemed that he had suffered from a backfire.

At this point, all the other people in the yard were dead. Although a hindrance was solved, there was no smile on Mu Yi’s face. The leader was more mysterious than he had thought. Especially now he was in the light, the leader was hiding in the dark, so the situation was unfavorable for him.

“Nian Nuer, take Big Slave to set everyone free,” Mu Yi ordered and remained behind to search Dhammapala Yan’s room. Unfortunately, until Nian Nuer came back, he didn’t find any useful clues. The room was too clean with nothing left.

“Brother, those people are so pitiful.” 

When Nian Nuer came back, there was a sullen expression on her little face.What she had seen had a great impact on her.

Mu Yi touched the little girl’s head and said, “They are pitiful indeed, but there are many people in the world who are more pitiful than them. We can’t help them more, and it’s not good for them to have a relationship with us.” She seemed to have understood and then left with Mu Yi.

After Mu Yi left, there was a gust of wind in the yard. When the wind dissipated, a figure appeared in the yard. He was covered in a black robe, so no one could see his face.

“Well, you just couldn’t do anything right.” The figure came to stand over Dhammapala Yan. He waved his hand gently, then a bug crawled from his body. He took it.

“The man who killed my men will have to repay sooner or later.” 

The figure disappeared in a flash.


Mu Yi didn’t go back immediately but brought Nian Nuer and Big Slave to the prison of Qingjiang Prefecture. Because of the strict security, Mu Yi didn’t go in but let Nian Nuer sneak in to have a look at Su Jinlun’s situation.

Either because of their friendship or Su Chongshan’s trust, he couldn’t let him get hurt. Although it was easy to rescue him with Mu Yi’s strength, it would be hard to deal with the anger of the public.

Mu Yi didn’t intend to offend the governor of Jiangnan and Jiangxi, so he couldn’t break into the prison. Otherwise, it would bring disaster to the Su Clan.

 It was not long before Nian Nuer flew out of the prison and told Mu Yi about Su Jinlun’s situation.

 Su Jinlun had been beaten with a whip when he had entered the prison. He had suffered a little from knife wounds. Then, he stayed in his cell. However, Nian Nuer also said that there were many people lurking around. The prisoner in the opposite cell was a first-class expert in disguise, so Nian Nuer hadn’t disturbed Su Jinlun. She just had a look at him and came back.

“You did a good job,” Mu Yi praised Nian Nuer, and she laughed happily.

Since Su Jinlun was okay, so Mu Yi relaxed. He didn’t immediately go to the governor of Jiangnan and Jiangxi. He couldn’t understand his temperament. In addition, he had just killed Dhammapala Yan and so many experts of the Church of the Thousand Children. He needed to see his reaction.

So Mu Yi went back to the secret place of the Su Clan and asked Su Yun to continue to seek information, especially about the Church of the Thousand Children.

 Although Su Yun didn’t understand the plan, he obeyed the order. He didn’t think much of Mu Yi.

The next day, the third day, was calm. The death of Dhammapala Yan did not spread, and the manor outside the city was silent as if nothing had happened.

So many people had died and so many poor women had escaped, but the news was blocked. There must be some other power involved. Mu Yi thought it might be the mysterious leader, but he couldn’t find any clues.

As for the governor’s residence, nothing had happened. Even Su Jinlun seemed to have been forgotten. However, Su Yun still sensed some undercurrents moving beneath the calm though he had no information about it.

On the fourth day, Mu Yi went to the governor’s residence. No one knew what had happened, but Su Jinlun was released, which confused and shocked Su Yun.

In his view, it was very difficult to save Su Jinlun because of the governor and the Church of the Thousand Children. However, Mu Yi had just gone out at night once and gone to the governor’s residence. He had stayed here for the rest of the time but successfully saved him.

Su Yun had to admit that his master’s judgment was right. He had found a strange man like Mu Yi. Although Mu Yi didn’t wear a Taoist robe, his hair revealed his identity clearly.

He would have had his head cut off if he kept his hair as only Taoists were entitled to keep their hair.

Although Su Yun was curious about what Mu Yi had said to the governor, he also knew his status and understood that he could not ask, so it remained a mystery in his mind.


After Su Jinlun was released from prison, he seemed more mature. At the moment he had been released, he had known that it must have been Mu Yi who had helped him. He hadn’t been surprised to know the truth, so when he saw Mu Yi, Su Jinlun thanked him.

“Sorry to bother you again.” 

“I wish you well. This time it was mainly because of me that you were arrested. I brought this trouble to you, so I had to save you,” Mu Yi said, and this was the fact. 

If it were not for the purpose of attracting him, they would not have imprisoned Su Jinlun.

On the surface, this matter had been solved, but Mu Yi knew that it was far from over. First of all, the leader had never appeared. Mu Yi had waited for two days for him to come, but there had been no reaction.

The leader’s attitude was clear, so Mu Yi had gone to the governor’s residence in the human-skin mask left by Bachelor Jia. Although he had always kept it, he did not use it frequently.

If the governor was not been stupid, he could have guessed his identity, but sometimes things were like this. In the absence of disclosure, everyone pretended that nothing had happened. In addition, Mu Yi had shown up in person, so the governor naturally knew what to do.

Because the two sides did not offend each openly, even if the governor wanted to harm the Su Clan, he had to consider his own life first. Until Mu Yi was dead, they would not harm the Su Clan. Even though the Su Clan had some strength, the governor didn’t really care.

All the cards were on the table. When the Church of the Thousand Children had chosen to retreat, everything had been predetermined.

Mu Yi was clearly strong enough to garner his cooperation and deter any retaliation.

“It’s an honor to be associated with Taoist priest.” Su Jinlun smiled and didn’t mind. Although Su Jinlun was the hope of the Su Clan, Mu Yi was the backer of the Su Clan. Even if he had died in prison, the Su Clan would not lose anything. On the contrary, it might have prospered.

Mu Yi thought for a moment and said, “Well, the business in Qingjiang Prefecture can be done as usual, but you should not stay here in the future. You can go to other places for development, and I will live on the mountain for a while. You can consult with Mr. Su and choose three people to go up the mountain.” 

“Thank you, Taoist Priest.” 

Su Jinlun was very happy after hearing this. He understood that Mu Yi wanted to teach some skills to those who were chosen to go up the mountain. After that, the three men would be responsible for protecting his father, grandfather and himself.

In this way, Mu Yi’s connection with the Su Clan became deeper. Su Jinlun believed that his grandfather would definitely agree without hesitation. As for who to choose, he believed that the old man must have an idea.

After saying goodbye to Su Jinlun, Mu Yi took Big Slave back to the mountain. Su Jinlun went to sort out the collapse of the business in Qingjiang Prefecture. Even if he wanted to leave, he couldn’t leave now, so he sent someone back to deliver the news.

The day after Mu Yi had returned to the mountain, Su Chongshan took people to the mountain. Mu Yi knew two of the three people following Su Chongshan. One was Su Yan. When Mu Yi had fought Xu Gui, Su Yan had shot the arrow. He was one of the rare experts of the Su Clan. What’s more, he was absolutely loyal.

Only these kinds of loyal people were worth cultivating. Ungrateful people would be a disaster for the clan.

The other one was Su Yun, who had parted with him not long ago. Maybe because Su Chongshan had said something to him and the things he had seen and heard in Qingjiang Prefecture, his eyes on Mu Yi were more fanatical.

The last one was a seemingly dull young man named Wang Cheng. He wasn’t family, but since Su Chongshan chose to let him come, he must have his reason. The man had to be absolutely trustworthy.

Mu Yi let the three stay without saying much. With the experience of teaching Wang Tieniu, he was now familiar with it. What’s more, the foundations of the three were good. Su Yan was a second-class expert, and the other two were third-class experts. This starting point was much higher than Wang Tieniu.

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