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Chapter 354 Revisiting Laosi City

After teaching them for five days, Mu Yi asked them to go down the mountain. In order to increase their strength rapidly, Mu Yi chose many shortcuts. He used drugs to stimulate their potential and the method of irrigation to print some things in their minds.

In this way, there was no doubt that they would not have to cultivate for a long time to master them completely. Even if these things bore the mark of Mu Yi, they would never have enough room for growth in the future.

If they were allowed to cultivate themselves, they might surpass their current achievements in a few decades, but most of them might not be able to surpass them. Mu Yi gave them enough that there was little hope for it.

In five days, they couldn’t become first-class experts. To be a first-class expert, you needed to constantly understand and find your own things the way Mo Ruyan found her own Tao of the spear. Mu Yi couldn’t do anything about that, but he gave them enough to help.

Even so, five days later, Su Yan reached the top of the second difficulty because Su Yan also accumulated enough before Mu Yi’s help to support his explosive improvement.

He might reach the level of a first-class expert, but in the last half step, Mu Yi was not optimistic since it required not only qualification, but also chance.

As for the other two, they became second-class experts, but they were only new ones because Mu Yi helped them to open some channels and dark points in their body.

Even though their strength was still weak, Mu Yi was more optimistic about them. They had a chance to become first-class experts.

The main reason for this hurry was that Mu Yi had to leave. At the beginning, it was agreed with E Gui for two months. Almost a month and a half had passed, so Mu Yi had decided to leave Funiu Mountain.

Li the Cripple would stay to guard the tomb for the old Taoist priest. With him, he didn’t have to worry about it. 

Before leaving, Mu Yi met with Su Chongshan again and said that if there was an overwhelming enemy, he could retreat to Funiu Mountain, as could the Su Clan.

Later, Mu Yi set out again with Nian Nuer and Big Slave.

Over the past one and a half months, not only Mu Yi had made progress, but Big Slave and Nian Nuer had as well.  Although they had not advanced further, their realm had become stable. Whether it was the transformation of Big Slave or Nian Nuer’s “SOUL” with the Bamboo Tree of Life, they each had trump cards and really became Mu Yi’s helpers. Even in the face of someone at the top of the second difficulty, they were qualified to intervene.

The opening of the fourth chakra, the first turn of the fire control secret skill, the thunder techniques achievement, and the Vajra glaze body achieved the fourth level: this was the current state of Mu Yi. Once he did his best, his strength had surpassed people who were at the top of the second difficulty like Ning Wuque. People like him would not be a match for him.

However, Mu Yi was not complacent. He knew that he had a long way to go, and there were many people better than him. Most of the older generation lived in seclusion and did not come out to the world, but even so, there were still many real experts in the world.

For example, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag Mu Yi was like that. The other was a strong man at the same level as the old Taoist Priest and Leng Yu. Ten years ago, he reached the top of the second difficulty. Now, ten years later, although the other did not break through to the third difficulty, his strength was unpredictable. Even though Mu Yi had made great progress in strength, he did not think he would be a match.

After all, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag didn’t choose to repair the broken chakras like Leng Yu. It was hard to imagine what kind of state his strength had achieved with his profound knowledge and magic weapon.

From the top of the second difficulty to the third difficulty was a long road. Even if they were both on the top of the second difficulty, their strength would vary greatly, especially in the case of magic weapons. Mu Yi had no doubt that, like the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, people like Ning Wuque could definitely be easily defeated.

In addition to the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, Mu Yi had another enemy: Hell. He cut off White Wuchang’s arm then White Wuchang disappeared. There had been no movement in Hell. Mu Yi didn’t think that the other would give up chasing him. At present, if there was no movement, he could only say that the other was gaining momentum. Once it came time, it would be a thunderclap.

Mu Yi couldn’t choose when the other would arrive, so the only thing he could do was to try to strengthen himself before the other arrived. Only when he was strong enough could he cope with any bad situation.

However, his strength had entered a smooth period. No matter the chakras, the thunder technique, or Vajra glaze body, it was hard to make a big breakthrough in a short time. Maybe the secret art of fire control could be increased by another turn, but it was still a drop in the bucket.

However, if Mu Yi wanted to make rapid progress, he had to keep honing himself in life or death battles.

After two months, Mu Yi returned to Laosi City again and met E Gui.

After two months’ absence, E Gui seemed to have made a breakthrough, and he was a little more spirited.

“Pay a visit to your excellency, Master. All the staff of Tiangan and Dizhi have returned to their posts, waiting for your order at any time.”

“Very well. Have there been any accidents in these two months?” Mu Yi nodded and showed a trace of appreciation on his face. Although these people belonged to the Tu People, Mu Yi didn’t mind this. For him, loyalty was the most important thing.

No matter how powerful and capable a man was, if he had no loyalty, he was just a waste.

“Master. Since you left, someone had been sent there to test it several times, but eventually all of them retreated. However, Tibetan Sparrow Hall sent someone to contact me,” said E Gui.

“Tibetan Sparrow Hall? Is that one of the loyal halls?”

“The life of Tibetan Sparrow Hall is not easy now. Several rebellious halls around are constantly attacking it. If not for the encouragement and support of the new leader, I’m afraid that Tibetan Sparrow Hall would have already split,” said E Gui.

“New leader? Tell me about him.” Mu Yi’s eyes brightened. The most important thing for a hall was the hall leader. He was able to hold on under the pressure of several halls. Obviously, the new hall leader was extraordinary. Undoubtedly, this kind of person was who Mu Yi needed most.

“Tibetan Sparrow Hall is located in Tanzhou City. Its leader, Xue Zifeng, is the apprentice of the old leader. He was raised from childhood and is a bit chivalrous. He became a first-class expert in his twenties. He almost picked up the whole Tibetan Sparrow Hall on one shoulder. He is one of the leaders of the young generation in the south.” 

E Gui took a look at Mu Yi.

Xue Zifeng used to be outstanding in his eyes, but now he was far behind the new Envoy of the Vermillion Bird’s Flag.

One was only a first-class expert of second grade, while the other was already at the top of the second difficulty. There was no comparability between the two.

However, it couldn’t undermine E Gui’s appreciation for his loyalty. Otherwise, even if he was outstanding, the other wouldn’t speak well for him.

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