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Chapter 355 Killing in the Mountains

Led by E Gui, one hundred elite members of the Sparrow Organization, Mu Yi and Big Slave climbed over mountains on a rugged path.

Although it was a deep forest, it was a piece of cake compared to the wild forest Mu Yi entered for the Nether flower.

In addition, these elite talents of the Sparrow Organization were basically the top third and second-class experts. Although Mu Yi could easily create second-class experts, it didn’t mean that the second-class experts were common.

By contrast, the second-class experts were the majority. They could acquire fame easily. 

In the Octagon Organization and in the current Sparrow Organization and Tibetan Sparrow Hall, there was only one first-class expert among them because of how rare first class experts were.

Even if the Far Ink Professional Organization that had walked around the world only had Mo Ruyan when she was a second-class expert!

The Sparrow Organization was not lacking in strength and they were the best at witchcraft.

Although there were a lot of poisonous insects in the mountains and forests, it seemed to the people of the Sparrow Organization that they had come back home.

“Master, the last mountain is in the range of Xiang Sparrow Hall,” E Gui said respectfully.

“Let people get ready. I’m afraid the other side is already ready.” Mu Yi looked back and said lightly.

“Ready?” It was a surprise to E Gui.

“If there is no preparation for the sudden mobilization of the Sparrow Organization, it would be strange. Besides, do you believe it’s just a coincidence that Tibetan Sparrow Hall has been attacked?” Mu Yi sneered.

“Forgive me, it’s all my fault. I let out my whereabouts and disturbed your plan!” E Gui said immediately.

“What kind of plan can I have? It’s just pushing. In front of absolute strength, intrigue is just a small way!” Said Mu Yi casually.

In fact, when he heard that Tibetan Sparrow Hall had been attacked, he had already guessed the other party’s plot. The enemy had already opened a net to catch them.

Mu Yi didn’t pay much attention to Xiang Sparrow Hall’s strength. What he was curious about was whether it was just a private act of others or directed by the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag? Who was waiting for him?

No matter what, Mu Yi couldn’t give up. Even if he knew it was a conspiracy, he had to step in. Otherwise, people would think he was afraid.

“Yes!” After E Gui replied, he explained the order, and the atmosphere of the people changed.

As they came over the summit, Mu Yi turned to Big Slave, “Go, Big Slave, you don’t have to restrain yourself!” 

Hearing Mu Yi’s words, his eyes suddenly changed. There was blood lust and evil intent. An evil aura appeared on his body, terrifying E Gui.

It was not until this moment that he realized that Big Slave had such terrible strength.

Under this kind of evil spirit, he felt it was hard to breathe. His body was stiff and he had no confidence. 

Big Slave, like a destroyer, went straight down the mountain through the brambles and vines in front of him.

Just as E Gui was about to give an order, he realized that the stick that Mu Yi had been carrying in his hand had become a little girl. Then, she flew down after Big Slave.

Holding back the fear in his heart, E Gui raised his hand and issued an order of attack.

Suddenly, the elite of hundreds of Sparrow Organization rushed down the road after Big Slave and Nian Nuer.

The original forest’s silence was suddenly broken. Countless birds were startled. The whole forest was full the sound of battle.

“Go, too,” Mu Yi said to E Gui, who was standing behind him with a wary look. It was clear that he intended to stay to protect him.

“Yes.” After hesitating for a while, E Gui seemed to understand that he could not protect Mu Yi, but would become a burden, so he rushed down after them.

Nian Nuer took the lead, stepping on Big Slave’s shoulder and  passing him by to fall into a huge tree.

A scream came, and a figure fell from the tree. Nian Nuer grabbed his hand. It was obvious that the other had been caught by accident.

Big Slave suddenly accelerated, and his body hit a tree hard. It crashed and countless branches and leaves fell down. At the same time, there was a figure in it.

The people of the Sparrow Organization had no doubts. They were afraid in their hearts. At the same time, their expressions were fierce.

Nian Nuer was like a ghost, constantly shuttling through the treetops. Every time her figure flickered, someone screamed and fell. Big Slave bumped into one tree by one, knocking people out of the trees.

The rest of the people in the Sparrow Organization began to use various means, such as insects, black smoke and poisonous fog. More people screamed as they fell out of the trees. The people of Xiang Sparrow Hall knew that the sneak attack failed. One after another people came out of the trees and underground to fight Big Slave, Nian Nuer and the people of the Sparrow Organization.

In an instant, there was a battle in the forest under the mountain. Neither side showed mercy.

E Gui soon rushed to the front bravely. He, Nian Nuer, Big Slave, like three arrows, went straight into each other’s encirclement.


Mu Yi stood on the top of the mountain watching the battle below. The other side seemed to know that the people of the Sparrow Organization were not easy to defeat. Two first-class experts came out of hiding. One chose to fight E Gui, and the other fought Big Slave.

E Gui and the others could have been old acquaintances and were of equal strength, but the man who fought Big Slave was a bit unlucky. When he shook his hand, a snake flew at Big Slave quickly. When he thought that the victory was in hand, he saw that the snake had not yet opened its mouth, and his head fell to the ground.

While the man was shocked, Big Slave rushed him. He hid behind a tree. Unexpectedly, Big Slave punched the tree. His fist went through it and into the man’s head. Splinters and blood gushed forward. The first-class expert suddenly died, seemingly without a sound.

It had a lot to do with the fact that the power of Big Slave was far greater than that of him, but it was more a result of his contempt. He thought that Big Slave was big, so he couldn’t do anything in the forest. He hadn’t expected that Big Slave’s method would be so destructive.

Without first-class experts, no one could stop Nian Nuer and Big Slave. One big, one small, one ghost, one human, left a path of corpse paving in this dense forest.

Seeing that Nian Nuer and Big Slave were so brave, the people of the Sparrow Organization had great morale. Even in the face of their enemies several times stronger than them, they did not flinch, because they still had the upper hand.


“Now that we are here, why are you hiding?” Mu Yi suddenly said.

As soon as he finished his words, there was a thin figure not far away from him. The other stepped on a thin branch and looked at Mu Yi from his high position. His eyes were indifferent, like he was looking at a dead man.

“You killed Lao Fang?” The other looked at Mu Yi and asked.

“Who is Lao Fang?” Mu Yi asked, but then he said, “Oh, you mean the fool who claimed to be the Right Envoy?”

Mu Yi continued, “Then you should be the Left Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag? You look better than that fool. “

“It seems that if you killed him, then you should die.” The other looked at Mu Yi and said.

After he finished, his body disappeared. Then, Mu Yi felt a sharp sword’s intention on his eyebrow, like a needle.

“Seventh grade?” A little surprise flashed in Mu Yi’s heart, but he leaned back slightly. At the same time, his right hand extended upward. His two fingers were like scissors.


A harsh voice suddenly sounded then there was a dark thin sword between Mu Yi’s finders, and the tip of the sword was less than one finger’s length away from Mu Yi’s forehead.

The other gave a cold snort and his hand holding the sword suddenly shook. The thin sword suddenly took off and disappeared again, Mu Yi’s right hand moved forward at the same time, and his five fingers opened like peacock feathers.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!”

A sound like wind and rain came from nearby. Suddenly, the branches around had been cut off, and left many light traces of a sword.

After a few moments, the other suddenly retreated, and Mu Yi took back his right hand without expression. A trace of glass flashed between his hands. He took the other’s thin sword with his palm, but there was no injury.

In the distance, the man’s eyes narrowed and his expression hardened.

After that, Mu Yi knew he was of the seventh grade, but it had not been long since he reached this level. If it was two months ago, it would be hard for Mu Yi to defeat the other, but now, that wasn’t the case now.

“What a good Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. No wonder you dare to be the enemy of my master.” The other watched Mu Yi and spoke slowly. Obviously, he no longer thought that the four Envoys of the Flags were a family. Perhaps since the disintegration of the Ear Group ten years ago, the four Envoys of the Flags had become enemies.

If there was no one who was absolutely superior in strength, it would be impossible to restore the Ear Group.

Currently, none of the four Envoys of the Flags were qualified for this. Maybe it would be possible when someone broke through the third difficulty.

“To correct you, it’s not that I want to be the enemy of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, but that he wants to have trouble with me. Since you are here, it seems that you haven’t seen the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag.” Mu Yi said regretfully.

He had gone south to fight with the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, but unexpectedly, he still failed.

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