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Chapter 356 Punishment

“Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, I admit you are very good, but you are far weaker than my lord.” The Left Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag said with disdain.

“Is that right? I’d like to see the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag.” Mu Yi was more intrigued than confident. Only stronger opponents could temper him and make him progress faster. As a strong man in the same era as Leng Yu, it would be disappointing if he was weak.

“Have your men surrender. I will take you to my lord,” the Left Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag said.

Mu Yi shook his head, with ease, “No, I think it’s better for you to surrender so as not to suffer.” 

“Surrender to you?” 

“Yes, to me.” As soon as Mu Yi said it, his body suddenly disappeared. The Left Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag was astonished. Something hit the thin sword in his right hand. It vibrated violently with a kind of light chant.

The criss cross sword spirit would break through an iron bar easily, but it was pressed back towards his chest. Between the dense sword spirit, a hand appeared. Then, it was firmly printed on his chest.


   The Left Envoy suddenly flew back. At the same time, he saw a new light wheel behind Mu Yi like those eminent monks who had achieved Taoism and reincarnated as Living Buddhas. Mu Yi’s aura had suddenly increased.

 Mu Yi’s strength had been equal to him before, or even a little better. Now, Mu Yi could easily defeat him. He didn’t know why Mu Yi suddenly became so strong, but it had something to do with the light wheel behind his head.

   At this time, he understood that this action had been a complete failure. Not only because he underestimated Mu Yi, but he also  underestimated the strength of his two companions.

  The number of people of Xiang Sparrow Hall was twice that of the Sparrow Organization, but they were doomed to be defeated. He was far weaker than Mu Yi, so he planned to retreat. Though he failed, he gathered information about Mu Yi’s strength that would help in the future.

“Want to go?”

   Mu Yi felt that the other side had the intention to withdraw.  Although he failed to meet the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, Mu Yi didn’t mind killing his Left Envoy. Mu Yi hadn’t let his rivals go before, and he wouldn’t do so now.

   The Left Envoy also felt Mu Yi’s killing intention and grew furious. This was the first time since he stepped into seventh grade that he was being underestimated. Even though his strength was bad, he could escape, but Mu Yi’s attitude said that wasn’t a possibility.

   Mu Yi took a step and appeared in front of the Left Envoy, and  he did not hesitate to swing the thin sword in his hand. 

   Mu Yi fumbled and flicked his fingers. The tips of his fingers flashed.


   A harsh sound came, and countless leaves were torn to pieces. Then, the thin sword in the hand of the Left Envoy was broken into several sections and scattered.

   The fourth level Vajra glaze body fought with the Left Envoy’s thin sword and won.

   As one of the most important skills of Buddhism, the Vajra glaze body at the fourth level was very powerful. Now even if Mu Yi didn’t defend and was cut, he would not be injured.

   As for the strong in the same realm, it would be hard to hurt him because of his trust in the Vajra glaze body.

   Especially when he used the Vajra glaze body, the surface of his skin would even be covered with a layer of glaze colored power. This power was produced from his body, which was stored in the body at ordinary times. It’s hard to find, and it would only appear when using this skill.

   However, in his current state, he could only protect a small range of his body in this way. As for the whole body being invulnerable from all weapons, at least the seventh grade or above would work.

   Moreover, in order to stop him, Mu Yi directly exerted his own life magic power. Under the four chakras, Mu Yi’s strength soared and directly made the envoy have no power to fight back.


   The Left Envoy flew out, hit a tree, and countless leaves fell down.

   The Left Envoy spewed out a mouthful of blood as he threw the small sword, now less than half its size, at Mu Yi. Then he turned around and escaped without hesitation. 

   Mu Yi let the broken sword brush his face and fly by. He smiled gently. 

   The next moment, Mu Yi disappeared.

   In order to escape, the Left Envoy inspired the secret technique to increase his speed drastically. In this deep forest, he could be like a gust of wind and disappear in a flash.

   Mu Yi followed him.

   Half an hour later, the Left Envoy suddenly appeared at a river bank, and collapsed as blood gushed from his mouth. His chest was completely dyed red, his face was ghastly pale, and he was dying.

After Mu Yi’s strike and the technique, he was completely drained. He reluctantly sat down by the river and took out a jade bottle from his waist. He took out a scarlet pill from it.

“Why don’t you run?” Just as he was about to take the pill, a voice suddenly came and made him tremble. The pill in his hand rolled out of his hand, fell into the river, and was immediately submerged.

   The Left Envoy didn’t try to salvage it, but slowly turned back and looked at Mu Yi with a trace of despair in his eyes.

   By now, he was very clear that Mu Yi would never let him go, and he had no power to fight back. It would be easy for Mu Yi to kill him.

Gnashing his teeth, the Left Envoy said, “My lord will surely avenge me.”  

Few people in the world were not afraid of death. He wasn’t one of them, so the only thing he could do was curse Mu Yi.

“It’s a pity that you won’t see it.”Mu Yi said and came to him then pointed at his eyebrows.


   The Left Envoy’s eyes opened suddenly, but a blood arrow shot through his head. His aura disappeared completely.

“Blame yourself.” Mu Yi sighed softly, then shook his right hand. The Left Envoy’s body fell into the river and bobbed on the surface as the river carried it away. 

   Looking at the long river, Mu Yi watched the body disappear completely before turning to leave.

After the spectre who had barely reached the seventh grade, the Left Envoy was the first expert of the seventh grade he’d killed. The man had also been at the top of the second difficulty. The limits of power were beyond his imagination. If he faced the White Wuchang of Hell, he believed that he could kill him easily.

   By the time Mu Yi returned, the battle was over. The only people still standing were of the Sparrow Organization. The people in the Xiang Sparrow Hall had either died or kneeled on the ground and were tied up.

   One of the most obvious people was E Gui. Looking at his appearance, he had been severely injured. At the same time, Mu Yi also recognized that he was the top of the second difficulty and E Gui.

   Mu Yi only glanced at him and looked at the people of the Sparrow Organization. Everyone Mu Yi looked at straightened their spines. Stained with blood and deathly pale, they did their best to look brave.

 The people of the Sparrow Organization won the battle. Big Slave and Nian Nuer were there, but the number of people of Xiang Sparrow Hall had been twice as many as that in Sparrow Organization, so the people in Sparrow Organization were inevitably injured. There were only 80 people of the Sparrow Organization who were standing. 

   Some of those who fell were injured, but most of them lost their lives.

Looking around, Mu Yi said in a loud voice, “The dead are buried and the wounded are rewarded. Everyone in this battle has made a contribution.” “Thank you very much, my Lord!”

   Hearing Mu Yi’s words, everyone was very happy and answered at the same time loudly. 

   The people of Xiang Sparrow Hall were all pale and trembling with fear.

   Now, everyone of the Sparrow Organization knew Mu Yi. Mu Yi looked very young, but the performance of Big Slave and Nian Nuer kept them from underestimating him. Moreover, in order to establish his authority, E Gui had already ‘snuck’ Mu Yi into the forest for a night and spread the news that he escaped without being injured.

  The members of the Sparrow Organization may not have a clear concept about how strong Mu Yi was, but no one would doubt his strength after hearing that news. 

   This battle made the position of Mu Yi in their hearts rise sharply, and many people became crazy about him.

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