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Chapter 358 The Seal of the Rosefinch



Zhu Phoenix Tower, South Phoenix Tower and Fire Phoenix Tower were the three buildings left for the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. They were also the place where the Six Departments of Supervision and the eighteen Rosefinch Halls were. However, the three towers had disappeared after the Ear Group split.


When Mu Yi left Cangzhou City, he asked Leng Yu about them. However, even Leng Yu didn’t know. The North and South were too far away from each other and those three buildings only obeyed the orders of the Envoy in charge of the flag. Mu Yi thought that the organizations in those three buildings no longer existed, but after meeting Yun Mengxuan, he knew that there were many things he didn’t know.


“Zhu Phoenix Tower? Are you the fighter of the Zhu Phoenix Tower of this generation?” Mu Yi said with a meaningful glance.


The Ear Group had twelve fighters. All of them were women. Since Yun Mengxuan appeared in front of him, it was likely that she was one of the fighters.


“Sir, I’m the fighter of this generation. After the Ear Group revolt, the leader of that generation chose to hide as commanded by the previous Envoy of the flag. He has been secretly waiting for the return of the envoy. After ten years of hiding, we finally get what we’ve been waiting for, the return of Envoy.” Yun Mengxuan said excitedly.


“So South Phoenix Tower and Fire Phoenix Tower still exist?” Mu Yi asked.


“No, among the three towers, only the Zhu Phoenix Tower is left,” said Yun Mengxuan, shaking her head.


“Only Zhu Phoenix Tower is left?” Mu Yi said.


Mu Yi felt regret. Ten years was enough time for anything to happen. Even though those three towers went dark under the command of the old Taoist Priest, it was hard to guarantee that there would have been no accidents after.


“Yes. Seven years ago, Fire Phoenix Tower was the first to die out. Five years ago, South Phoenix Tower died out as well because of traitors. Only the Zhu Phoenix Tower managed to survive by hiding well. However, the strength of the Zhu Phoenix Tower is far from that of the past.” Yun Mengxuan said sadly.


“Yun Mengxuan, why should I believe you?” Mu Yi suddenly looked at her and said.


“Since you come back as our Envoy, you must have the colorful glaze lamp of the previous Envoy, right?” Yun Mengxuan looked at Mu Yi and said.


“Yes, the lamp is in my hands.” Mu Yi nodded.


“I’m taking the liberty to ask you to summon the treasure lamp to justify my innocence.” Yun Mengxuan knelt down and insisted.


Although Mu Yi was surprised, he summoned the Xin lamp. Yun Mengxuan seemed to be affected by its presence. She took a deep breath and reached up to touch her brow. A red flame appeared in the middle for just an instant. Though the light was different from that of the Xin lamp, the pattern was exactly the same as the Xin lamp.


   The lamp sent out a ray of light to Yun Mengxuan, drew out the red flame from the center of her eyebrows and absorbed it directly. The seed of the Nanming Li Fire inside the lamp seemed to grow a lot with the addition of the orange and red flame. The color of the flame in the lamp changed from light to dark blue.


   For the Nanming Li Fire to display its true blue color, Mu Yi had to use the fire control technique. However, based on what he had just seen, if one or two more flames like Yun Mengxuan’s could be absorbed, the fire seed would evolve to the level of blue flame used in the fire control technique.


   Yun Mengxuan shuddered all over and her expression became ugly. Her aura was unstable, but there was nothing Mu Yi could do. The Xin lamp sent out a blue flame which replaced the other on her brow. The color in her face quickly returned and her aura stabilized and increased as if she was breaking through a bottleneck.


   After the Xin lamp returned to Mu Yi’s knowledge of the sea, Yun Mengxuan bowed down again. “I bow before you, the envoy of the flag!”


   Most of Mu Yi’s attention was focused on the Xin lamp. Since the flame left the mark on Yun Mengxuan’s brow, Mu Yi felt that he had gained a connection with Yun Mengxuan through the lamp. Although the flame mark was not a restriction, it resembled it. However, it was even more domineering than the ghost slave control technique he used on Li the Cripple.


   Yun Mengxuan could also improve herself with the help of the Xin lamp and the Xin lamp could also increase its power with her strength. Mu Yi was able to perceive a white line linking the Xin lamp and Yun Mengxuan. The power transmitted by the white line nourished the Xin lamp, like a purer lamp oil. Looking at Yun Mengxuan’s pious face and the fanaticism in her eyes, Mu Yi figured this was the power of faith.


“You may get up.” Mu Yi said.


“If I remember correctly, ten years ago you were only a teenager. How could you have such a mark?” Mu Yi looked at Yun Mengxuan in confusion.


“Sir, Mengxuan’s mark of the seal of the Rosefinch is passed down by the fighter of the previous generation. Every fighter of the three towers has a seal of the Rosefinch fire,” said Yun Mengxuan.


“All of the three tower fighters have it?” Mu Yi said eagerly.


There was hope for the Nanming Li Fire’s evolution. As for the Rosefinch fire, it must have been named by the old Taoist priest.


“Yes. It’s said that this kind of seal can only be planted on a woman and the woman must remain a virgin her entire life.” Yun Mengxuan said with flushed cheeks.


“And if not?” Mu Yi asked.


“When you lose your virginity, the Rosefinch fire will start burning.” Yun Mengxuan said.


“And you still want to be a fighter of the tower?” Mu Yi said, shaking his head.

“Do you know how many chakras I have opened?” Yun Mengxuan responded with a question.




“I don’t have very good qualifications, but I can open up five chakras. All of this is because of the seal of the Rosefinch, which helps me practice. This is something many people would wish to have.” Yun Mengxuan said.


After hearing her explanation, Mu Yi nodded. He thought that it was abnormal for her to open up five chakras with her talents. Now it made sense. Compared with the disadvantages brought by this kind of seal, this ability to assist in cultivation was probably the most important.


Immediately after the seal was changed, there seemed to be a sign of a breakthrough in her strength. If she broke through again and opened another chakra, she would be only one step away from the peak. It was shocking to accomplish such things at her age.


“Do you know how many seals can be given?” Mu Yi asked.


“I don’t know. Only the fighters of the three towers were qualified to accept the seal.” Yun Mengxuan said in confusion, she couldn’t understand why Mu Yi didn’t even know about this.


“Well, tell me about the Zhu Phoenix Tower and the news about the southern forces. I want to know about the situation of the Six Departments of Supervision.” Mu Yi said.


He was not worried about Yun Mengxuan’s doubts. With the seal, she could not betray him. Mu Yi still attached great importance to this Zhu Phoenix Tower since it was a place that used to be in charge of information and intelligence. The old Taoist Priest must have known something when he ordered them to go dark. As for the seal of the Xin lamp, he could explore it later.


“Zhu Phoenix Tower is headquartered on an island in Dongting Lake, Yueyang. Because of the barrier of water, few outsiders know about it. There are still 35 people in the tower. However, if the hidden spies are activated, the number will be increased tenfold.”


“When Zhu Phoenix Tower went into hiding, it was also connected with the Six Departments of Supervision. However, with the collapse of South Phoenix Tower and Fire Phoenix Tower, Mengxuan’s master, the former fighter, chose to completely disconnect with the Six Departments of Supervision. Since the emergence of the flag envoy, I have taken the liberty to start restoring those connections. Most of the Six Departments of Supervision have also been destroyed. At present, only one of them can be contacted.”


“However, I only learned the news from a spy. The specific situation was not very clear. I’m afraid that you’ll have to confirm it yourself. After all, the Six Departments of Supervision only answers to the command of the flag envoy.”


“As for the eighteen Rosefinch halls, only seven of them are still in existence. There are also two of them that changed their names. I think they have heard that you have returned. It probably won’t be long before you hear from them.” She reported.


“Two more? How likely is it that they will come back under my command?” Mu Yi asked.


“As long as you accept all the other seven Rosefinch halls, the two will choose to return. After all, their life is not easy now. They will have no choice but to return.” Yun Mengxuan said.


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