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Chapter 359 Yun Mengxuan’s Plan


“I have a task that I want to give you. Do you dare to take it?” Mu Yi looked at Yun Mengxuan and said finally.

“At your service.” Yun Mengxuan said immediately.

“There are seven Sparrow halls, but only Sparrow Organization, Xiang Sparrow Hall, Tibetan Sparrow Hall, and South Sparrow Hall have chosen to submit. The three others are out of control. No matter what method you use, you must make those three halls submit within two months. I will give you the right to kill if needed. I only care about the results, not the process.” Mu Yi said and gave Yun Mengxuan the token representing the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.

   It was equivalent to the imperial minister holding the imperial sword. You could do what was needed before you reported. Even if the person was a hall leader, as long as Yun Mengxuan thought that he should be killed, then she could kill him. It could be seen clearly that Mu Yi trusted Yun Mengxuan.

   The reason why she was trusted was not only because she was the fighter, but also because she had the seal of the Rosefinch. There was no need to worry about betrayal. Her actions must be based on the interests of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. It was also a test for her.

   Mu Yi didn’t really have the heart to rebuild the power of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. However, if someone acted as his proxy and did the work for him, he didn’t mind letting them wear his tiger skin and pretend to be powerful. The key was whether they had the ability. He had more important things to focus on.

  The Yellow River’s ancient road was about to open and there would  be a fierce competition. The opening date was August fifteenth, the full moon night of the Mid-autumn Festival. When Mu Yi first came to Laosi City it was near the fifth day of May and he stayed there for several days. Going back to Funiu Mountain had taken almost two months. Now it was July fifteenth, there was only one month left.

   He needed to go to Zhengzhou before August fifteenth. There would be a gathering of the dragon and snake. The scale would be far larger than that of King Xian’s grave. Everyone who would enter the Yellow River’s ancient road would probably be no less than the top of the second difficulty.

   There were six keys to the Yellow River’s ancient road. One was in Mu Yi’s hands. Another one was in the Forbidden City originally, but it was stolen. The other four were in White Emperor City, Dragon Tiger Mountain, Mao Mountain and the Ancient City of Dunhuang.

   A person who could steal the key from the Forbidden City wasn’t simple. As for Dragon Tiger Mountain and Mao Mountain, they were thousand years old groups. They had powerful men of the third difficulty. The Ancient City of Dunhuang in the western region was the most mysterious. The White Emperor in White Emperor City was a fierce man and no one in the world dared to underestimate him.

   It was impossible for those who were at the third difficulty to come, but the people coming from such big forces would be much more powerful than Ning Wuque. They would be at the top of the second difficulty at least. Moreover, Prince Chun would also be ready to move. He didn’t have a key, but it was hard to guarantee that he wouldn’t try to rob one.

   There was also a third difficulty man in the Forbidden City. He was definitely a bully. Prince Chun might not be willing to offend the first-class forces like Dragon Tiger Mountain and Mao Mountain or even the Ancient City of Dunhuang and White Emperor City. However, Mu Yi and the mysterious person who stole the key were still options. After all, soft persimmons would be kneaded.

   In order not to be regarded as a soft persimmon, Mu Yi could only increase his strength as soon as possible. It was not realistic to try to open the fifth chakra in a month. It was hard to have a breakthrough in Vajra glaze body or the thunder technique in such a short time as well. The only thing he could rely on was the fire control technique. If he could help the Nanming Li Fire evolve before then, his strength will definitely increase a lot when using the fire control technique.

   Mu Yi would not be afraid of those powerful forces at all. He could just focus on fighting.   He felt a sense of pride because he had grown to this level. Although he couldn’t compare with the top people in the world, he would not be regarded as weak.

   Maybe he would have a fight with the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag first. He had already killed two emissaries under the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. It was like slapping him in the face. If the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag didn’t respond at all, it would be strange. Mu Yi was also waiting for the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag’s counterattack, so he could only let Yun Mengxuan recover those three halls.

“In one month, I can recover all the nine halls of Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Yun Mengxuan vowed.

   One month, if the time for the journey was taken out, there was not much time left to take action. The roundtrip time from Kun Sparrow Hall to Black Sparrow Hall was almost one month. No horse could travel 800 Li a day. If it could travel 200 or 300 Li a day, it was a rare horse. Also a horse would always need rest, drinking water and feeding. In ancient times, the day and night journey was done by taking the official road. There were post stations of the imperial court along the route. Every hundred Li, there would be new horses to ride.

   That wasn’t the case now. It would take more than ten days just to get to the Kun Sparrow Hall. If there were more people, it would take longer. In the eyes of Mu Yi, one month was impossible. Even though he had only given her two months, he was ready to add on days if she asked. However, Yun Mengxuan said directly that she would recover all the halls outside in one month.

“Oh? Tell me about your plan.” Mu Yi asked warmly.

“I don’t need to rush to every hall, nor use the power of the Sparrow Organization and the Tibetan Sparrow Hall. In the past, no one dared to betray the Ear Group. The main reason is because the Six Departments of Supervision was made for the purpose of eliminating internal traitors and suppressing rebellion. I am in contact with someone from there. In three days, using the token I can bring that person under your command. Then soldiers will be sent to the three rebellious halls at the same time.”

“I believe that once the Six Departments of Supervision comes out, no one will have the courage to betray. As long as those three halls return, I only need to send a letter and the other two will be recovered. All the nine halls will be under your command and the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag will be able to shake the south again.” Yun Mengxuan said.

 She was a fighter who was good at strategy. No wonder she was given the seal of the Rosefinch. Zhu Phoenix Tower was comparable to five Sparrow halls. Plus, Mu Yi was lacking someone like Yun Mengxuan who could understand the overall situation. The reason why Mu Yi didn’t do this before was because he didn’t have the Six Departments of Supervision backing him. If the people in Sparrow Organization and Tibetan Sparrow Hall went, they might be killed directly, and then they could pretend that they never saw them.

   Even when the Ear Group was at its peak, some halls dared to kill people from other halls. However, no one would dare kill those who belonged to the Six Departments of Supervision. This kind of deterrence was made with blood and everyone was afraid of death.

“Very well. No matter what method you use, as long as you complete my order, you will be the greatest contributor.” Mu Yi looked at Yun Mengxuan and said.

“I will try my best.” Yun Mengxuan said quickly.

“By the way, there’s one more thing you need to do.” Mu Yi continued.

“Please say it.” Yun Mengxuan said.

“As for South Phoenix Tower and Fire Phoenix Tower, especially the two fighters with the seal of the Rosefinch, try to find out whether they are alive or dead. I know that it will be difficult. You just need to try your best.” Mu Yi said.

Although the two Towers had been destroyed, the fighters might have survived. If he could absorb the seal of the Rosefinch from the other two fighters, the Nanming Li Fire might be able to evolve immediately.

“Yes, my Lord!” Yun Mengxuan said.

  She didn’t make any meaningless guarantees. She dared to swear about the matter of the halls because she was sure, but South Phoenix Tower and Fire Phoenix Tower had already been destroyed. There had been no news for so many years. If they were still alive, they might come out by themselves when she started acting. If they were dead, would she have to find them in the underworld?

   After Yun Mengxuan left, Mu Yi continued to practice. Nian Nuer and Big Slave didn’t relax either. Big Slave always worked hard in daily practice and never slacked off thought. His cultivation speed was even faster than some so-called talents.

   Mu Yi received a battle message five days after Yun Mengxuan left.


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