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Chapter 360 Decisive Battle above Dongting Lake (1)


   “Half a month later, above Dongting Lake!

  The battle message came from the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. It was simply composed of only six words. Even the handwriting didn’t have a half edge. Mu Yi was shocked, because it meant that the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag could control his power freely and had reached perfection. The biggest possibility was that he was at the perfection of the top of the second difficulty.

   The peak of the second difficulty peak had junior, senior, and perfection. Mu Yi was only in the senior position. He also knew that although senior was only a small level away from perfection, the gap in strength was still quite large. The Left Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag was a junior but he had almost no power to fight back against Mu Yi.

   From senior to perfection, the gap might be much bigger. Mu Yi’s senior status was only achieved with the help of magic power. Magic power could only last half an hour at most. A general battle would not last for such a long time unless there was no intention to kill one another. In a short battle, one could win, lose, or even die.

   Mu Yi had the Xin lamp, but he didn’t forget that the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag should have equal magic weapons. Mu Yi’s Xin lamp was also seriously damaged. The magic weapons of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag were probably in better shape. Even though he knew that there was a big difference in strength, Mu Yi didn’t plan to escape.

   It was his responsibility. When he promised Leng Yu that he would take over as the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, he knew such a day would come. Mu Yi also could not bear to let the old Taoist Priest’s efforts be wasted by others, so Mu Yi had decided to take it back. With the forces of the south, his future development would be faster. Mu Yi also hoped to solve the mystery in the South Sea, so he couldn’t give up.

“Above Dongting Lake? Coincidence or intention? However, since you want to fight, I will fight! “Mu Yi said unyieldingly.

   One day before the battle above Dongting Lake, Mu Yi had arrived. Yun Mengxuan had come back in a hurry. After all, Zhu Phoenix Tower was on the island in Dongting Lake. It might be a secret from some, but it was obvious the other side knew about it for a long time. Zhu Phoenix Tower naturally no longer needed to hide since that was the case.

   In the past half a month, Yun Mengxuan had placed the Human Tao Organization of the Six Departments of Supervision under his command successfully. It was now a sharp weapon in his hand. Black Sparrow Hall was destroyed overnight, which also made people recall their fear of the Six Departments of Supervision. Although there was no news from Kun Sparrow Hall, Mu Yi had determined that Yun Mengxuan’s plan would succeed.

  The power of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag would rise again. However, there was still an obstacle in front of Mu Yi. This was a battle to prove himself. As long as he was alive, he would be the new Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. If he died, he could only blame himself. The territory he had fought for would all be taken by the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. 

   Half a month passed but no matter how hard Yun Mengxuan searched, there was still no news about the other two Towers. They seemed to have been erased from the world, leaving no traces behind. Mu Yi was forced to abandon his plan to absorb the seal of the Rosefinch to promote the Nanming Li Fire. He had been trying hard to cultivate, but the results were not obvious. His real strength had not improved much.

   The Five Thunders Charm he drew with his own blood was the only thing worth mentioning. Maybe he could use it to surprise the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. The current Five Thunders Charm could hurt seniors at the top of the second difficulty. If the man was just a junior, only one Five Thunders Charm could hurt him. He could only carry four Five Thunders Charms, but if all of them were used at the same time, it could cause trouble for the other side.

   The leader of the Human Tao Organization had gone to deal with the affairs of Kun Sparrow Hall himself so he failed to see Mu Yi. Instead, the leader of Tibetan Sparrow Hall came. The Tibetan Sparrow Hall was less than a hundred miles from Dongting Lake. Mu Yi had thought the leader of the Tibetan Sparrow Hall must be elegant. After all, according to the words of E Gui, he was only twenty and had a kind of chivalrous spirit.

   Only after seeing him, Mu Yi could understand. He had a bushy face, big eyes, and a large stature. Xue Zifeng, the leader of the Tibetan Sparrow Hall, practiced martial arts and carried a broadsword behind him. His ability to subdue Tibetan Sparrow Hall while in his twenties had a lot to do with his appearance. People would ignore his age instinctively.

“I see you, my Lord.” Xue Zifeng’s voice still rang out loudly when facing Mu Yi.

“You have the heart. I heard that you are famous. You’re worthy of your name,” Mu Yi said.

   If it wasn’t for Yun Mengxuan, who was near Mu Yi, he would think Mu Yi was only pretending. At least, his expression seemed to say that. When Mu Yi’s right hand moved, Xue Zifeng felt that there was a force coming from the sky and aiming at him. He had no way to resist it so the slight contempt from before disappeared.

   The big man behind him also had a strong aura. It was like the meeting of fierce animals when they locked gazes. He had heard that Mu Yi, the new Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, had two strong people with him. One was a big man and the other was a little girl. When Mu Yi was fighting in Xiang Sparrow Hall, the men were almost swept clean.

   He was eager to try fighting the man. Xue Zifeng was good at martial arts. He especially admired those who were stronger than him. He dared not challenge Mu Yi, but he could still challenge the big man.

“I’m flattered by your excellency.” Xue Zifeng said absentmindedly, most of his attention was still focused on Big Slave.

“Do you have a problem with this man behind me?” Mu Yi asked suddenly.

“I dare not, but I always like to compete with others. I heard that there is a strong man under your command. I’ve been longing to meet him for a long time.” Xue Zifeng said.

“In that case, Big Slave, accompany him to have a competition. Remember not to lay a heavy hand.” Mu Yi said with a smirk.

Although he just met him, he already figured out Xue Zifeng’s character. If Mu Yi wanted him to respect him, he could only defeat him using his strength. His identity as the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag made Xue Zifeng dare not challenge him. Therefore, he changed his goal to Big Slave beside him. If he knew that Big Slave had already reached the fourth grade and had the strength of the fifth grade, he might not have the courage to challenge him.

   It didn’t take long Xue Zifeng didn’t even make it through three rounds with Big Slave. Big Slave was merciful otherwise he would have lost even worse. The two men returned to the house when they were done. Mu Yi thought that Xue Zifeng would be depressed. On the contrary, his fighting spirit had risen.

   Mu Yi nodded in recognition. No wonder he had become first-class in his twenties without the guidance of a famous teacher and his strength had reached the second grade. Mu Yi believed his qualifications were not bad. If he could be guided, he would be useful.

“My Lord, do all the people on the island need to leave?” Yun Mengxuan took a look at Xue Zifeng, and then asked Mu Yi.

“No, if the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag wins this battle, you can’t escape even if you hide. The reason why he chose this place for the battle is to remind me not to think about escaping.” Mu Yi shook his head and said, “If I survive, even if everyone in the world knows where Zhu Phoenix Tower is, it would be safe.”

“I believe that you can win.” She said.

“Win? If I can survive in this battle, it will be a victory.” Mu Yi said looking up.

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