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Chapter 363 Decisive Battle on Dongting Lake (4)


When the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag disappeared into the lake, Mu Yi stopped, but he could hardly stand. The lake water reached his knees. Mu Yi gasped violently. The lake rippled, but there was no sign of the envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag.

“Come out. I know you’re not dead,” Mu Yi said loudly. He looked very embarrassed at the moment. His clothes were ragged like a beggar’s clothes and his hair was a mess. He was bleeding from his nose and mouth, and his eyes were dim.

Mu Yi had done his best to exert all his strength, but even so, he was not sure of the victory. He and Nian Nuer had fought with their lives because he had been very clear that the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag in the perfection of the second difficulty was much stronger than him, so he could only take this approach. He was glad that the other side had not used magic tools or even any ordinary weapons; otherwise, it would have been another scene at the moment.

 As soon as Mu Yi finished talking, the lake exploded and the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag appeared again. However, his appearance was not much better than Mu Yi’s. The clothes on his upper body were gone, revealing his fierce chest, bloodstained from Mu Yi’s attack.

The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag’s face was pale. Although he tried to stand on the lake, the lake water still covered his shoes. He was better off than Mu Yi.

“Is it enough?” The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag looked at Mu Yi with a gloomy face. He hadn’t expected this kind of result. He had been full of conceit. He had felt that his perfection of the second difficulty was enough to crush Mu Yi, so he hadn’t brought his magic tool with him.

The other reason why he hadn’t brought his magic tool was that his magic weapon needed a lot of evil spirits as nourishment, so unless it was necessary, he kept it buried in a place with strong evil spirits. 

He hadn’t taken the battle seriously at all because he knew the situation of Mu Yi very well. Although he had known that Mu Yi had killed his left and right envoy, he still hadn’t regarded Mu Yi as an opponent at his level.

 It was because of this pride that he had suffered the biggest loss in his life. If he hadn’t achieved perfection, the attack just now would have caused more serious injuries or even death.

Of course, if he hadn’t reached perfection, he wouldn’t have been so conceited and the situation would not have been as it was at present. So many things were unpredictable. Now it was too late to regret. In his opinion, only the blood of Mu Yi could wash away the humiliation he had suffered.

“Enough? Don’t you want another round? “Mu Yi grinned and said happily.

“I will kill you today.” The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag was not graceful at all now. When he saw Mu Yi laughing so happily, his face became more gloomy.

“How boring is it to fight and kill all day? Anyway, we are both envoys. I don’t know your name yet,” Mu Yi said indifferently. If it weren’t for the lake, he would have sat down.

“Well, since we’re both envoys, I’ll let you know before you die. My name is Gao Xiang,” Gao Xiang said.

“Gao Xiang? I will remember it. When you die, I will engrave your name on your tombstone to avoid you from being a nameless ghost in the netherworld,” said Mu Yi.

“Want to kill me? It depends on whether you have the ability.” Gao Xiang’s face was full of disapproval.

“How much strength do you have left now? 30%? Or 20%?” Mu Yi asked.

“Even if it’s only ten percent, it’s more than enough to kill you,” said Gao Xiang.

“Is it?” Mu Yi smiled mysteriously, “How will you leave Dongting Lake after you kill me? Although Tibetan Sparrow Hall is not good, hundreds of people would overwhelm you. I also have a companion named Big Slave, who can compete with experts in the sixth grade. If he fights hard, will you survive? Since you chose the place, I think you know the current leader of the Zhu Phoenix Tower. Do you think he will spare you? “Mu Yi looked at Gao Xiang fearlessly and said.

“You really shame your master by using such dirty tricks,” said Gao Xiang sarcastically in anger.

“If I force myself to fight you, I will really shame my master. When he took me into the world, the first thing he said was to keep my life at any cost. As the saying goes, where there is life, there is hope. Life is the most important,” Mu Yi said indifferently.

“Do you think that would scare me?” Gao Xiang stared at Mu Yi as if he would attack at any time.

“I didn’t want to threaten you, but just to tell you the fact that if you kill me today, you will surely die. Anyway, my wish has been fulfilled, and I will not regret it if I die. However, you are the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag with such a large territory. Judging from your deployment, I know that you are ambitious. Are you willing to die here?” Mu Yi shook his head as if he were thinking for Gao Xiang.

“No one has ever been able to threaten me,” said Gao Xiang.

“I didn’t mean to threaten you, but I told you the facts and will let you choose. Anyway, the road is under your feet. It’s your business whether you can walk or not,” said Mu Yi with ease.

 After hearing Mu Yi’s words, Gao Xiang stopped talking and didn’t refute. He had seen that Mu Yi’s words were not too simple not to be reasonable. Mu Yi’s desperate attack had made him suffer and he regretted even more that he hadn’t brought the magic tool here.

Gao Xiang was not afraid of death, but as Mu Yi had said, the key was whether the death was meaningful. It was not worth it to die here quietly with his ambitions unfulfilled.

What’s more, he and Mu Yi were supposed to be in one alignment. They were both envoys. Even if they could not cooperate, they should not be enemies.

It was impossible for him to admit his mistake of occupying Mu Yi’s territory first and taking the forces that originally had belonged to Mu Yi.

“Well, are you still fighting? I’m really bored. If you want to fight, we’ll continue. If not, I’ll leave and have a rest,” Mu Yi said, looking at Gao Xiang.

“Fine. It’s your victory today, but I’ll give you a surprise when we meet next time.” 

Finally, Gao Xiang turned to leave. He sped away and soon disappeared.

Mu Yi fell down, not caring that he was in the lake. He lay in the lake with his mouth open for gasping.

 It was a fluke that he survived. He was so exhausted that any first-class expert could beat him down.

What he had told Gao Xiang just now was half true. If Gao Xiang insisted to kill him today, maybe he would die. There were many people in the Tibetan Sparrow Hall, but few had come to Dongting Lake. Big Slave was still hundreds of miles away. If Gao Xiang had chosen to gamble, he would have had a 50% chance of leaving with his life, but in the end, he had given up and let Mu Yi win.

Mu Yi had lost the battle, but he had won the game. While Gao Xiang had won the battle, he had lost the game. Gao Xiang had lost because of his conceit. If he had chosen another place, things would have been different. 

The strength of the perfection of the second difficulty was not a strength Mu Yi could defeat yet. There was still a long way to go. Mu Yi doubted whether he could beat Gao Xiang even if he turned on another chakra.

Mu Yi considered it for a moment, and his win rate was still 30%.

Although 30% was little, it was greater than the chances in today’s situation.

Mu Yi would have to open two more chakras to be more confident to defeat Gao Xiang. In a short time, it was impossible. Thinking of what Gao Xiang said when he had been leaving, Mu Yi had a bad feeling.

Naturally, he was not so naive to think that the other party would really surprise him. It would be a shock.

Nian Nuer came out of the water, “Brother.” 

He had been knocked into the bottom of the lake by Gao Xiang before. Although she was severely injured, she was not in danger. Moreover, her body was not cut off so she would only need to cultivate in the Bamboo Tree of Life for a while to heal up. 

Seeing Nian Nuer’s face full of worries, Mu Yi forced a smile, “Don’t worry. I am okay, and I will not die.” 

“I’m still too weak. I couldn’t even bear that man’s blow,” Nian Nuer said with remorse.

“Silly girl, do you know who he is? He is the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. He has already reached the perfection of the second difficulty. The third difficulty is only one step ahead. I am far from being his opponent, let alone you. It is thanks to your surprise attack that we could survive this time,” said Mu Yi seriously.

The expression on the little girl’s face was finally a little better after she heard Mu Yi’s words as Yun Mengxuan and the others were approaching by boat.


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