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Chapter 364 After serious injury

Seeing the arrival of all the people, Nian Nuer went back into the Bamboo Tree of Life. She had been reluctant to maintain her body shape before due to her injuries. Without danger and the  arrival of the Big Slave and others, she was no longer needed.

When he got close, Yun Mengxuan was the first to jump into the lake. He put Mu Yi in the boat. Xue Zifeng hurried to come back.

“Don’t worry, Master. I know a famous doctor,” Yun Mengxuan said in a hurry.

“No, I have body training skills. I will recover soon. Get us out of  here first,” Mu Yi said.

He was exhausted, but he insisted.

Although the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag had left, no one could guarantee that he would suddenly change his mind and come back. It would be terrible to die like that, so they should leave here first.

Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Xue Zifeng immediately ordered the ship to leave. With the paddle turning, the ship soon disappeared.

Mu Yi was too careful. After the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag left, he didn’t turn around. Moreover, he was very clear that he would see Mu Yi again in a short time then he would give him a big surprise.

At that time, it would also be his heyday as a man with a magic weapon at the top of the second difficulty.

As long as the people on the top of the third difficulty didn’t come out, it was difficult for someone to threaten him. This fluke would never happen again.

When Mu Yi woke up, he found that he was in a small bungalow. The furnishings seemed to be very ordinary for a house. Although he insisted, after landing, Mu Yi was comatose, so he didn’t know what happened.

However, in order to avoid any accidents, Yun Mengxuan did not take Mu Yi to the island, nor to the headquarters of Tibetan Sparrow Hall, but found a place nearby to temporarily settle Mu Yi.

After Mu Yi fell into a coma, he had a high fever. Yun Mengxuan could not help. If Mu Yi had not told her not to get a doctor, she would have gone to find a famous doctor immediately. 

The only thing she could do was to keep praying in her heart. She hoped that Mu Yi would be well. If another person took care of him it would not be effective because Yun Mengxuan had the seal of the Rosefinch

Mu Yi underestimated his injury. He thought that he had the Xin lamp and Vajra glaze to suppress the injury, and with four chakras, even if he suffered serious internal injury, he could definitely recover himself without drugs.

He hadn’t expected that his injury was more serious than he thought, especially since his reckless use of Life Theurgy had caused many cracks in his chakras and almost collapsed them.

If his chakras collapsed, the consequences would be disastrous. At the very least, there would be no further progress for the rest of his life. At worse, he would die immediately from the huge amount of power that would be released when they collapsed.

Mu Yi’s situation was dangerous because his body was on the verge of collapse. His strength was out of control, causing his high fever.

Fortunately, the power of Yun Mengxuan’s belief pulled Mu Yi back from the edge of death.

After Mu Yi woke up, he immediately understood all this and began to think about it. The power of faith was an extremely magical power. Even though it was different from the power of mind and God, it could not only be used as a nutrition for the Nanming Li Fire, but also be infused into his body after being refined by the Xin lamp.

Unfortunately, Yun Mengxuan could provide a little power of faith, otherwise she would be able to help more.

Without the Xin lamp, Mu Yi could not absorb it at all. This reminded him of the Tao of God, a different way from cultivation and ghost Tao.

The Tao of God enjoyed incense and protected one side. The most common side was the Tudi temple, which was dedicated to one side of the Shinto, or incense and fire, in order to collect people’s beliefs.

It was the same as Yun Mengxuan’s behavior.

It was normal that the human body couldn’t absorb the power of this belief directly. It was hard to perceive. It was a pity that the old Taoist Priest didn’t leave him any knowledge in this field. He had to constantly explore everything by himself. However, Mu Yi thought that the key to all this lay in the Xin lamp.

The Xin lamp was a magic weapon, which had all kinds of incredible functions. Moreover, the Xin lamp originally belonged to fire, and the fragrant fire was related.

But then, Mu Yi shook his head and thought it was impossible that it was so simple. He thought there must be a deeper connection between the two. The key was whether he could find it.

If he could figure it out, he might be able to continue to increase the seal of the Rosefinch and let more people provide him with the power of belief. At that time, not only would the Nanming Li Fire evolve rapidly, but he would also benefit from it.

This might be the only way for him to increase his strength quickly.

Thinking of this, Mu Yi decided to make it clear that his mind was once again combined with the Xin lamp. Suddenly, he felt he was like the Xin lamp.

In the interior space of the lamp, a light blue flame was quietly burning, about to evolve into a real blue flame.

It seemed to feel the coming of Mu Yi. The fire of the Nanming Li Fire suddenly trembled then the flame spread across the whole space, but Mu Yi did not feel the destruction of the Nanming Li Fire. He felt that he was surrounded by warmth.

Mu Yi didn’t know what it was like to be in his mother’s arms, but he thought it was probably like this.

Mu Yi let go of his mind and tried to feel the consciousness from the Xin lamp and from the fire of the Nanming Li Fire. But in the end, he was disappointed because he didn’t feel anything. Apart from the burning fire, there was no vitality or consciousness in the space, as if the fire of the Nanming Li Fire had not been restored.

In the end, Mu Yi had no choice but to take back the power of mind and spirit.

But when he got back the power of mind and spirit, he was surprised to find that just a moment later, his power of mind and spirit was much purer than it was after meditating for a night.

Although it was only one night, how long had he been using the Xin lamp? 

Although Mu Yi’s strength kept improving, he never forgot his mind power and meditated to make it purer. It was a process of trial and error. It was not possible in a day or a night, so it was weaker than his physical and spiritual strength. It seemed that he couldn’t keep up with it. The most intuitive expression was his control power, which would never be recovered to the level it once was.

Originally, Mu Yi thought it would take at least a year and a half of polishing to return to the micro realm, but now, he had found another way to quickly make his mind power purer.

Integrating with the Xin lamp constantly and refining his mind power with the help of the internal space of the Nanming Li Fire was twice as effective as meditating.

Mu Yi opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was Yun Mengxuan. She was looking at Mu Yi in surprise.

“You are awake.” Seeing Mu Yi’s eyes open, Yun Mengxuan said with surprise. In fact, when she came in, she had found that Mu Yi had changed from lying to sitting on the bed with his legs crossed, so she had been waiting by her side.

“Thank you,” said Mu Yi.

Even if he finally woke up, the injury would not have healed as much as it was without her belief.

“It’s my pleasure to help,” Yun Mengxuan said in a hurry.

Mu Yi nodded, “How many days have I been in a coma?”  

“You have been in a coma for five days. I did not take you back because I was worried about you. But this is one of the back roads of Zhu Phoenix Tower. It’s absolutely safe,” said Yun Mengxuan.

“What’s happened over the past five days?” Mu Yi continued.

“The day after the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag left, his forces withdrew from our territory. The Taoist master of the Human Tao Organization has successfully returned, waiting for your call. Now, all nine of our sparrow halls have been restored. When you raise your arms and shout, the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag will become the leader of the south again. I believe that the eighteen sparrow halls, Six Departments of Supervision and the Three Buildings can be reorganized in a short time.” When Yun Mengxuan said this, her eyes on Mu Yi were full of fanaticism.

The battle of Dongting Lake Lake laid a solid foundation for the situation in the south. After knowing that the forces of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag were all evacuated, the two renamed sparrow halls also regained their former names and chose to surrender. As for the furthest Kun Sparrow Hall, the Taoist master of the Human Tao Organization went there in person. Even if they disagreed, they would submit.

“All evacuated? That’s interesting.” Mu Yi smiled, then he looked at Yun Mengxuan and continued. “You have done a good job. As for the reconstruction of the Sparrow Halls, it will be handed over to you. The world is going to be in chaos. Even if we have no ambition, we must have enough strength to survive and protect ourselves. As for how to develop, we need to make a good plan. Now it’s not the former years, and I am afraid that the key to the decisive victory is no longer swords and sticks, but guns and artillery. Although I am not willing to admit it, on the battlefield, a third-class expert who takes a few years to cultivate is not as useful as a few well-trained soldiers with guns. “


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