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Chapter 366 Scandals in Jiangcheng city City


“Where?” he asked.


Mu Yi hadn’t held any hope anymore after all the searching Yun Mengxuan had done, but now there was news. Since it was the fighter of Fire Phoenix Tower, they would have the seal of the Rosefinch. The seal was beneficial to the Nanming Li Fire. Yun Mengxuan had revealed this fact and should be given the most credit.


Since absorbing her seal of the Rosefinch, the Nanming Li Fire was slowly transforming. The transformation was slow because only one person was providing faith. If another seal of the Rosefinch was absorbed, the Nanming Li Fire could at least transform faster. If it evolved it would definitely increase Mu Yi’s strength of Mu Yi. He would be more confident when he set out to the Yellow River’s ancient road.


“In Jiangcheng city. I haven’t confirmed it. It could be a setup. Fire Phoenix Tower disappeared seven years ago. I had sent people to search before, but they didn’t bring back any news. Now there is suddenly news.” Yun Mengxuan replied.


“Jiangcheng city? The place where Black Sparrow Hall is located?” Mu Yi asked as he paced.


“Yes.” Yun Mengxuan said.


Black Sparrow Hall was the first hall to be completely destroyed in this era, which was a warning to others. The main reason was that Black Sparrow Hall had betrayed them completely. When the Human Tao Organization had visited, they still refused to submit. It was now being reconstructed.


Due to the collapse of Black Sparrow Hall Yun Mengxuan didn’t completely trust the information. The fighter of Fire Phoenix Tower happened to appear after its collapse and in such a location. How could she not have doubts? However, Mu Yi placed a lot of importance on the fighters so Yun Mengxuan told Mu Yi before she had confirmed it.


“You did a good job. I’ll go to Jiangcheng city.” Mu Yi said without hesitation.


“I’d like to go with you.” Yun Mengxuan said.


Mu Yi planned to go alone. He was faster alone, but he thought that since Yun Mengxuan was familiar with the area he should take her. She could get him out of trouble if something happened. They quickly acquired two fast horses and rode to Jiangcheng city. Mu Yi didn’t bother to bring Big Slave and Nian Nuer.


He didn’t need to worry with Nian Nuer there. She was a little girl, but she spoke her mind. In addition, she could identify whether a person was kind. It was not easy for people to cheat her, so Mu Yi could leave them alone with a calm heart.


From Dongting Lake to Jiangcheng city, it was more than 400 Li along the official road. They left at noon and traded horses several times along the way before finally arriving in Jiangcheng city the next morning. If they hadn’t slowed their pace at night, they would have arrived sooner. Jiangcheng city was a big city that was even more prosperous than Cangzhou City. The Yangtze River sat at its back and it flowed out in all directions. It was a rare treasure.


“What a great river city.” Mu Yi said.


“It’s a pity that such a prosperous place made Black Sparrow Hall degenerate so that it could not even compare to the remote Sparrow Organization.” Yun Mengxuan said with great weariness.


“Black Sparrow Hall should be rebuilt in another place. It’s better to stay away from here.” Mu Yi said.


“Are you worried that someone will betray the new Black Sparrow Hall?” Yun Mengxuan asked, looking at Mu Yi.


“The Human Tao Organization came. No one would dare.” Mu Yi said, shaking his head.


“What are you worried about then?” Yun Mengxuan was even more confused and asked.


“It won’t be long before this place will be full of scandals. Maybe the whole world will start to focus on it. If Black Sparrow Hall is rebuilt here, it will only become a target of shady people.” Mu Yi said seriously.


“Scandals?” Yun Mengxuan asked.


“At the beginning of the great chaos in the past dynasties, able men showed up everywhere. I’m afraid we have to take the first step to avoid any mishaps.” Mu Yi said casually.


“Thank you for your advice.” Yun Mengxuan said.


She quickly realized that a place like this could surely become the focus of the whole world. It could also be the source of a war. If Black Sparrow Hall was built here, they would only end up losing them again. They would have rebuilt in vain.


“Let’s go. Who can tell the future? Maybe I’m just talking nonsense. The future is not immutable.” Mu Yi said, taking the lead and entering the city.


The plan to transfer Black Sparrow Hall to somewhere else was a matter of the future. Black Sparrow Hall was a powerful force in Jiangcheng city, but so many people of the organization had died overnight. It had scared many people. They were even more confused when the sign of Black Sparrow Hall was hung up again after it was destroyed.


Only a few well-informed people knew what happened. The Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag had returned. In just a month, the entire South had been cleaned up. However, the south was too big. Even if the power of Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag was back to its peak, it was impossible to say that the South was completely in his hands.


When the Ear Group collapsed, there was probably someone of the Forbidden City behind it. No one was willing to have such a powerful force that wasn’t under their own rule. The Ear Group could almost change the dynasty. Therefore, it was inevitable that the Ear Group would fall. It’s reputation which invoked fear in people was to blame.


It was a good thing that the Ear Group focused on collecting information rather than fighting for supremacy. Otherwise, after their collapse, many of their fighters would not have survived. Many of their forces could not live without the Ear Group’s information sources. Some people had been willing to continue to support the fighters of the Ear Group so they could achieve their own goals.


A lot of people were focused on Mu Yi. After all, the Ear Group today was not the same but the power of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag when gathered together, easily made them a giant. There were countless experts and they had a grasp of news from all over the world. There were more than nine organizations now under the control of Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag and the leaders were all first-class experts. There were eleven first-class experts. It was no wonder why the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, regardless of the rules, wanted to gain these forces.


They met up with Xue Zifeng. The Tibetan Sparrow Hall was the closest to Black Sparrow Hall. Mu Yi had ordered Xue Zifeng to come and start rebuilding Black Sparrow Hall first. He was also the temporary leader of Black Sparrow Hall. Once there was a suitable person, the position would be transferred over. The reason why Xue Zifeng was chosen was because he had a loyal and chivalrous reputation. Thus it was easier for him to get along with people.


“My lord and envoy.” Xue Zifeng greeted him from his place at the door.


“How is Black Sparrow Hall now?” Mu Yi asked.


“It’s even easier to rebuild than I imagined. Some of the old people from other halls have come back to help as the backbone. It was easy to gain new members using your current reputation. In another month, Black Sparrow Hall will be better than ever.” Xue Zifeng replied earnestly.


His awe for Mu Yi had started during the fight at Dongting Lake. That awe had turned into fanaticism. If Mu Yi could plant the seal of the Rosefinch on him, he could immediately accept the power of his faith and add strength to the Xin lamp.


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