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Chapter 367 Fox Tail


   Although Mu Yi couldn’t wait to make the Nanming Li Fire evolve, he hadn’t mastered this art yet. The seal of the Rosefinch on Yun Mengxuan was left by the old Taoist Priest. Mu Yi had no real control over it. He only hoped that he could find the other two fighters as soon as possible. According to Yun Mengxuan, only the first three fighters had the seal of the Rosefinch.


   As Xue Zifeng was able to restore Black Sparrow Hall to its peak in a short time, Mu Yi praised him a lot. The main purpose of his visit to Jiangcheng city this time was to find the fighter of Fire Phoenix Tower. He didn’t want to waste time on anything else and directly asked.


“Regarding the fighter of Fire Phoenix Tower, is the news confirmed?” Mu Yi said.


“It’s still uncertain. The other side seems to be giving clues on purpose. Her behavior is strange. The news of your return has been widely spread. If she is the fighter of Fire Phoenix Tower, she can come find you directly. Why hide and be so sneaky?” Xue Zifeng said.


“You mean she deliberately coaxed me here?” Mu Yi pondered for a moment and asked.


It wasn’t possible for him to be cheated if even Xue Zifeng could see through the plan. Even if there might be a trap, he had to go. Mu Yi was really eager to find the fighters of the other two buildings. He was confident in his own strength if there really was a trap.


“Yes, please forgive me. I couldn’t find out everything.” Xue Zifeng said with shame.


“This matter has nothing to do with you. Black Sparrow Hall has just been rebuilt. It has not completely established roots in Jiangcheng city. It is normal that nothing can be found.” Mu Yi said.


He didn’t blame Xue Zifeng. Xue Zifeng was not the leader of Black Sparrow Hall and just temporarily took the position. He still needed to go back to Tibetan Sparrow Hall later. With the experience he gained here, his position would undoubtedly become higher. He was the top of the nine hall leaders. If there were promotions or rewards in the future, most of them would be given to him. If there was no clear reward and punishment system, who would be willing to work hard?


“Your Excellency, should we look all over the city?” Yun Mengxuan said.


“No. Since the other party deliberately led me over, how could they not show a fox tail all the time?” Mu Yi shook his head and sneered.


He wanted to know who was treating him, the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, as prey. Did these people think he could be pushed around because he was young? If they knew the details of the battle at Dongting Lake, they may not have the courage to plot against him. Ordinary seventh grade experts were not his opponents at all.


   Mu Yi got a room in the largest inn in Jiangcheng city, announcing the news that he had arrived. Those who were secretly spying on him would definitely pay attention to the situation of Black Sparrow Hall and know that he had come. The reason why he didn’t stay in Black Sparrow Hall was to draw out the person. Considering how many experts were in Black Sparrow Hall they wouldn’t dare act otherwise.


   Yun Mengxuan wanted to accompany Mu Yi, but he refused. He planned to take advantage of this opportunity to move Black Sparrow Hall out of Jiangcheng city. Jiangcheng city seemed calm on the first day. It was as if no one was watching him but that was only on the surface. He was one of the most powerful people in the South and had arrived shortly after Black Sparrow Hall was destroyed.


   Ordinary people might not care as Mu Yi was not worthy of attention. However, the important figures in Jiangcheng city were all secretly speculating about the purpose of Mu Yi’s visit. They hoped they could all live in peace. If Mu Yi was ready to take action against them, they wouldn’t just helplessly wait for death.


   A strong dragon could not suppress a local snake. After the former Black Sparrow Hall was destroyed, the strength of Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag in Jiangcheng city was reduced. Even if Xue Zifeng was very capable, it was not possible to recover Black Sparrow Hall in a day or two.


   The next day, this city was still calm. It almost seemed like everything had just been their imaginations but Mu Yi didn’t show any anxiety. He believed that his intuition couldn’t be wrong. The reason why the person hadn’t shown up yet was to make Mu Yi impatient. Once someone became impatient, they wouldn’t be able to judge things clearly.


   The third day, Mu Yi finally received a letter. There were no words, only a flame. Mu Yi had no more doubts. No matter who it was they had at least seen the seal of the Rosefinch. Even if the individual was not the fighter of Fire Phoenix Tower, they must have a deep relationship with Fire Phoenix Tower. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to know such secret things.


   On the fourth and fifth day, Mu Yi also received a letter. There was still only the seal of the Rosefinch with no requests or words. Even Mu Yi couldn’t help frowning. He wasn’t angry but his patience was wearing thin. The Yellow River’s ancient road was about to open. He didn’t have much time to waste.


Who are you? What’s the purpose of doing this? For the Xin Lamp? Hatred? Or the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road?


Mu Yi thought about what they could want but none of his questions could be answered yet. Even though Big Slave was not traveling with him now, his identity could not be concealed. The reason why no one had come to kill him was probably because they were afraid of his identity and power. Mu Yi was chased before because he was alone and had no background. People bullying him didn’t need to worry about revenge.


   Although those who attacked him had lost their lives, many people were still reluctant to give up on chasing him. If he had not chosen to move and had Leng Yu help cover it, he would have encountered countless troubles and caused many disturbances just in Cangzhou City.


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