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Chapter 369 Open Conspiracy


Back at the inn, Mu Yi asked, “I remember you said that there was a traitor in South Phoenix Tower five years ago. Do you know what happened to the traitor?” 

Because South Phoenix Tower had been destroyed before, he didn’t care about it. But now, as things went, he had a feeling that it was important.

  Yun Mengxuan said that the fighter of Fire Phoenix Tower appeared before, but in the eyes of Mu Yi, Fire Phoenix Tower was likely destroyed. The status of South Phoenix Tower was worth pondering.

Yun Mengxuan was not a fool either. At this moment, hearing Mu Yi talking about it, she doubted it immediately.

“I don’t know very well. I only know that there was a traitor in South Phoenix Tower at that time, which led to the annihilation of South Phoenix Tower overnight. Do you think the traitor is still alive and maybe pretended to be the one of Fire Phoenix Tower.” 

“Do you think the fighter of Fire Phoenix Tower would hide deliberately after knowing I had returned? To what end? It is hard to say if it that person is the traitor of South Phoenix Tower. Black Sparrow Hall rebelled and was destroyed. She also chose to betray at the beginning, so what could she expect to happen?” Mu Yi said with a smile.

“She will protect herself, or choose to go far away to a place that you can’t find her.”

“It’s true according to normal circumstances, but don’t you want to know why she defaulted? And this time, she’s using the seal of the Rosefinch. It’s clear what she is going to do,” Mu Yi said lightly, assuming that his judgment was not wrong.

“For the colorful glaze lamp?” Yun Mengxuan’s eyes brightened, “Or was the reason she betrayed us was that she knew the secret of the seal of the Rosefinch and tried to seize it. Now that she knows you are back, she wants to get the colorful glaze lamp from you.”

“Well, I think so,” Mu Yi nodded.

“But why does she want you to kill Li Yuanhong? To distract you?”

“At first, I think so, but after meeting Li Yuanhong, I have another idea.”

“Which is?”

“Do you remember what I said at the city gate?”

“You said that there will be chaos in Jiang City, so you let Black Sparrow Hall move away.” 

“Yes. If I’m not reading it wrong, Li Yuanhong is one of the keys to the chaos,” Mu Yi said.

“You mean that Li Yuanhong is likely to set up an army to revolt?” Yun Mengxuan asked.

“Yes, it’s a pity that I’m not proficient in face reading. Otherwise, I would have a good look at his future achievements, but I feel the spirit of killing in him.”

It had been the reason he chose to leave immediately.

   People like Li Yuanhong had great fortune and couldn’t be killed easily. The traitor wanted him to kill Li Yuanhong. Either Li Yuanhong got in her way, or she wanted to use Li Yuanhong’s fortune to backfire and hurt him.

   But no matter what the reason was, she was already on Mu Yi’s killing list.

“My lord, this is also our chance,” Yun Mengxuan said suddenly.

“Oh, tell me.” 

Mu Yi looked at Yun Mengxuan.

“If Li Yuanhong is really the key, then after his rebellion, the South will certainly be in chaos. Then, the eyes of the court, the eyes of the whole world, will focus here. If the court can suppress it quickly, nothing will happen, but if it can’t, then the situation of the Qing Dynasty will be even more chaotic, and there will be countless ambitious people taking the opportunity to move. Then we can also fish in troubled waters and grasp the South in one fell swoop. At that time, you will not only be the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, but also the real king of the South.”

Yun Mengxuan’s eyes had begun to shine and her voice was shaking with excitement.

“Contending in the world? Let’s not mention. In my observation, if Li Yuanhong has great ability, it will take a few years at least. The Qing Dynasty is decadent, but it will not be destroyed as long as the immortal in the Forbidden City is still alive, unless someone…”

Mu Yi didn’t say the last words. As for contending in the world, he was really not interested in it. Even now, he was just following the trend. Contending in the world was different from fighting in the world.

   If the strongest could win the world, Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain would not still be suffering.

   If the Taoists were transcendent and despised the secular imperial power, there would have been no dispute between Taoism and Buddhism thousands of years ago. In this world, no one could really be transcendent, unless they were immortals jumping out of the three realms and not in the five elements.

   At the beginning, the purpose of Mu Yi’s cultivation was very simple: find the body of the old Taoist Priest and bury him in peace. Now, his purpose was also simple as he went further on the road of cultivation and explored the heavenly way.

   Secular power was nothing in his eyes. If he didn’t want to make the old Taoist Priest sad, hadn’t promised Leng Yu before, he would not have chosen to take the responsibility of the position of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.

   It was because of this that he would delegate most of his power to Yun Mengxuan. It was not only because of her loyalty, but also because Mu Yi didn’t want to be troubled. He didn’t have much time to deal with worldly things.

   Now, with him backing her, Yun Mengxuan could control it, but Yun Mengxuan alone was not enough if the chaos of the world started. It was obvious that he would end up in center stage to preside over the situation.  Would he have enough time to cultivate further if that happened?

   This was to pull all the halls into a huge mire. The future was unknown, so Mu Yi interrupted Yun Mengxuan.

   Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Yun Mengxuan’s eyes darkened a lot suddenly. Although Mu Yi didn’t refuse clearly, the meaning was obvious. Yun Mengxuan also knew Mu Yi’s character.

   She had been trained to become an arm since she was a child. She learned all kinds of tricks, learned to analyze the general situation of the world, gathered a great deal of information and intelligence, so that one day, she could assist the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, and even let Ear Group recover to its heyday one day. That was her ideal and goal, and she had been working hard for it.

   But now, just as she saw a little hope, Mu Yi cut it down.

Yun Mengxuan couldn’t hate Mu Yi because of this. She just had suppressed her ambition temporarily. She believed that Mu Yi would go on this road sooner or later, and she only needed to prepare everything for him behind his back.

Mu Yi didn’t know that Yun Mengxuan had thought so much in a short time or reached a decision. He didn’t pay attention to this matter at all. He did not want to play this game about contending in the world.

“What’s your plan? Is there any way to bring the traitor out?” Yun Mengxuan asked.

“Pack up and let’s go back tomorrow,” Mu Yi said.

“Go back?” Yun Mengxuan was stunned, then she realized what he meant. “Yes, my Lord.”

   This contest was one of endurance. The first to break would lose.

   Mu Yi wanted to get the seal of the Rosefinch, but the other side wanted his Xin lamp more. Previously, he was limited to passivity because he couldn’t understand the other side’s purpose, but now, it depended on who wanted more.

   The reason why Mu Yi left was to lure her out into the open. As long as the other side wanted to get the Xin lamp, it would definitely not let him leave easily. Mu Yi had put out the card. Now he had to wait for the other side to act on it.

   Yun Mengxuan also understood this point, so she didn’t ask again. She had been trained since she was a child, and she should have thought of it, but she was a little stupid around Mu Yi.

   That night, Mu Yi received a woman’s finger, but he just smiled coldly and threw it away. For him, this threat was childish.

   In the morning, Yun Mengxuan took Mu Yi and left with twelve guards in a luxurious carriage out of the city. She wanted the traitor to see them leaving.

“My lord, what if the traitor doesn’t come?” She asked as the city disappeared in the distance.

“It doesn’t matter. I will find a way to lure her out in the future,” Mu Yi said casually.

   It should have been a day and a night’s journey, but it took three days to return because Mu Yi didn’t urge them to hurry. They reached Dongting Lake without seeing the traitor. It seemed that Yun Mengxuan was right.

  There was no disappointment on Mu Yi’s face, as if he didn’t care whether the other side would come.

   After they took the boat back to the island, the twelve guards left. If it wasn’t for Yun Mengxuan wanting to make a big scene, they wouldn’t have gotten an escort.

   The boat glided slowly through the water. When it reached the middle of the lake, the boat vibrated suddenly, and the speed decreased suddenly. Then, the boat began to sink slowly.

“The ship is leaking!” 

Soon, there was a panic in the cabin.

“My lord.” Yun Mengxuan appeared at Mu Yi’s side. Her face was cold. It was impossible to run into the reef in the middle of the lake, so there was only one possibility. Someone damaged it underwater. When she realized it, her mood turned cold.

“Let’s go and meet our guest.” 

Mu Yi got up and took Yun Mengxuan to the bow.

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