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Chapter 370 Ambush in the lake

   The water kept bubbling up as if it was boiling and the ship continued to sink. 

“The boatmen should go first,” Mu Yi said calmly. 

The boatmen who were loyal to Zhu Phoenix Tower. They couldn’t help anymore, so the only way to protect them was to get them to leave. 

“Yes, my lord.” Yun Mengxuan arranged it immediately, but she didn’t agree with Mu Yi. 

   Most of the boat was submerged after the boatmen left.

“Come out,” Mu Yi sneered. 

The ship trembled and the water rippled around it as if a big hand was moving beneath the water’s surface.

“Whoop, whoop!”

   Three masked figures in black came out of the water. Each of them held a long and narrow machete.

   The three men tried to attack Mu Yi at the same time.

Yun Mengxuan moved forward to block them. Red silk flew out of her right sleeve.and became a red-tasseled spear as she turned it gently.

   Yun Mengxuan struck them three times in an instant. She had opened five chakras and was at the top of the second difficulty. The next chakras were going to open, so she could easily beat the three first-class experts easily.

   These three men were at most second grade of the first class. What’s more, they just got out of the water and had no rest. They were bound to lose.

   The three men flew back into the lake and disappeared.

   Yun Mengxuan frowned and wanted to follow but was stopped by Mu Yi. It was dangerous because they didn’t know what was happening under the water. The three men were pawns.

   The boatmen who had escaped screamed soon after. They struggled for several moments before sinking into the water as blood bubbled up.

“Holy shit!”

   Yun Mengxuan felt ashamed because the three men invaded her territory. Now she was even angrier because the boatmen had been killed.

   Mu Yi didn’t stop her and felt a little angry, too. He had sent them away to protect them not have them killed.

   Yun Mengxuan flew like a swallow to the lifeboat. She swung the red silk to arouse numerous waves. Then, a black shadow came out from the waves to attack Yun Mengxuan.

   Yun Mengxuan swung again with a water arrow and hit the man in his chest.

   The man fell into the water. At the same time, the other two appeared behind Yun Mengxuan. They fought with their long machetes, swinging as if they planned to cut Yun Mengxuan into three parts.

   Yun Mengxuan didn’t feel scared and was going to fly to avoid their strikes, but there were two hands under the water grasping Yun Mengxuan firmly.

   It was too late for her to get the hands off and jumped again.

 As Mu Yi was going to rescue her, a man came out and rushed towards him.

   The people gathered to kill Yun Mengxuan. It seemed killing Yun Mengxuan was more important than Mu Yi.

“How dare you!”

   Mu Yi’s voice was like the thunder, ringing along through the sky and into the earth. The figure who came to Mu Yi was stopped by the voice. The water rolled back and exposed him.

   The two men who were attacking Yun Mengxuan were slowed by the voice.

   Yun Mengxuan was the only one who was not affected. When Mu Yi opened his mouth, a life-like flame rose on her eyebrow. A stronger breath burst out.

   Yun Mengxuan activated the seal of the Rosefinch to improve her strength as if she had opened the next chakras. With this strength, she got rid of the hands and disappeared quickly.

   The two long machetes behind her could only cut through her shadow, as the figure under the water came out.

Mu Yi recognized the figure as a woman because only women could join South Phoenix Tower’s core and knew about the seal of the Rosefinch. The traitor, whatever her reason, was here now.

   Yun Mengxuan was out of danger so Mu Yi could look at the shadow in front of him intently. The people were dressed the same as the three men from before, but he was stronger than the three. In Mu Yi’s eyes, the man was in the seventh grade of the first class. That’s why the traitor dared to attack him.

   However, the breath of the man was very strange. He heard the long narrow machete in his hand.

“Japanese ninja?” Mu Yi guessed. 

They covered their heads, but their hair could be seen beneath it. In the Qing Dynasty, all people were meant to cut their hair except the Taoists.

   If they were Japanese, they didn’t have to follow the rules because they were winners in the fight a few years ago and had won territory and reparations from the ministers of the Qing Dynasty.

   In fact, everyone in the world knew that the Empress Dowager in the Forbidden City, as well as the ministers, were frightened by foreigners. When the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China, all the people found out that the Qing government was rotten and vulnerable.

   Knowing his identity, Mu Yi was more eager to kill him. The man belonged to the top of the second difficulty, but Mu Yi didn’t care as he had already killed someone at that level.

   A light chakra came to Mu Yi’s mind, the Life Theurgy. Then he punched the ninja.

   The ninja changed his expression and held the machete in both hands to cut through the force.


   The ninja flew away and his long machete was split.

   As the ninja retreated, he threw several shadows at Mu Yi.

   Mu Yi summoned the Xin lamp. The shadows exploded with black poison and were devoured by the Nanming Li Fire. The fire continued towards the ninja.

   The ninja pulled down his mask, bit his tongue and spat out lots of blood as the fire approached him.

   Strangely, the blood turned into a mist and did not dissipate. Instead, it twisted into a standing red figure with a wolf head and a pair of wings.

   The monster appeared and roared like a wolf. Then, the wings behind him flapped to disperse the fire.

    Mu Yi was amused since the Nanming Li Fire was not ordinary fire. It was closer to sky fire. If it could be dispelled easily, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag wouldn’t have lost to him.

   The Nanming Li Fire devoured the surprised monster. After a scream, it turned into ashes.

   However, as soon as he landed on the lake, the ninja ran. Obviously, he knew that he would die if he kept fighting.

“Stay,” Mu Yi said softly. The ninja heard him clearly. Mu Yi walked for seven steps before his figure was distorted. Then, he appeared behind the ninja instantly.

   The ninja went wild again and tried to turn around, but failed as Mu Yi’s fist fell on his back.


   The ninja was smashed into the water like a broken sack.

    Mu Yi felt the aura of the ninja disappearing gradually.

   On the surface of the water, blood drifted up. After a while, the body of the ninja floated up.

   At this time, Mu Yi looked to the other side, where there was an unfinished battle.

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