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Chapter 371 Meet Ning Again


Compared to Mu Yi’s quick battle, the other battle was much slower but undoubtedly more exciting. Yun Mengxuan was fighting with three people. Two were dressed in the black. As for the other, she was a traitor from South Phoenix Tower. Her strength could not be underestimated. Even though Yun Mengxuan had made great progress in strength, her foundation was not very good. 

The two people in black attacked her together and it seemed as if she was going to break down any minute. She was already injured but still fighting. When Mu Yi turned to look at them, the two men didn’t try to escape but rushed towards Mu Yi. It was like they planned to die together with Mu Yi. He didn’t panic and stepped forward to confront them. 

Mu Yi flicked his finger and two sparks flew, hitting the men. They were unable to dodge and were soon covered in flames. They screamed but even if they jumped into the water, they could not extinguish the flames. Instead, the fire burned more violently causing a large amount of steam to rise. The fire only stopped when the two men turned to ashes.

“I thought you’d run.” Mu Yi said and looked at the traitor who had once belonged to South Phoenix Tower.

Her and Yun Mengxuan had stopped fighting. She looked to only be in her thirties. She had an ordinary face, not nearly as pretty as Yun Mengxuan. There was even a scar on the left side of her face. It was close to her eye giving her a rather ferocious look.

“Can I escape?” The traitor said, her voice was like an oriole and didn’t match her face.

“How would you know if you haven’t tried?” Mu Yi said in a flat voice.

“If I die in the hands of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, it will be worth it,” said the traitor with a resigned look.

“Will it?” Mu Yi asked.

He didn’t believe her words. She had schemed to trap him on Dongting Lake. It couldn’t be for something small. Since she had ambitions, how could she be willing to die?

“You are young, but you have such strength. Your future will be limitless. Do you understand that the faster you rise, the more danger you will be in?” The traitor looked at Mu Yi calmly and said. 

There was no fear in her expression. She could only be so calm if she was sure that Mu Yi would not kill her or because she was confident in her ability to protect herself. However, she had only turned on six chakras and thus was equivalent to the sixth grade. She could not fight against him even if he used one hand, so why was she so confident?

“I definitely want to see who can make a situation dangerous for me.” Mu Yi said with pride.

“You’re very strong even Amu Sanlang was killed by you, but the strength of those people is not something you can imagine. Why did the leader of the Ear Group disappear? Why did the Ear Group fall apart? Don’t you want to know?” The traitor said.

“There’s a strong organization behind you? If I don’t join you, I’ll die soon?” Mu Yi said.

“Yes.” The traitor said.

“I don’t believe you.” Mu Yi said directly.

“Amu Sanlang was just a peripheral member of the organization. As long as the organization wants to kill someone, they can’t survive.” The traitor said with pity.

“You believe so much in your organization. Do you think you will die today?” Mu Yi said, his voice heavy.

“No,” said the traitor, shaking her head.

“Wrong answer,” Mu Yi said.

He attacked the traitor without hesitation. He moved as if there were no distance between them. Mu Yi was in front of the traitor in seconds. He pointed at the traitor’s forehead. She didn’t move as if she was stuck and could only watch Mu Yi’s finger. However, there was no fear on her face, she just watched Mu Yi calmly.

When his finger was about to touch her forehead, his intuition flared and he moved one foot away without thinking. A ray of light almost hit him in that moment. Mu Yi snorted and flicked her as lightning raced through his finger. He saw the traitor’s expression change going from disbelief to deep regret. She fell to the ground with a red stain on her forehead.

“I said I would kill you. Even if God comes, he can’t protect you.” Mu Yi turned around and looked at the somber figure that had appeared quietly not far away. “Ning, long time no see.”

In the beginning, Mu Yi had thought that Ning Wuque would be waiting for him in Cangzhou City. He had figured out that the man must have hidden to practice the Seven Methods of the Yin and the Fu. Mu Yi was not surprised to see his aura had improved a lot. He had never thought that the others would stay still and wait for him to catch up. It seemed that Ning Wuque had received a lot from the jade boxes.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time, son of a bitch.” Ning Wuque said.

“Ning, has anyone said that your mouth stinks more than dung? Is it true that you grew up with no father or mother?” Mu Yi retorted.

“Little bastard, do you want to know why I want to kill you?” Ning Wuque said with a strange smile.

“Maybe you are narrow-minded. Seeing that I look better than you and have qualifications that are hundred times better than you, you are jealous and want to kill me,” said Mu Yi.

“I want to kill you because you and your father are so alike.” Ning Wuque said. 

Mu Yi was momentarily stunned before speaking, “What?”

Mu Yi hadn’t expected that Ning Wuque would give such an answer. He had always thought his parents had already died by the time the old Taoist picked him up from the unmarked common graves and raised him. However, he had always wondered why he had no memories of before he was six years old? Even the old Taoist priest hadn’t been able to give him an answer so Mu Yi had buried the question deep in his heart.

He woke up after breaking through once and felt like he had experienced a dream of a very gentle woman. His intuition had told him she was probably the most important woman in his life. He couldn’t remember much of the dream though only her vague figure. He seldom thought about this matter most days. Occasionally, he wondered whether his parents were still living but hadn’t ever found an answer.

Ning Wuque had just spoken about his father and obviously knew him. How could such news not shock him? He lost most of his awareness and sunk into his thoughts, a fatal mistake. Ning Wuque did not miss the opportunity that he had just created. He launched an attack using the sword flying technique. His ability to control the sword had improved significantly. The peach wood sword had also become more unpredictable and its power had soared.

Mu Yi’s instincts were still strong. His body dodged almost reflexively when he felt the danger. He was a bit slow in his movements so the sword still pierced his chest. Yun Mengxuan had known that she couldn’t get involved in the battle at all. In order to not encumber Mu Yi, she had taken the body of the traitor and moved aside but felt a little numb as she watched Mu Yi get injured.

“My Lord.” She cried out.

Mu Yi had sobered up already. He frantically mobilized the Qi in his body and wrapped it around the sword tightly. He had to make sure it couldn’t damage his internal organs. Ning Wuque understood that the attack had failed. He took the peach wood sword back with his mind power. He looked at Mu Yi and didn’t continue his attack.

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