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Chapter 373 Growing fire lotus in the water


“Master!” Yun Mengxuan could not help but cry out.

“Ha ha, die.” Ning Wuque said, laughing wildly.

He walked to the place where Mu Yi had fallen. Yun Mengxuan stepped onto the lake to block him, looking at Ning Wuque fearlessly.

“Little girl, I can spare your life if you recognize me as your Master.” Ning Wuque said.

He knew about Mu Yi and everything around him. He understood what the woman in front of him represented. If he could become her master, he would acquire half of the power of Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. With his strength, he would be able to unify the south and be a giant. He didn’t want to kill Yun Mengxuan if he didn’t have to.

“No way!” She said.

Yun Mengxuan stared at Ning Wuque determinedly. She was willing to die but she definitely wouldn’t surrender. While they were talking, no one noticed that the body of the traitor had sunk into the water quietly and disappeared. Mu Yi had also not appeared above the surface of the water.

Ning Wuque didn’t think that Mu Yi had died. He just couldn’t feel where Mu Yi was during this time, so he wasted time with Yun Mengxuan. Of course, it was also to make Mu Yi come out. No one would give up such a subordinate easily. Ning Wuque smiled ferociously.

“If you don’t want to, you should die.” He said.

Yun Mengxuan’s neck was grabbed by a seemingly invisible hand and  raised into the air. She struggled violently, but she couldn’t shake it off. Her face turned red as she couldn’t breathe.

“Mu Yi, I know you’re still here. If you don’t come out, I will kill her.” Ning Wuque yelled.

He was trying to force Mu Yi to come out. His current state and strength wouldn’t last for a long time. However, there was silence around him and no response. Mu Yi seemed to have disappeared completely.

“It seems that your master doesn’t care about your life.” Ning Wuque looked at Yun Mengxuan and said.

“Don’t slander my Master.” Yun Mengxuan said.

“Little girl, die!” Ning Wuque said furiously.

The secret method seemed to have affected his mind and made him more irritable. Yun Mengxuan’s words enraged him. He just wanted to kill her now. As for the power needed to control the South, he didn’t care. Yun Mengxuan felt the strong killing intent and the tightening of the hand. There was despair on her face but not a trace of regret.

A blue flame suddenly lit up the lake, surrounding Ning Wuque. The blue flame burned quietly unaffected by the water. Ning Wuque’s expression changed. He increased the force he was using to choke Yun Mengxuan. A green light suddenly flew out of the water and hit his hand.

Yun Mengxuan was knocked away and spat out a mouthful of blood. Her aura was still stable so there was no need to worry about her life. When she fell into the water, the flames around her moved and didn’t touch her. Although Yun Mengxuan was a master, she had no resistance to Nanming Li fire.

“Mu Yi, you coward, come out!” Ning Wuque said.

He had been using Yun Mengxuan to lure Mu Yi, but had also prepared an attack. He quickly recalled the peach wood sword as he could feel the danger of being surrounded by layers of flames. The Bamboo Tree of Life fell into the water again and disappeared. Ning Wuque could only shout on the water at nothing.

“Well, as you wish.” Mu Yi said.

His voice seemed to be everywhere. If Ning Wuque wanted to identify his position, it was impossible. The Nanming Li fire on the water’s surface was surging towards Ning Wuque. Ning Wuque used his peach wood sword to cut down the Nanming Li fire but it recovered immediately and surrounded him. The fire took the shape of a huge blue lotus flower.

The giant lotus contracted, the color changing from pure blue to dark blue, and its power increased. Ning Wuque used the peach wood sword to cut a gap and tried to escape. As he rushed out, Mu Yi appeared and blocked him. Mu Yi punched him, forcing him back inside the lotus as the gap closed.

Mu Yi had used an invisible charm when he fell into the lake. Although he couldn’t escape by using it, he could avoid Ning Wuque finding him. He had quietly worked and absorbed the mark of rosefinch on the traitor’s brow, while the two were talking, improving the Nanming Li fire. 

If he was not worried about Yun Mengxuan, he could just wait for the time limit of Ning Wuque’s secret method to run out. The situation would naturally turn around then but Ning Wuque wouldn’t just let that happen. As Mu Yi was not a cold-blooded person, he couldn’t let her fall in Ning’s hands like this.

Fortunately, he was not disappointed. After the Xin lamp absorbed the mark of rosefinch, it improved. The speed was much faster than he had imagined. It had reached a level which allowed for continuous recovery of the Nanming Li fire. As long as Mu Yi could provide enough nutrients, Nanming Li fire could be restored to its peak. Yet, such a thing was far beyond Mu Yi’s abilities.

The power of Nanming Li fire had almost tripled. If he used the double fire control technique, the strength he executed would be five times as much as before. Even the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag would be injured by that kind of power, so of course, Ning Wuque would only be able to barely bear it.

When fire lotus closed, Mu Yi smiled. The clothes on his chest were ragged and a deep scar was visible. There was no blood and a trace of gold could be seen in the wound. If it wasn’t for Vajra glaze body, the attack would have made him lose his fighting power. Mobilizing the power of the Xin lamp was his last resort as his strength was low. He could only escape if it didn’t work.

Since he had the advantage now, he continued to use the fire control technique to push Nanming Li fire to its current limit. The fire lotus was like a melting pot. Even the surrounding area was distorted by the heat of the Nanming Li fire. However, the lake below did not boil. Only an endless supply of steam was generated.

The constant screaming of Ning Wuque could be heard. His aura could not be restrained and his blood gas was surging from using the secret method. The blood gas became fuel for Nanming Li fire. Gradually, the screams disappeared. Even the aura of Ning Wuque rapidly dissipated. It was only a matter of time before he turned to ashes.

Mu Yi sank into the water and the fire lotus in front of him fizzled out. The flame returned to the Xin lamp. The lamp oil that had been used up had suddenly increased by. It was enough for Mu Yi to use for a long time. The most important thing was that Ning Wuque was finally killed by him.

Not only had he turned to ashes, but also the peach wood sword was completely burned away. There was nothing left which was a bit unfortunate. Mu Yi was still happy though. Yun Mengxuan came to his side and let him lean on her. A number of boats were quickly approaching.

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