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Chapter 374 Decisions

Five days had passed since the battle on Dongting Lake. Mu Yi’s injury had completely recovered. After absorbing the seal of the rosefinch, Nanming Li fire had evolved becoming a deep blue color. Vajra glaze body was also strengthened. His physique was improved too. Ordinary swordsmen could only leave a mark on him.

Ning Wuque died and all the things on his body turned to ashes which was a pity. Mu Yi worried about the Sutra of the Seven Methods of the Yin and the Fu. He was afraid that people in the world could no longer practice the Sutra of the Seven Methods of the Yin and the Fu, let alone achieve the unity of the seven skills. It was still worth it even though he had gained nothing.

The mysterious organization they were all a part of attracted the attention of Mu Yi. He was afraid that the strength of this organization was unimaginable. This was not a random speculation but a judgment he made based on their attitudes. The pride in their bones couldn’t be concealed. Mu Yi  had to deal with the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag and there was still this mysterious organization. Although he was at the top of the second difficulty, until he reached the perfect situation he was no match for the world’s experts.

He knew that it was impossible to do so. The rapid progress of the past had completely consumed his accumulated information. If he wanted to break through again, he would need an opportunity. Mu Yi couldn’t help but look to the north as he thought. The mid autumn festival was approaching. He hadn’t forgotten the opening of the Yellow River’s ancient road. It didn’t matter that it was dangerous, he couldn’t give up on the chance.

After absorbing the seal of the rosefinch, Mu Yi had an extra faith marker. He could give the mark to someone, enhance their strength, and also gain the power of their faith. Yun Mengxuan had helped him realize the benefits of the power of faith. If he had enough power of faith, he could even create a chakra. The greatest use of the power of faith was that it could become nutrients for the Tao seed so it could grow continuously. Only relying on continuous understanding to let the Tao seed grow slowly would take a long time. If the power of faith was enough, it was possible that once he’d opened the seven chakras, the Tao seed would have matured. 

Then when the time came to integrate the Tao, there was hope to take the necessary step and enter the third difficulty. It was hard to find the Tao. Mu Yi had formed a kind of unreal way in his heart because of chance and coincidence. There was no doubt that he was ahead of many people. He just needed to let the Tao continue to grow until one day the Tao became real and successful.

However, although there was a Tao seed, his understanding of the Tao was very little. The only thing he knew now was that the growth of Tao seed depended on his perception, but he could increase it using the power of faith. Mu Yi didn’t know whether other Envoys of the Flag could absorb the power of faith, but since he had the ability he couldn’t waste it. He needed to make good use of it. Mu Yi needed to think about who he should give the seal of the rosefinch.

The old Taoist priest only gave three marks, one to each of the three fighters. Mu Yi wondered whether only women could bear the seal of the rosefinch. It was ridiculous if there was such a thing. The seal of the rosefinch was a mark given by the Xin lamp. It had the ability to link the Xin lamp and provide faith. Since it was faith, as long as it had wisdom the gender didn’t matter. The reason why the Taoist priest had planted the mark on the three fighters was probably because they didn’t have to fight and were safer.

Once they died, the seal of the rosefinch would gradually disappear. Since he had recovered the seal of the rosefinch on the traitor, Mu Yi had faintly realized that the third mark should have almost dissipated. The fighter must have died. Maybe there would be two seals of the rosefinch that could be dispersed. If the Xin lamp could be completely restored maybe the mark would continue to be separated.

Mu Yi’s most trusted people were Nian Nuer and Big Slave, but they were ghosts. The former couldn’t inherit this kind of mark at all and the latter couldn’t gather much belief for him. Yun Mengxuan already had the seal of the rosefinch and didn’t need another. Therefore he could only select people from the current staff: E Gui, Xue Zifeng, or the master of Human Tao Organization. These three were the most suitable but Mu Yi couldn’t give them the seal of the rosefinch.

It was not that he couldn’t believe them, but that they were not exactly suitable. Mu Yi had been considering it for a while and still found it hard to choose. In the end, he didn’t choose anyone. The seal of the rosefinch was important and useful but he only had one so he wouldn’t rush even if he longed for more power of faith.

“Master, as you ordered, Black Sparrow Hall has been moved from Jiang City. The other halls have begun to raise their forces secretly. The people chosen from each hall have already entered the training process. The number of people in the team will reach one thousand in half a year.” Yun Mengxuan respectfully reported to Mu Yi.

“A thousand is too few. We should increase it tenfold and attract blacksmiths from all over the world to build armor. In addition, we should attract and buy generals from major cities to unify the army. We can relax the selection conditions if needed.” Mu Yi thought for a moment and said.

He was afraid there was not much time left. He didn’t intend to dominate the world. However, Mu Yi knew he was deeply rooted in mud. He needed to consider those who followed him and also himself. After all, there were many enemies including the one who destroyed the foundation of the old Taoist priest. Although Leng Yu had never told him who the person was, Mu Yi thought he had figured it out.

To find him with his current strength, there was only one way, so he needed to not make waves and constantly make himself stronger. What Ning Wuque had told him has also disturbed his mood. Although there was no news about that man, at least he was still alive. That was enough. He believed that one day he would know the truth.

“Yes!” She responded.

There was a flash of excitement in Yun Mengxuan’s eyes. Her ambitions were bigger than his, but Mu Yi didn’t care about it. As long as she kept her loyalty to him, it was enough.

“I’ll leave it to you. I’ll be leaving for a while.” Mu Yi said.

“You are leaving?” Yun Mengxuan said, shocked that he would leave at a critical time.

“Yes. There is a matter that is very important to me. Even if I stay, I won’t be useful. I will attract more people here, which is not conducive to the development of the Sparrow Organization. The Sparrow Organization will develop more steadily and rapidly once I’m gone. Don’t worry. If there is something wrong, I will come back. You deal with the ordinary things since I believe in you.”

Yun Mengxuan’s expression became firm, “Mengxuan will never fail to live up to your trust.”

“Good.” Mu Yi nodded happily.

His hatred for Hell had not been handled and the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag was still peeping on them. There was also the mysterious and powerful unknown organization. The Sparrow Organization could not resist all of them with its current strength. So that the Sparrow Organization could secretly accumulate strength and wait for the arrival of the great change, he could only go out and experience the world.

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