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Chapter 375 the General Situation of the World


   (Correction, Zhengzhou should be the place where the Yellow River’s ancient road originated!)


   Mu Yi left alone. Nian Nuer hid and ignored Mu Yi angrily when she found out. Mu Yi ordered her and Big Slave to practice on the island. It was quiet and far away from the world, which was suitable for Nian Nuer and Big Slave. He didn’t want to take them with him, because they were at a critical moment to lay a solid foundation. In addition, it was very dangerous to go to Yellow River’s ancient road.

   Mu Yi didn’t want the two of them to take risks with him. The Yellow River’s ancient road was opening, so even the Millennium school and people like Prince Chun would participate. After all, the key of the Forbidden City had been stolen and they still weren’t sure who the thief was. The other keys had been owned for a long time, so you could know the thief only by figuring out who the new owner was.

   There was a feud between Mu Yi and Prince Chun. If it wasn’t for the delay, maybe he would have walked around the capital already. When Mu Yi arrived in Zhengzhou, it was already bustling. The key that Mu Yi seized had already made waves in the world. Many people rushed out to seize the key, but Mu Yi suddenly disappeared.

   When Mu Yi reappeared in the south, he was already the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. The position held power in several provinces in the south. Only insiders knew it so naturally none of them moved to offend him. As for those at lower levels, they didn’t know it at all. They were still seeking Mu Yi blindly.

 There were many cultivators entering Zhengzhou at the moment, but they didn’t cause trouble. Before the opening of the Yellow River’s ancient road, everyone was more restrained. There were small fights because of little disputes but nothing serious.

   Mu Yi was dressed in a Taoist robe. His long hair was tied up. He had a beautiful face with red lips and white teeth, which made people want to give compliments. Mu Yi was very used to dressing up like this in Zhengzhou. There quite a few monks and Taoists who had come recently. The Taoists were naturally dominated by Longhu and Mao Mountain. Shaolin Temple was not far from the location, so monks were present at important occasions like this.

   Taoism and Buddhism currently coexisted in the world. No key to the Yellow River’s ancient road was in the hands of Buddhists this time. However, such a grand meeting was held on their doorsteps. If Shaolin Temple didn’t do something, they would disappoint all monks in the world.

   Mu Yi’s arrival was quiet and did not attract anyone’s attention. It was mainly because he looked more like a Taoist child without Big Slave following him. He also didn’t have the Bamboo Tree of Life. He could not be recognized unless the person had an impression of him. Mu Yi quickly found an inn to live in. In the middle of the night, an old man quietly entered Mu Yi’s room.

“My lord.” Chong Jiayi said respectfully.

   Mu Yi left Chong Jiayi in Luoyang mainly to watch for Qu Yang and inquire about Li the Cripple. Unexpectedly, Li the Cripple went to Laosi City directly. He was blocked by Mu Yi and caught, so Chong Jiayi didn’t get to help. When he decided to come to Zhengzhou, Mu Yi had sent a letter to Chong Jiayi. He had him enter Zhengzhou first, search for information, and wait for his arrival.

“You haven’t been lazy. Maybe it won’t be long before you enter the second difficulty.” Mu Yi looked at Chong Jiayi and said.

“Thanks to you, my lord.” Chong Jiayi said.

“Tell me about the recent situation in Zhengzhou.” Mu Yi asked directly.

“Yes, my lord.” Chong Jiayi explained seriously. “There are here cultivators from each school in the world. The Shaolin Temple is in decline, so Master Purdue personally came to Zhengzhou. He assumed command of their people.”

“Master Purdue of Shaolin Temple? Tell me about him.” Mu Yi said. 

“Master Purdue is now the master of the Shaolin Temple leader. It is said that he has reached the top of the second difficulty. There were few people who knew his name. Fifty years ago, a devil-subduing pestle silenced the world’s demons. It is precisely because of him being in town that there is no big trouble in Zhengzhou city.” Chong Jiayi said.

The top of the second difficulty? Since Shaolin Temple sent him out, his strength must be at the senior level or even the first level of perfection.

Mu Yi thought for a moment and asked, “Apart from Master Purdue, what other notable figures are there in Zhengzhou today?”

“The leader of the Shipping Group came in person and led the thirty-six waterways. He is stationed by the Yellow River. There are still some hermits in the world. It is said that the imperial Prince Chun has arrived, but he will be stationed in a manor thirty miles away from Zhengzhou.” Chong Jiayi said.

“Oh, the Shipping Group?” Mu Yi said.

He was a little surprised by the mention of the Shipping Group. Since he was able to lead the thirty-six waterways, he was certainly not a simple person. He was not surprised by the arrival of Prince Chun. That was within his expectations

“The leader of the Shipping Group has a nickname. He is called the white dragon in the water, also known as the White Dragon King.” Chong Jiayi said.

“White Dragon King? He is not modest.” Mu Yi said with a shake of his head. “Are there any cultivators from Mao Mountain, Longhu, Baidi town and the ancient city of Dunhuang?”

These four strengths were the real targets Mu Yi needed to pay attention to. After all, except for the ancient city of Dunhuang, the three forces in front had people of the third difficulty to command. Both Mao Mountain and Longhu, which had been established thousands of years ago were still renowned now. The Ear Group that had made a sensation and quickly dissipated was definitely not comparable to these kind of great schools.

“I’ve been paying close attention to it, but I haven’t seen anyone coming from these forces.” Chong Jiayi said, shaking his head.

“Well, keep your eyes on them and let me know as soon as you hear from them,” said Mu Yi.

“Yes, my lord.” Chong Jiayi said.

   Later, Mu Yi used the power of spirit and transmitted some methods and experiences to Chong Jiayi. They would help him break through the second difficulty. The man was shocked for a long time before opening his eyes. He was almost in tears. He had waited a long time for such a day.

“Thank you, for your help.” Chong Jiayi said.

   He had already reached the top of the first difficulty. Now with Mu Yi’s experience, he felt that the gate to the top of second difficulty was loose, as if he could cross it with a little push. However, even with the experience and the help of Mu Yi, it was not so easy for him to open that door. After all, the second difficulty was the first-class realm, which had all the real famous and powerful fighters. Chong Jiayi now had a thirty percent chance to step into that world.

“This is what you should have. The road is under your feet whether you can walk on it or not depends on you,” said Mu Yi.

“I will not let you down.” Chong Jiayi said.

“This is your way. You should not let yourself down,” said Mu Yi, shaking his head.

“Yes, my lord.” Chong Jiayi said before leaving.

 Mu Yi opened the window and looked at the distance with his hands on his back, then suddenly whispered, “Prince Chun, I was going to let you live for a long time. Since you are here, I will kill you.”

  He took out the human skin mask. Since he wanted to kill him, he could not let others see who he was. After all, the Qing Dynasty was still in a precarious situation, As long as it stood for one day, no one in the world would provoke it, including Mu Yi. After all, there was an old monster in the third difficulty in the Forbidden City. With his current strength, he could not beat him. He left quietly after changing.


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