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Chapter 376 Wild Ambition


   Thirty miles outside Zhengzhou City, there was a beautiful manor. It was a separate courtyard for an official in the city. It was very luxurious. The manor was currently occupied by Prince Chun. There were patrolling soldiers all around. In a bedroom inside, there was the voice of Prince Chun and a woman.

“Lord, stop, stop.”

“Beauty, be obedient.”

“My Lord!” A sharp voice called from outside the house and the noise in the house stopped immediately.

“What’s up?” Prince Chun said, unhappily.

“Reporting to the Lord. The Liu brothers are back.” The man said respectfully.

“Liu brothers? Take them to the living room. I’ll be there later.” Prince Chun said after a moment.

“Yes, Lord!” The man said.

“Lord, will you stay with me?” The woman said delicately.

“I’ll be with you when I’m done.” Prince Chun said.

“Lord, please hurry up.” The woman said immediately, in a soft voice.

   Soon afterwards, the door of the room was opened. He stepped out of the room. He was graceful, with a noble spirit surrounding him. His eyes were shining. Prince Chun, Aisin Gioro · Zai feng, was the younger brother of Emperor Guangxu. Although he was only twenty years old, he was one of the most powerful people in the Qing Dynasty.

   The twenties were a golden age for a person, especially for an ambitious person. Zai Feng didn’t show even a trace of lust, as if there were two different people inside and outside the house. He walked to the front hall, where there were people waiting for him. The people in the hall saluted him at the same time.


  Zai Feng walked in and sat down in the upper chair. He looked at the two tall figures kneeling in front of him and said, “Please stand up.”

“Thank you, my Lord!” They said as they stood.

“How are things going?” Zai Feng asked directly.

“Reporting to the Lord. According to our secret investigation, the thief who stole the key has entered Zhengzhou. The thief was too strong. We dared not act rashly, so we are here to report to you.” One of them said.

“Oh, she did come. She is very brave.” Zai Feng said gloomily.

He was robbed of the key from the Forbidden City, which was a slap to his face. This key should have belonged to him originally so he could participate.

   Zai Feng looked at the two people in front of him and said, “You’ve done a good job. Since she is here, even if she has wings, I will not let her escape.”

“All is the wisdom of Lord.” The two men said immediately.

“I always have a clear idea of who should receive rewards and punishments. This time, you have made contributions. When you return to Beijing, there will be many rewards.” Zai Feng waved and said.

“Thank you very much, Lord.” They said before leaving.

“Summon commander Fan.” Zai Feng said, narrowing his eyes and knocking his fingers on the table.

There was no one in the living room, but the voice that responded was clear, “Yes, my Lord.” 

   Soon after, a middle-aged man came in. He was wearing a suit of armor. He had a broadsword on his waist, and exuded a sense of dignity. He kneeled down on one knee in front of Zai Feng.

 “My Lord.” He said forcefully.

“Commander Fan doesn’t have to be polite. I asked to see you so late for business.” Zai Feng said harmoniously.

“Please tell me the task.” Commander Fan got up and said directly.

“Does commander Fan remember the thief who stole from the Forbidden City?” Zai Feng asked. 

He had a very different attitude towards the commander in front of him. The commander was not one of his subordinates. He was sent by his brother. Although he was Prince Chun, the commander represented the emperor, so he had to remember this in every word and deed. Commander Fan was the leader of the internal guard. He was a martial arts commander in the Qing Dynasty, and he was also one of the few experts in the world.

“Of course, does the Lord have news?” Commander Fan asked immediately. 

He was responsible for the safety of the whole Forbidden City but a thief had stolen the key of the Yellow River’s ancient road. When the news came out, the whole world was shocked. It was a very serious matter. However, the thief escaped later and seemed to have an accomplice to take her out of the capital. It was obvious that she would come to Zhengzhou, so he came with Prince Chun, in order to catch her.

“Yes, according to the Liu brothers, the thief has arrived in Zhengzhou.” Zai Feng said with a smile.

“Very well. I’d like to ask the Lord’s permission to let me lead soldiers into Zhengzhou and arrest the thief. ” Commander Fan said directly.

“No need to hurry. Since the thief is here, she’s a rat that entered the urn. She can’t escape even if she wants to. This time, I looked for you for another thing besides the thief.” Zai Feng said.

“Please tell me, Lord.” Commander Fan said.

“It’s only one of the tasks to seize the thief and get the key. After all, there are six keys in total. They are in the hands of Mao Mountain, Longhu Mountain, Baidi town, ancient city of Dunhuang, and a lucky dog. Only when all six keys are collected can the Yellow River’s ancient road be opened.” Zai Feng said slowly.

“You mean to take the key from the lucky dog?” Commander Fan asked.

“No, as long as I have one key, it’s enough. The key in the hands of the lucky dog is for the people in the world to fight over. We can help those people and make a big killing but only if there’s a chance. The focus should be on the three forces of Mao Mountain, Longhu Mountain and Baidi town.” Zai Feng said.

“Don’t worry, my Lord. I will try my best.” Commander Fan said, feeling a bit of pressure.

“I hope they will never return to the world.” Zai Feng said suddenly.

“Wh… what?” Commander Fan said, startled.

He looked at Zai Feng incredulously. He was asking him to kill the three forces?! It was not that he was afraid of death. When the Yellow River’s ancient road opened, there would surely be super strong men from the three forces appearing. The third difficulty individuals wouldn’t come out, but there would likely be people at the senior and perfect level of the top of the second difficulty. It was impossible for him to kill those three forces being only at the perfect level.

“Don’t be surprised, commander Fan. If I didn’t have at least fifty percent assurance regarding this matter, I wouldn’t take the risk. No matter what happens this time, the things in the Yellow River’s ancient road can only belong to me.” Zai Feng said, making his ambitions known.

“My Lord, this is a very important matter. If we offend those three forces, it may cause waves.” Commander Fan said.

He obeyed the emperor’s orders directly, not Zai Feng’s orders. To be more precise, he obeyed the old Buddha. He was very clear about the old Buddha’s character. She was calm. Frankly speaking, she was timid and only dared to be stern at home.

   When the Allied forces of the eight countries invaded, they had enough power to fight with the strength of the capital, Hebei, Tianjin and other places. If they appointed several generals who were good at fighting, even if they could not win, they could keep the Allied forces out of the capital. However, before the Allied forces of the eight countries got close to the capital, the old Buddha had already heard the news and was frightened. With the encouragement of the timid ministers, she ran.

   She was safe, but a lot of fortune was lost. It let the world see the reality of the Qing Dynasty. The capital city was ransacked completely by those bandits. Even the Old Summer Palace, which had passed on through several dynasties, was destroyed. It was heartbreaking. Even though commander Fan was unwilling, he was powerless and could not disobey her will.

“The Yellow River’s ancient road is full of danger. Isn’t it normal that there will be accidents? Even if someone doubts us, there is no evidence. You can rest assured that this matter will never lead to any trouble. Even if anything happens, the blame will be borne by me.” Zai Feng looked at commander Fan and said, impatiently.

“Yes… Who!” As Commander Fan prepared to promise, he suddenly turned around.

He looked outside with his eyes shining. At the same time, a figure appeared near Zai Feng. A man dressed as a eunuch prepared to guard Zai Feng firmly.

“Please protect the Lord. I’d like to see who’s bold enough to come and spy.”

After Commander Fan spoke, he strode away and disappeared in a flash.

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