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Chapter 377 Rosefinch


   Two figures left the manor quickly. Although the moon was not bright, it was visible. Finally, the two figures stopped in a forest. There was a dozen feet high tree in front of them. The wind blew lightly around them. One was dressed in a coat and the other was integrated with the night, like a devil.

“You have brought me here. Do you have something to say?” Fan Yuan looked at the figure not far away from him and said coldly. 

“Could Commander Fan be Han?” Mu Yi asked suddenly.

The original purpose of his visit was to assassinate Zai Feng. He didn’t expect that there would be such a strong person around Zai Feng. Even if he tried his best, he would not be able to kill Zai Feng. So after weighing his options, Mu Yi revealed a trace of aura and lured him out deliberately.

“Yes.” Fan Yuan nodded and said.

“How long does commander Fan think the Manchu mountains and rivers will last? The western powers are covetous and the internal power of the Manchu Qing Dynasty is in full swing. The power is actually concentrated in the hands of an old woman. Looking at the world today, it has been full of holes and storms. If the building is about to fall, why should Commander Fan be buried with it?” Mu Yi said.

  No matter martial arts or cultivation, when it was completed, it would become something too terrible to witness. It was obvious that Commander Fan practiced martial arts. His strength was also in the perfect stage. He was full of Qi and energy. Just standing there, it looked like he could merge with the whole world.

“You are not the first one to try to persuade me, but your ability is the worst.” Fan Yuan said.

“No matter how bad it is, you should have a measurement in your mind at least, right?” Mu Yi smiled and asked.

“Of course, so I’ll borrow your head.” Fan Yuan said.

He quickly made a move. There was a round of waning moon rising abruptly at his waist and it engulfed Mu Yi in an instant. It was one of the most terrifying sabre techniques that Mu Yi had ever seen. There was no trace of it. Mu Yi didn’t think about it and threw a punch. Behind his head, a light chakra bloomed directly. Although there was no Bamboo Tree of Life around, it had no effect on his combat power.

He mainly relied on the Xin lamp and his natural power now. A blue fire dragon twined around his arm and collided with the waning moon heavily. Mu Yi also used Vajra glaze body to the extreme. A loud sound echoed and the two were pushed back at the same time. Mu Yi had just used an almost all-out effort to resist.

   The fire control technique and the power of Nanming Li fire were both used to their limits. In addition to Mu Yi’s natural power, the fist energy, and Vajra glaze body, almost all of them were used. Even so, he was still on the losing end. The man was so powerful that even if there was only one hit at a time, it would be hard to handle.

“It’s no wonder you’re brave enough to come, but if that’s all you have, you’ll have to stay tonight.” Fan Yuan said, seriously.

He held the sabre in his hand and didn’t cover his aura. It was mighty and formed a force field. It was a replication of an ability of the third difficulty, but it was still far from the real field. Mu Yi had seen the field before. In Thousand Sound Temple, where the ghost king was sealed, the master of the field could control everything. If it wasn’t for the fact that the ghost king could only exert less than one percent of his power, even if Mu Yi joined hands with Liao Fan, they would  have failed.

   Fan Yuan was far from the level of the field, but Mu Yi dared not underestimate it. After all, Fan Yuan had reached perfection. Fan Yuan raised the sabre in his hand slowly. The spirits around him suddenly surged up. His sabre seemed to be covered with a layer of dark flame becoming ghostly and howling.

   Mu Yi’s pupil shrank and the Xin lamp appeared above his head. A fire dragon hung down around him. The chakra behind him became more and more dazzling, just like the chakra of merit and virtue of an eminent monk.

“Are you from Shaolin Temple?” Fan Yuan asked.

He halted his attack suddenly. He felt the true meaning of Buddhism in Mu Yi, but was still uncertain. Now seeing the light chakra behind Mu Yi’s head, he had an idea in his mind. Zhengzhou was the site of Shaolin Temple, so it was not strange that a master of Shaolin Temple appeared suddenly.  If Mu Yi was just an expert and no one knew that he came out, he would kill him. If he was the person from Shaolin Temple, it would be a larger dilemma.

After all, he was in their territory. If he killed the expert without hesitation, it might lead to them seeking revenge. Although Fan Yuan was not afraid, he wouldn’t get into trouble if he didn’t have to. In his eyes, the Buddhists were the most difficult. He hesitated, but Mu Yi didn’t want to give up. He brought his hand together forming a shadow like a lotus in full bloom. He moved the Nanming Li fire around him, and it surrounded Fan Yuan at once, and closed up quickly.

It was the move that Mu Yi learned after the second turn of the fire control technique, it was fire lotus. As long as the one was wrapped in the fire lotus, even if he didn’t die, he would be severely injured. Mu Yi didn’t have much confidence of it working on Fan Yuan. At the moment, he could only urge the Xin lamp with all his strength. The lamp oil inside the Xin lamp was decreasing rapidly. Mu Yi was a little distressed by the rapid consumption.

However, an expert at the top of the second difficulty would not be killed easily. Everyone of them had secret skills. The fire lotus was constantly vibrating, as if it would break at any time. Mu Yi poured some of his blood essence into the Xin lamp. The fire lotus in the distance rose suddenly, and the color became deeper. All of a sudden, there was a loud cry from the fire lotus.

The fire lotus was split but Mu Yi seemed to see a rosefinch in the air, bathing in the fire. A brilliant sabre light bloomed and collided with the rosefinch. The sabre light disappeared and the rosefinch also disappeared. Fan Yuan was a little embarrassed at the moment. He stared at Mu Yi for a bit. The fire rose to the sky at the distant manor and half of the sky turned red. It was clear that something was wrong.

“It’s a good move to move the tiger away from the mountain. I have remembered you.” Fan Yuan said in a hurry and left quickly.

   Mu Yi didn’t stop him and only quitely mumbled, “I didn’t expect that someone has the same idea as me. I wonder if it was successful?”

   Mu Yi’s body shook, almost falling from the top of the tree. He had fought hard for two moves and done his best. He even seemed to have the upper hand after using the lotus, but Fan Yuan had no damage. If it wasn’t for the accident at the manor, Mu Yi would have had to escape after being injured.

“If Nanming Li fire could improve again, even in the face of perfection, I will not be afraid.” Mu Yi said.

Mu Yi felt his heartbeat increase when he thought of the sudden appearance of rosefinch. The rosefinch made him think of the appearance of the top of Nanming Li fire. The proud and unyielding rosefinch challenged the sky again and again until it was broke up and turned into the original fire. Nanming Li fire seed, which was obtained by Mu Yi before, was damaged. It began to recover gradually in the Xin lamp.

Although he had absorbed the seal of the rosefinch and made Nanming Li fire improve successfully, it was just beginning to recover. With the help of the fire control technique and his blood essence, Nanming Li fire managed to recover the power of its top form. It had the power to match the perfect situation in an instant. Unfortunately, it could only be used in one move.

   Mu Yi might not be able to do it again unless Nanming Li fire was further improved, or the fire control technique was improved. All of these things were within reach for Mu Yi. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be long before his strength increased and he stood among the strongest. However, even if this was the case, Mu Yi was still not the opponent of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, who had achieved perfection and had  magic weapons.

I must find someone as soon as possible to inherit the seal of the rosefinch. If the Power of Faith is enough, Nanming Li fire should be able to improve.

It was the fastest and most effective method at present. Of course, if he could devour strong men and turn them into lamp oil, Nanming Li fire could also recover quickly. It was hard for him to accept killing for no reason, unless he wanted to be a big devil who killed people indiscriminately.

“No matter who you are, I can only wish you good luck.” Mu Yi said with a shake of his head.

There was nothing he could do for the man who killed Zai Feng. He only hoped that the man could be safe. After all, the enemy of the enemy was a friend. If the man could kill Zai Feng, it would save him trouble. However, Mu Yi was not optimistic. He did not believe that there was only one Fan Yuan around Zai Feng.


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