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Chapter 378 The Twelve Runes


    Mu Yi returned to the inn. The assassination attempt was both a failure and a success. He never thought there would be such a strong man on that side. No matter how bad the government of the Qing Dynasty was, they still had strength. 

   The key belonged to the Qing government anyway. If the Yellow River’s ancient road was opened, the people who stole the key would appear. They would definitely try to take it back then. The Qing government could send a strong man, which meant the people who were sent by Mao Mountain, Longhu Mountain and Baidi town would be much stronger. Even the strongest man of Shaolin Temple was asked to command their people.

    Mu Yi didn’t know the real strength of the ancient city of Dunhuang, but it couldn’t be bad since no one schemed against them. Mu Yi deduced he was the weakest one who owned the key. If the person who stole the key didn’t have great strength, it would be impossible to steal in the Forbidden City. After all there was someone at the top of the third difficulty there. The person’s courage was admirable.

   He fought with strong men so many times, but always lagged behind. If he had to choose do or die, his weakness would appear immediately. It was better to persuade Fan Yuan to be an ally, but he refused. Mu Yi’s position became even more awkward. He couldn’t fawn on the people from Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain. He was unfamiliar with the people from Baidi Town and the ancient city of Dunhuang.

   Mu Yi had no idea what he could do besides improve himself. At present, the only way he could enhance his strength was the Xin lamp. He could try to open the fifth chakra early, which would damage his foundation and take time to recover from. However, Mu Yi didn’t want to use this method unless he was in a desperate situation.

    The Xin lamp was a precious magic tool, which transcended religious tools. It was used to control Nanming Li Fire and absorb the Power of Faith, nothing else. Those were just it’s basic functions as long as he improved and studied it, it could be more useful.

    Mu Yi sat on the bed with his knees crossed. He called out the Xin lamp and placed it in front of him. The flame vibrated slightly, reacting to his aura. Mu Yi closed his eyes and merged his mind and spirit with the Xin lamp. He used the lamp to hone his mind and spirit making it extremely pure. Mu Yi’s spirit entered the space of Nanming Li Fire. It had taken the form of a miniature lotus.

    He felt it contained something but even as the owner of the Xin lamp, he couldn’t guess what it was. Mu Yi distracted himself by exploring the Xin lamp thoroughly. He found some runes that were almost the same as those on the base of the lamp. The runes must have built the space. However, Mu Yi found that the runes were not complete. It was the main reason why the Xin lamp couldn’t fully recover. It would take a year or more to recover by itself.  

   How can I replenish these runes?

    He didn’t know the meaning of these runes. He couldn’t replenish them without knowing, even though he learned charms from the old Taoist priest. The only thing he could do was shorten the time of the recovery of the Xin lamp. It needed more energy. Mu Yi’s mind worked and the light of the Xin lamp became brighter. The lamp oil decreased sharply in return.

Nanming Li Fire wanted to grab the lamp oil that was accumulated. However, Mu Yi suppressed its consciousness. The power of Nanming Li Fire was infinite, but it’s consciousness was like a baby when facing Mu Yi. The runes absorbed the oil quickly. One by one, the runes lit up. There were nine complete runes and three fragmentary runes, which meant the Xin lamp had twelve runes.

The Bamboo Tree of Life only had one complete rune so that it was quite different from precious magic tools. With the consumption of lamp oil, the nine runes shone and the fragments filled with a tiny light. Mu Yi was excited as it seemed his thought was correct. The lamp oil was used constantly and the three runes recovered slowly but much faster than before. 

    The lamp oil was used quickly since there wasn’t a lot. When the lamp oil was exhausted, the three runes had only recovered a little. Mu Yi had to wake up regretfully. He looked at the Xin lamp and felt that the connection between them was closer. The Xin lamp did not change. It still needed time to recover and it had no oil.

   It was difficult to get oil. To recover the three runes completely, he needed at least ten times as much lamp oil as before. He needed ten people like Ning Wuque who had been a senior at the top of the second difficulty.  Mu Yi always met strong men, but they were rare.

The number of people at the top of the third difficulty was no more than ten. In accordance with projections, the strongest men could be seven or eight times more powerful than the top of the third difficulty. Mu Yi thought it might be two or three times, which meant there were twenty or thirty truly strong men in the world.

Those people were living in seclusion trying to break through the last step. The importance of the Yellow River’s ancient road led many strong men to appear. Therefore, the mainstream world was still at the top of the second difficulty. The seniors of the second difficulty, who were the leaders of all major forces.

    There were few strong men who were greedy for power, unless they had greater ambitions. There were many strong cultivators from Zhengzhou but most of them were on-lookers. If Mu Yi didn’t want to be an enemy of the world, he had to eliminate the idea of murdering people for lamp oil. He had to improve by himself.

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