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Chapter 379 Meeting an Old Friend


   There was a sudden knock at the door and Mu Yi was immediately on alert. He didn’t know anyone in Zhengzhou City. 


“It’s me, Taoist priest.” A low voice said outside the door.


Although the voice sounded familiar, Mu Yi didn’t remember the person. It didn’t come to him until he opened the door and saw the face on the other side. Mu Yi was surprised to see the man. Although he hadn’t seen him for a while, he hadn’t forgotten him.


“You?” Mu Yi said.


It was Wang Tao, a person who went down the Yellow River to the capital with his two guards. Compared with that time, Wang Tao was obviously more mature. It could be seen on his face. Obviously, he had experienced many things. Wang Tao was a little excited to see him, but even more anxious.


“If you want to say something, come in and say it.” Mu Yi opened the door to let Wang Tao in and said.


Mu Yi could see that Wang Tao coming here was definitely for something. They had been on a boat together before and Mu Yi appreciated him, so he allowed him to enter the house. Wang Tao looked at Mu Yi, feeling a little nervous. The words were on the tip of his tongue, but he didn’t know how to mention it.


“Taoist priest…” Wang Tao started.


“If you have something to say, say it. If there is anything I can help with, I will try my best.” Mu Yi said.


“I didn’t want to disturb you, but it’s a life-and-death matter.” Wang Tao took a deep breath and said.


“Oh, whose life is at stake?” Mu Yi asked lightly.


He clearly knew that thousands upon thousands people died every day in this world. Some died of illness, some died of hunger, some were killed, and some killed themselves because they had no way to survive. Mu Yi never considered himself a great hero or a kind person who helped the world and saved the people.


People always paid attention to themselves. People who had the ability to save themselves could already be thought of as kind people. As for other people’s lives, it was none of his business. If Wang Tao was hurt or in danger, he may help him for the sake of being old acquaintances, but that was all. Their relationship had not been so good that Mu Yi would help him with other people’s affairs.


“Yes, he is my lifesaver.” Wang Tao’s eyes turned red as he spoke, which made Mu Yi more curious.


“How did you know I’m here?” Mu Yi asked.


“It’s a coincidence. I saw you enter this inn from the street before.” Wang Tao said honestly.


“Did your lifesaver save you in the capital?” Mu Yi asked.


   The reason why Wang Tao parted from Mu Yi was to go to the capital to lodge a complaint. If he was in danger, the biggest possibility was that he encountered the danger in the capital. His lifesaver should also be from the capital. His strength should be decent as well. However, why had Wang Tao come to Zhengzhou? Had he also come because of the Yellow River’s ancient road?


   After all, the Yellow River’s ancient road caused turbulence in the world. It was natural that people wanted to receive benefits during such time. If they wanted to receive the benefits,  they had to bear this price. Life and death were inevitable. Even if you really died here, you could only blame yourself. People would have to learn to hold back their greed if they wanted to survive.


“Yes. If it wasn’t for her, I’m afraid I would be buried there. So many things happened….” Wang Tao said at the end.


His eyes had gotten redder. There were obviously other things bothering him. Mu Yi had noticed that his guards weren’t around. He could guess what had happened, but didn’t mention it.


“Why do you come to Zhengzhou?” Mu Yi asked.


“Yes, yes…” Wang Tao started and then paused. Finally, he said with a clench of his teeth, “Taoist priest, I will not hide it from you. I came here with my lifesaver for the Yellow River’s ancient road.”


“My lifesaver is holding the key to Yellow River’s ancient road. She plans to enter the Yellow River’s ancient road. Tonight, she went to attack Prince Chun and was injured. Now her life is in danger. I hope you can save her,” said Wang Tao.


“What did you say?” Mu Yi said, looking at Wang Tao in surprise.


“I…” Wang Tao said, planning to explain again.


“You mean that your lifesaver is the one who stole the key from the Forbidden City. The one who went to assassinate Prince Chun tonight?” Mu Yi interrupted.


The person who led Fan Yuan away and helped him indirectly tonight was Wang Tao’s lifesaver. Mu Yi thought it was impossible to find a person to align with but god sent one to him just like that. Although she was seriously injured, Mu Yi could find a way to heal her if she was alive.


“I don’t know if the key was stolen from the Forbidden City by my lifesaver, but it is in her hands. Tonight’s assassination attempt was also done by her.” Wang Tao said proudly.


“Take me to see her.” Mu Yi said without hesitation.


“Taoist priest, you will help?” Wang Tao said, slightly shocked.


“Of course.” Mu Yi nodded and smiled.


He didn’t have a reason to push away allies that actively worked with him, even if accidently. In order to prevent accidents, he had prepared two back to life charms. Even if she couldn’t completely recover before the Yellow River’s ancient road opened, as long as seventy to eighty percent of her strength could be restored, it would be enough. She obviously couldn’t be weak. Even if she was not at the perfect level, she was at the senior level.


“Good, good. Taoist priest, come with me.” Wang Tao said, jumping up in excitement.


   Mu Yi didn’t say anything. He placed some charms in his pocket and followed Wang Tao. They walked for a bit. Wang Tao finally stopped at a simple house near the countryside. Wang Tao was careful to make sure that no one was following them before knocking on the door.


“Who?” A vigilant voice asked.


   When Mu Yi heard the voice, he frowned. He was familiar with this woman’s voice. Wang Tao had identified himself and pushed the door in while Mu Yi was guessing. Although it was dark in the room and there was no light, Mu Yi could still see the figure on the bed at a glance. She was dressed in night-walking clothes. She had a curvaceous body and her long hair fell around her shoulders.


   However, she looked miserable. Her coat was ripped in several places. It should have been cut by Fan Yuan. She was bleeding a lot but this was not a serious injury. There was a handprint that had smashed through her clothes revealing her underclothes on her chest. This was the real injury. The really surprising thing was that she was the brigand chief of Little Frost Mountain, Qiu Yuetong.


“You?” Mu Yi said.


   Qiu Yuetong also didn’t expect Wang Tao to bring Mu Yi here. When she saw Mu Yi, she instantly recognized him. Although she didn’t call it out like Mu Yi, there was surprise on her face.


“I thought it would require a lot of talking, but this should be much easier.” Mu Yi said.


He didn’t care whether Qiu Yuetong understood what he was saying. He just took out a back to life charm and activated. Qiu Yuetong had a puzzled look in her eye but didn’t speak. A ray of light enveloped Qiu Yuetong. She planned to resist at first but when she realized the purpose of the charm she stopped. Mu Yi sat down, planning to wait. Wang Tao was also watching nervously.


“Sit down and rest. Although she is seriously injured, the injury isn’t so serious that she would die immediately. With the back to life charm, she will be fine.” Mu Yi looked at Wang Tao and said directly.


“Taoist priest, your kindness is too great to pay back so I will bear it in my mind. If there is  something that I can do for you in the future, no matter how many times I might die, I will do it.” Wang Tao said solemnly.


   Mu Yi just smiled. He knew how Wang Tao thought clearly. Mu Yi just looked at Qiu Yuetong in bed for a moment before starting to think.


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