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Chapter 380 Mu Yi’s Plan


The back to life charm had healed most of Qiu Yuetong’s injuries. Although the drawing spring return charm would have a certain impact as well, compared with the current effects, it was not worth mentioning.


“Thank you!” Qiu Yuetong said upon waking up.


She looked at Mu Yi and didn’t hide the complex emotions on her face. Her relationship with Mu Yi could be regarded as being enemies. Unexpectedly, she had been saved by him. There were only two of them in the room. It seemed that Wang Tao had expected they would need to speak with each other.


“To tell you the truth, you did me a favor tonight. It’s just a repayment. It’s nothing.” Mu Yi said lightly. 


“You also wanted to assassinate Zai Feng?” Qiu Yuetong said.


She had seen someone fighting but she hadn’t seen what the person looked like. She had thought it was a rare opportunity, so she had chosen to attack. She hadn’t expected that there had been a great master beside Zai Feng. The person was experienced and she had been delayed until Fan Yuan came back. Under their combined attack, she had almost lost her life. It was not easy to come back. Originally she had thought that she was doomed.


“Yes. If I knew it was you, I would have tried to buy you more time.” Mu Yi said regretfully. 


Mu Yi had hesitated for a moment at that time. Someone obviously had the same purpose as him. If Zai Feng really died, it would be good for him. After considering it, he had immediately given up blocking Fan Yuan. He knew Fan Yuan would not show any mercy because once Zai Feng died, he would not have a good end.


Once Fan Yuan got desperate and tried to leave at any cost, even Mu Yi wouldn’t have been able to stop him. He would have been seriously injured. It was not worth it to get hurt before the Yellow River’s ancient road opened. There would still be chances to kill Zai Feng afterwards. His efforts would not have been wasted if the assassin succeeded, but if not, he would have suffered a loss.


If he had known that the assassin was Qiu Yuetong who had stolen the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road, he would have stopped Fan Yuan even if he had been injured. He and Qiu Yuetong were natural allies and could be the best partners. Mu Yi hadn’t known in advance though and although Qiu Yuetong had been injured, she didn’t die. She just needed to recuperate but she would be disadvantaged at the time of opening.


“Even if you had stopped him, I would not be able to kill Zai Feng. He has experts around to protect him. He is about to reach perfection. He is also vicious and cruel. I am not his opponent.” Qiu Yuetong said, shaking her head.


“I didn’t expect that in just half a year, your strength would rise to this level.” Mu Yi said.


“I’m in a special situation. The elders helped me. It’s you who have made such a great reputation in the world. I haven’t had time to congratulate you.” Qiu Yuetong looked at Mu Yi and said.


If someone hadn’t hardened her body, opened up her body’s orifices and dredged her blood at the cost of hurting himself, she would not have her strength today. She still felt inferior to Mu Yi. She could not see through Mu Yi’s strength, it was purely her intuition. Mu Yi’s progress in more than half a year was undoubtedly more exaggerated.


“There’s nothing to congratulate me for. Compared with that, I would prefer to stay on the mountain that way I can study and practice at ease.” Mu Yi shook his head and said.


Unfortunately, these things were beyond his control. Mu Yi could better understand people who wanted to die. It was not that they didn’t want to live. They wanted a peaceful life but they couldn’t return to such things.


“Yes, who would like to wander in the world?” Qiu Yuetong sighed.


“You stole the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road?” Mu Yi asked suddenly.


“The key belonged to an elder and was stolen. I just took it back for that elder.” Qiu Yuetong said slowly.


This was the second time Mu Yi heard her speaking about an elder. This elder was not a simple person. An elder that could help her achieve the seventh grade in less than a year and had once owned the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road was definitely someone important.


“What really surprised me was that you could steal things from the Forbidden City.” Mu Yi said.


What was the Forbidden City? It was the center of Manchu’s power. The guards there must be beyond people’s imagination. The word strict was definitely not enough to describe it. Sure a fly could get in but Qiu Yuetong would have been noticed. Unless she had been invisible or she had learned some technique to hide her aura.


“If I had broken into the Forbidden City, I would have died by now. I was just lucky enough to get the key from a eunuch.” Qiu Yuetong explained.


“From a eunuch?” Mu Yi asked, obviously confused.


“Yes, that eunuch is actually one of Zai Feng’s men. That’s why he kept sending people to pursue me. Since he sent people to pursue me, I would naturally attack him in return. Unfortunately, I still failed.” Qiu Yuetong said with some disappointment.


Mu Yi finally understood their resentment. It was no wonder Zai Feng was running around chasing Qiu Yuetong like crazy. She had ruined his plans. He wanted to get the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road to get the treasures. He had originally intended to sneak and do it, but there had been an accident.


There must have been a fight in the Forbidden City about it. It seemed that Zai Feng had won since he had come to Zhengzhou, but who could say clearly what happened? As Emperor Guangxu’s half-brother, Zai Feng was not necessarily loyal. The power of Empress Dowager Cixi was undoubtedly stronger. Zai Feng coming to Zhengzhou undoubtedly showed some of his plans.


“What are you going to do next?” Mu Yi asked.


“Find a way into the Yellow River’s ancient road.” Qiu Yuetong said directly.


“Your injury now…” Mu Yi frowned and said.


Qiu Yuetong’s injury had only recovered by sixty to seventy percent. The strength she could execute was the same. If she entered the Yellow River’s ancient road like this, Mu Yi didn’t think it would end well. After all, at least half of the forces had reached the level of perfection. As for the rest, they were definitely at the senior level.


Qiu Yuetong was originally only equivalent to someone at the senior level. Now almost any senior-level expert could crush her. In this case, it was not good to enter the Yellow River’s ancient road. She was a beautiful woman and would naturally become a target for many people. Zai Feng also wouldn’t let her go.


“It doesn’t matter. As long as I can enter the Yellow River’s ancient road, whatever I have to go through will be worth it.” Qiu Yuetong said.


“Do you think Zai Feng will let you enter the Yellow River’s ancient road? There are also people waiting to gain some benefits. Even a master of the Shaolin Temple at the level of perfection will personally attend.” Mu Yi carefully analyzed.


“Can something be done?” Qiu Yuetong asked Mu Yi.


“How many people can enter with a key?” Mu Yi asked.


“Five.” Qiu Yuetong said.


“So many?” Mu Yi said, surprised.


“Five people to enter is just a rule. At least it was the rule last time. How many people can enter with a key depends on the result worked out by those forces. It won’t be more than five.” Qiu Yuetong said.


“Five? Six keys mean thirty people. There are already so many.” Mu Yi looked at Qiu Yuetong and said, “How about an alliance between you and me?”


“Do I have a choice?” Qiu Yuetong responded.


“That’s good. We are only two people and have two keys. I’m afraid we will be regarded as delicious meat. It’s impossible for them to let us go, so we need to make a choice,” said Mu Yi.


“You mean to hand over a key?” Qiu Yuetong quickly understood.


“We need to hand over a key and also find three more allies. Only in this way can we be qualified to enter the Yellow River’s ancient road.” Mu Yi said with bright eyes.

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