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Chapter 381 Seeking for Helpers


“It’s no use handing over a key.” Qiu Yuetong looked at Mu Yi for a while and then said suddenly.


Mu Yi looked at her, clearly confused.


“When I attacked Zai Feng, I was seen by them. They know that I was the one who took the key. It would be almost impossible to get into the Yellow River’s ancient road.” Qiu Yuetong calmly analyzed.

“Not necessarily.” Mu Yi said after considering. “Tonight, your injury was seen by them. They wouldn’t expect you to recover so quickly. In addition, I have a human skin mask. You can pretend to be a Taoist. Since we will be together it won’t arouse too much suspicion.” Mu Yi said directly.


Although he had gone there wearing a mask, it was just in case. The mask was also covered by a cloth mask. Fan Yuan hadn’t seen him clearly, so he couldn’t recognize him. As long as he didn’t fight with him, he wouldn’t know. Qiu Yuetong’s eyes brightened a little. Mu Yi’s idea was feasible. She could pretend to be a Taoist because Taoist didn’t need to shave their heads. It would perfectly disguise her gender.


The other side had confidence in their own strength. If she threw the key out at this time, the other side would surely think that she had completely quit. The key would be able to attract everyone’s attention. She didn’t care about finding some companions as this was Mu Yi’s right. If there were only two of them, it would be risky. If three other experts were added, the trip would be safe.


“Good.” Qiu Yuetong nodded, “It’s your job to find helpers.”


“No problem.” Mu Yi smiled.


He was already thinking of inviting Leng Yu. If she joined them, with her strength he would never be afraid of any provocation. He didn’t know whether she would come here. He had the key this entire time but Leng Yu hadn’t shown any interest. She seemed rather dismissive.


It was too late to send a message to anyone else. He could only hope Leng Yu would come herself. So he had to find someone else just in case. It was best if this person was alone in the world and had no backers. They should  be at least at the peak of the second difficulty, or of the seventh grade. Otherwise, they were not qualified to participate.


Mu Yi didn’t stay for long. Wang Tao thanked him repeatedly as he was leaving. Mu Yi just smiled and didn’t pay any attention to it. During the time when they had been together, Mu Yi had known that Wang Tao was a good person. He had really matured in the time they were apart. If he followed Qiu Yuetong, he might even be a great general in the future.


Qiu Yuetong was a bandit leader and knew enough places for Wang Tao to settle in. Mu Yi didn’t have to worry about this. Even if Mu Yi offered to help him, Wang Tao might not want to accept it. After Mu Yi left, Qiu Yuetong was sitting in a chair, letting herself fall into a dark place. No one could see her expression at the moment. They could only wonder what she was thinking about.


The next day, Mu Yi summoned Chong Jiayi to inquire about experts acting alone in particular. While Chong Jiayi was searching for information, Mu Yi didn’t sit around idly. He was still studying the Xin lamp and drawing charms, mainly five thunders charms. At present, his charm technique had hit a bottleneck. Every time he drew charms, he tried to let himself enter the unity of heaven and man. Only in this way could the power of the five thunders charm be enhanced to the maximum.


It was a pity that he had drawn a lot of five thunders charms and he hadn’t been able to do so. He could only rip up the charms. Mu Yi was also using his own power to repair the twelve runes in the Xin lamp. He quickly gave up this method because the loss outweighed the gain. He could either kill to refine enough lamp oil or find enough Yin Qi so that the Xin lamp could fully absorb it. That was the only way to repair the runes.

In just one day, Chong Jiayi brought the news that Mu Yi wanted. There was an expert named Nangong Xu. According to Chong Jiayi, Nangong Xu had no reputation in the world, but he was definitely a top expert. He had destroyed three secret places in the mountains overnight. All the villains had been killed. However, this man didn’t care about reputation. He was reclusive and seldom dealt with people. From his behavior, it could be seen that he was upright, or at least not a villain.


There was nothing to disagree with regarding character. Whether to let him join only depended on his strength. If he was too weak, he couldn’t come. If he hadn’t reached the peak of the second difficulty, he would die even if he got to enter the Yellow River’s ancient road. Mu Yi took the address Chong Jiayi found and went to look for Nangong Xu. He was less than 40 years old and wearing a white suit.


“You are Nangong Xu?” Mu Yi asked directly.


“Yes, who are you?”Nangong Xu asked, looking at Mu Yi coldly.


“Don’t worry, I have no grudge against you. I want to offer you a great opportunity.” Mu Yi looked at him and said.


“An opportunity?” Nangong Xu asked, watching Mu Yi warily.


“How about entering the Yellow River’s ancient road?” Mu Yi said.


“Are you the evil Taoist?” Nangong Xu asked.


“Oh, you know me?” Mu Yi said, surprised.


“You’re so young, but you have the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road. I can’t think of anyone else except the famous evil Taoist.” Nangong Xu said directly.


“Although the nickname is not very pleasant, it’s really me. Are you interested?” Mu Yi asked.


“What are the conditions?” Nangong Xu said.


There was desire in his eyes. Most of the experts in Zhengzhou came here for the Yellow River’s ancient road. He was no exception. Originally, he had come here just to take a chance and hadn’t expected to be brought in by someone. He did not doubt the identity of Mu Yi, or his words, because there was no need for this. It could be said that the keys of Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong were the goals of everyone except the big forces.


If Mu Yi was on his own, he might not be able to even keep the key, let alone enter the Yellow River’s ancient road. It was inevitable for him to find helpers, but Nangong Xu hadn’t thought that Mu Yi would come to him. As long as Mu Yi didn’t violate his principles, he would be willing to join even if he had to pay a certain price.


“The conditions are not to fight without my permission. You must stand with me no matter how powerful my enemies are at that time. You can’t betray me.” Mu Yi said directly.


“No problem. How will you distribute the treasures obtained in the Yellow River’s ancient road.” Nangong Xu continued.


“Whoever gets it owns it.” Mu Yi said simply.


“Seriously?” Nangong Xu asked.


“Of course. You won’t ask who my enemy is?” Mu Yi looked at Nangong Xu and said.


“In the Yellow River’s ancient road, there are only enemies. Even if the emperor comes, it’s useless to talk about it.” Nangong Xu said firmly.


“One last thing.” Mu Yi said.


“What?” Nangong Xu asked.


“Show me how strong you are.” Mu Yi said.


Nangong Xu was not given any time to react. Mu Yi approached him with a single step and punched him. His reaction was not slow though. At the moment Mu Yi had moved, his right hand shook and a flexible sword came out of his sleeve. The flexible sword was like a chain and was rushing to wrap around Mu Yi’s arm. Mu Yi just smiled and didn’t stop his attack.


The flexible sword wrapped around Mu Yi’s arm, but the flesh and blood Nangong Xu was expecting didn’t appear. Nangong Xu had planned to stop the fight here, but the result was beyond his expectation. Before he could react, Mu Yi’s fist gently shook and the flexible sword loosened. Nangong Xu felt himself sweating as the fist hit him. Mu Yi withdrew his fist and didn’t hurt him at all.


“Although you have reached the seventh grade, you’re barely qualified.” Mu Yi said and turned away.


Nangong Xu only stood there motionless even after Mu Yi left.


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