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Chapter 382 Six forces converge


For a long time, Nangong Xu had been a low-key person, but this was a bit of a performance. He looked down upon most of the so-called experts in the world. He thought that those people were just famous but had no real ability. He could reach the seventh grade in less than 40 years, which allowed him to be proud.


Mu Yi was someone he actually paid attention to. In fact, anyone who aspired to the Yellow River’s ancient road would pay attention to Mu Yi. All the other keys were in the hands of several major forces. For people who had no backing, there was no hope at all until Mu Yi showed up. These people naturally didn’t want to let him go. However, Mu Yi had disappeared suddenly and most had given up.


Nangong Xu knew about Mu Yi and the things he had done. He fought with Qu Yang in Qu Mortuary, killed some sneaky people, and finally killed people in the Octagon Organization. As for the story surrounding King Xian’s grave, it hadn’t spread. Few people knew that Mu Yi had ever went to King Xian’s grave.


Mu Yi went to the south soon after and became the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. He fought with the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag on Dongting Lake. After that, he killed Ning Wuque, who had reached the senior level. All of this was unknown. None of the people who wanted the key had this information. There had never been secrets in the world but that doesn’t mean people could find out everything.


Although there were countless people who paid close attention to Mu Yi and constantly inquired about his news, they could still only know a little bit. The big forces who really understood everything would not talk about it. After all, Mu Yi was also the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, who couldn’t be ignored.


He was still just a piece on the chessboard when talking about the world but he was a relevant piece. Nangong Xu also thought that Mu Yi just had a fake reputation and good luck. Otherwise, why disappear and hide? As for the nickname of the devil, it was a joke in the eyes of most people. A young Taoist, even if he was a little bit evil, was just a little devil.


It was only now that Nangong Xu found out how ridiculous his previous ideas were. What little demon? It was a giant demon that liked to hide in the dark. Nangong Xu smiled. He could almost imagine that he would fight and bleed on this grand occasion. The name of the devil would be heard around the world and their relationship would be questioned.


While others were suffering and trying to get in, he had already got an invitation to enter the Yellow River’s ancient road. This was enough. As for the strength of Mu Yi, what did it have to do with him? The cooperation was what he cared about.


For two days, Mu Yi was busy. Actually, Chong Jiayi was busy on his behalf. He used almost all his strength to select several people for Mu Yi. After some investigation, Mu Yi eliminated some of them, but filled up the quota. He, Qiu Yuetong, Nangong Xu, Xin Lu, and Li Jun were all experts at the top of the second difficulty.


The oldest Xin Lu was already a little old man. Li Jun was a little older than Nangong Xu, but that was normal. Generally, it would take about 40 years to reach the top of the second difficulty. Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong, who were less than 20 years old, were in the minority of people at this level. He wanted to reserve a spot for Leng Yu but after receiving a letter, he didn’t.


The five of them alone could not be compared with those big forces, but they could no longer be bullied by others. In the past two days, Qiu Yuetong’s injury had also recovered. Mu Yi was not stingy and gave her the last back to life charm. The effect of the two charms was not very prominent, and the situation in the Yellow River’s ancient road was unknown. He planned to make some preparations.


Two days before the opening of the Yellow River’s ancient road, a key to the Yellow River’s ancient road appeared. Zai Feng finally entered Zhengzhou City and so a fight was inevitable. The other forces were still missing. Such a good opportunity had appeared, how could people let it go. It was strange that the Shaolin Temple didn’t join in. Mu Yi thought there would be a big fight, but nothing happened. The key fell into the hands of Zai Feng as expected. Fan Yuan could not be dominated and after killing a group of people, he completely frightened the rest.


The day before the opening of the Yellow River’s ancient road, Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain arrived together. They were different from what Mu Yi expected. There was only one person from Mao Mountain. There were three from Longhu Mountain, one old Taoist and two young Taoists. Lots of people were watching them. According to the rules of the past, there were five people to a key. That meant there were four spots open for Mao Mountain and two for Longhu Mountain, which gave people hope.


Although Mu Yi didn’t go see the two forces, he knew that they were at least at the senior level. It was more likely that they had reached perfection. On the day the road was supposed to open, the people from the Ancient city of Dunhuang and Baidi town arrived. Both of them were somewhat mysterious. People only knew of their arrival, but they didn’t know their numbers, gender, or their strength. Five of the six keys had appeared. Was the last key in the hands of the devil or the man who stole the key from the Forbidden City?


By the Yellow River, in a valley, there were many experts. They were all very different. Mao Mountain, Longhu Mountain, Shaolin Temple, Baidi Town, Manqing Dynasty, and the Ancient city of Dunhuang all had their own sides. The rest were the experts of the world. The valley didn’t seem to have any special places. There was a narrow space in the upper parts. The cliffs on both sides rose high. From a distance, it looked like two giant beasts crawling.


When Mu Yi and his group appeared, they immediately attracted people’s attention. Both him and Qiu Yuetong were both dressed in Taoist robes and had beautiful appearances. Those who didn’t know thought that the Taoist children had come. The three people behind them also caused a lot of uproar as they were clearly recognizable. Everyone was watching them. Mu Yi stood in the front, with a confident face. As they walked, the crowd separated automatically and no one stepped out.


“Amitabha!” a monk shouted.


Mu Yi stepped into the center as the shout echoed from the field. All the noise in the valley was suppressed. It was enough to prove the monk’s terrible cultivation. Mu Yi heard a sound of disdain. When he looked around he saw Zai Feng. It seemed that some people were not satisfied with the Shaolin Temple’s performance, but he didn’t say anything. When Mu Yi looked at him, he looked back with eyes full of contempt.


As for Qiu Yuetong, she didn’t attract his attention at all. Most of the people just focused on Mu Yi. Compared with the unknown little Taoist, Mu Yi had a greater reputation in the world. It seemed to be dominated by him almost


“Do you have anything to say, benefactor Zai Feng?” Master Purdue asked.


“Old monk, all the keys are collected. Hurry and announce the quota for this time and then drive away the irrelevant ones.” Zai Feng said loudly.


“Alright.” Master Purdue pondered a little, then nodded.


He first looked at two Taoists from Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain. The latter nodded quietly, then looked at Baidi Town, the Ancient city of Dunhuang, and finally Mu Yi. Mu Yi also looked at several forces one by one following Master Purdue’s line of sight. There was only one person from Mao Mountain, a middle-aged Taoist. He looked a little cold. As for his strength, Mu Yi didn’t know.


From Longhu Mountain there was an old Taoist and two young Taoists. It was needless to say Zai Feng was there with Fan Yuan, Mu Yi finally saw the old eunuch standing in the shadows behind him like a ghost. It was hard for outsiders to see him as a threat. Mu Yi only saw a mask and the sword on the back of the person from Baidi town.


The Ancient city of Dunhuang had brought a dark sedan chair. It was surrounded by several women dressed in different ethnic costumes. He wasn’t able to see anything. The five forces, together with Mu Yi, each held a key.

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