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Chapter 383 Allocation of quotas

Master Purdue finally announced the quota of each key. As expected, it was still five people, which made everyone cheer.

“Why, five places? We don’t have any more spots.” Zai Feng said.

In fact, it was too easy for Zai Feng to find experts. After all, he was a prince. How could he mix with regular people? Although it seemed that there were many places open, there was only space for 30 people at most. The devil group was full and Zai Feng wasn’t accepting anyone, which meant that one third of them had no spots.

Spots couldn’t be calculated that easily. The owners of the other keys had already reserved them in advance. They could only gain a spot if the owners took them on. However, based on everything they knew there were less than ten places. There were almost one or two hundred people that had shown up. Some were willing to be bad people, while others were willing to be good people.

“Mao Mountain is willing to give its four places to the people,” said the middle-aged Taoist of Mao Mountain.

“Thank you very much, Taoist Li!”

“I will remember the kindness of Taoist Li.”

“The Mao Mountain has taken the overall situation into consideration.”

The sound of discussion grew all around them. The crowd was praising Mao Mountain’s noble nature. Of course, some people also pointed out that Zai Feng was domineering. However, when Fan Yuan looked around, those comments suddenly decreased.

“Longhu Mountain is willing to offer two places.” The old Taoist from Longhu Mountain said and smiled.

Although he couldn’t compare with Mao mountain, he was able to offer two places and so everyone was extremely satisfied. People turned to look at the person from Baidi Town. They only had one person. If he relented as well, there would be four more places. The man from Baidi Town was wearing a mask, so they couldn’t see his face clearly, but people didn’t care. Baidi Town had always been very mysterious.

“Baidi Town will give a spot to the Shaolin Temple, so there are only three places left.”

Although there were only three, no one was disappointed. It was better than nothing. After experiencing the attitude of Zai Feng, people were more grateful and praised the three forces. Finally, it was the Ancient city of Dunhuang’s turn. People couldn’t help but worry what they would say.

“The Ancient city of Dunhuang is not as generous as the three major forces. The Ancient city of Dunhuang is willing to offer one spot.” A woman’s voice came out of the sedan chair.

It shocked all the people. However, looking at Mao Mountain, Longhu Mountain and others, they were not surprised. Obviously, they already knew. Everyone had spoken so there were just ten places available for the people who had come. Everyone wanted there to be more places. It was said that there were countless gold and silver treasures, secret scripts of magic soldiers, and even the bones of a real dragon to be found.

Zai Feng represented the Manqing Dynasty. Even though the Manqing Dynasty was collapsing, it was still the largest force in the world. Many people were reluctant to provoke him even for their own gains. As for the so-called devil, many people in the audience didn’t pay attention to him. The other forces showed indifference, especially Zai Feng who even started to make trouble.

“Little Taoist, you should also give out places.”

“That’s right. A little Taoist should learn from others. Isn’t he too selfish?”

“Xin Lu, are you being shady?”

The faces of Xin Lu, Ouyang Xu, and Li Jun were ugly. They were also top experts of the world. They were all in the seventh grade even if they were among the surrounding people. If it was any other time even if someone gave them courage, they wouldn’t do it. For the sake of their own interests and for the sake of entering the Yellow River’s ancient road, they obviously didn’t care. Why worry?

“Do you want my help?” Zai Feng suddenly looked at Mu Yi and said.

His eyes kept moving from Mu Yi to Qiu Yuetong. He didn’t know why. As soon as Zai Feng spoke it got quiet. People instinctively feared Zai Feng, but they regarded Mu Yi as a weak person.

“Thank you for your kindness, but it’s not necessary,” said Mu Yi lightly.

“You don’t know how to be grateful.” Zai Feng said.

He snorted coldly, showing a trace of killing intent in his eyes. As for the surrounding people, they were very happy. As long as Zai Feng didn’t interfere, Mu Yi was just a tiger without claws and teeth. If they didn’t worry too much, they might even be able to take over all of Mu Yi’s spots.

“Are you afraid?” Mu Yi looked at the three people and asked.

“Just a bunch of idiots. What should I be afraid of?” Nangong Xu said first.

“That’s right. This little old man is more than ready to move.” Xin Lu said with a smile.

“Just kill them.” Li Jun said, ruthlessly.

“Is that right? Then I’ll teach you.” A person said as he came out of the crowd.

“The leader of the Shipping Group took action himself. Naturally he will win.”

“It’s the White Dragon King. There’s going to be a good show.”

“The Shipping Group is the largest gang in the two rivers. It’s said that the White Dragon King reached the peak early.”

Mu Yi was able to quickly figure out the person’s identity by listening to the crowd. Chong Jiayi had already told Mu Yi about the White Dragon King, who was one of the most noteworthy world experts. The White Dragon King was cunning, had a weak temperament, and had a lot of influence. He was not a candidate that Mu Yi could cooperate with. So he wasn’t chosen.

What Mu Yi wanted this time was help, not to be stabbed in the back. If you looked at people like Xin Lu, their presences were obviously dignified. They didn’t need to care about the general world experts. The White Dragon King was a bit tricky. They didn’t expect that the White Dragon King would be the first to make a move. With his strength, he could occupy one of the ten places. There was no need to offend them.

“White Dragon King, are you better than Prince Chun?” Mu Yi said directly.

He chose to start trouble as soon as the man showed up. After all, the leader of a Shipping Group was called White Dragon King. It was supposed to represent that he controlled a lot. It was a miracle that he was still alive. Maybe it was because he only occupied the waterway.

“Little Taoist, you want to stir up trouble? Just get away.” The White Dragon King said.

His expression suddenly changed. He even looked at Zai Feng in the distance quietly, and found that the other’s face was really gloomy. He knew that his nickname had some taboos. Since the past dynasties, the emperor had been known as the “Ninth Five” emperor, the real dragon emperor. Even the prince was just a python dragon. He was just a leader of the Shipping Group but he dared to call himself the White Dragon King. What did that mean?

In the first two years, the imperial court sent troops to find him. However, there were many waterways in the world. As long as he hid in the water and relied on the strength of the ship, he had it easy for a while. Of course, he was only arrogant after Jiawu year, otherwise, it would not be difficult to destroy him with the strength of the Navy. He was low-key after that.

He was only one person. The great figures of the imperial court didn’t bother to look for him after some time. The main reason was that it cost too much to bother him, and there was no good in it, so he was always at ease. However, he was on the shore, not in the water and was in front of a real prince of the Manqing Dynasty. Mu Yi’s words were powerful in this situation.

He was confident in his strength, even if Zai Feng could fight against him, he could escape. He would also lose the qualification to enter the Yellow River’s ancient road at that time. Finding that king of trouble wasn’t worth it. After hearing Mu Yi’s words and seeing Zai Feng’s gloomy face, he got angry.

“What? Am I wrong? Aren’t you both kings?” Mu Yi continued.

“Little Taoist, you want to die.” The White Dragon King roared.

At this time, the three people, who had been standing behind Mu Yi, suddenly stepped out and blocked Mu Yi’s face. At the same time, they attacked the White Dragon King. The three were not stupid. They knew that White Dragon King was very strong. If they fought alone, they were certainly not his rivals. When it came to entering the Yellow River’s ancient road, they wouldn’t abide by the rules.

Only by stopping White Dragon King could they enter the Yellow River’s ancient road. There was not only the problem of the White Dragon King. So many people around were eyeing them. If they didn’t show their determination to move forward, the situation would be even worse for them.


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