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Chapter 385 Final Competition


   Even the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag was injured slightly under the Five thunders charm. Several Five thunders charms were used at the same time, but the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag had already reached the perfect level. The White Dragon King was only equivalent to the senior level.

   When the lightning fell, the White Dragon King was terrified. He couldn’t move faster than lightning. He wasn’t stupid enough to think he could. The only thing he could do was to defend with all his strength. Only by blocking it could he survive.

   What the White Dragon King didn’t know was that the power of the lightning was beyond his imagination. Fortunately, at the critical moment, he stimulated his whole body’s blood and formed a layer of defense around him. Even though he did his best, the lightning still penetrated his defense and his body. The severe pain made the White Dragon King cry out directly and the people around trembled.

   Mu Yi had experienced the power of the lightning of heaven and earth. That kind of pain couldn’t be described in words alone. Even people with a little weakness would collapse. Mu Yi smiled. The new Five thunders charm didn’t disappoint him. It was even more powerful than he expected. When he looked at Mao Mountain, Longhu Mountain, and even Fan Yuan, he knew that he had succeeded.

   After knowing that he had the Five thunders charm, as long as the other side was not a fool, he would not take the initiative to provoke him easily. This would save him some trouble. Zai Feng’s face was overcast completely. After all, he took the initiative to target Mu Yi before. The better Mu Yi performed, the more he was hitting him in the face.

   The lightning came and disappeared suddenly, revealing the White Dragon King’s embarrassed figure. Although the White Dragon King was still standing, his arrogance was nowhere to be seen. His clothes were ragged, his face was dark, and the people close to him could smell the scent of being roasted. His body shook for a while and he spit out a mouthful of blood. He staggered but didn’t fall.

   Mu Yi just looked at him. He didn’t intend to continue. Although he wanted to kill him and provide light oil for the Xin lamp, he would become the target of people’s hatred. Mu Yi was not very afraid, but the strength of the world could not be underestimated. His strength was not enough to resist them. Even Mao Mountain, Longhu Mountain and other big forces were willing to offer spots, which was compromising to some extent.

   They dared not do too much. People like Zai Feng and Mu Yi who kept all their spots were in the minority. One of them was a prince, who was used to bullying people. The other one wanted to establish his power and couldn’t be the target of a siege. The White Dragon King was one of the top people in the world, but he was damaged severely by Mu Yi in one move. Mu Yi’s strength could be imagined.

   The White Dragon King took a deep look at Mu Yi and turned around and left. He did not return to the crowd but left the valley quickly. Some of his  acquaintances followed him immediately. The threat of the White Dragon King was gone. Many people were relieved. As long as he was there, he would get a spot. No one sympathized with him. The winner was the king.

“Now who has an opinion?” Mu Yi looked around, and said.

“The strength of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag has opened our eyes. It is worthy of the reputation of the Five thunders charm.” Purdue looked at Mu Yi and said slowly.

For others, the Five thunders charm might be strange. People like Purdue remembered the power of the previous generation of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag clearly. The Five thunders charm was his unique skill. They dared not say that Mu Yi was better than him, but no one would look down on him.

“Thank you very much. I still have many shortcomings.” Mu Yi said.

   He didn’t show any arrogance. He was aware that several eyes were on him. Among them, the old Taoist from Longhu Mountain had a pure light in his eyes. The person from Baidi town wore a mask, but he could also feel his hostility. Even the Ancient city of Dunhuang was watching him. Zai Feng’s face was a little dark, while Fan Yuan looked at Mu Yi with a question in his eyes.

“It’s a good thing for young people to be modest, but your strength has almost caught up with us old guys.” Purdue shook his head and said. “If there are no objections, then the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag will not hand over any spots.”

“There are only ten spots left for you this time. As for how to allocate these ten spots, it depends on your own ability. We won’t ask about it and will just wait for ten spots to be filled.” Purdue looked at the crowd and said slowly.

   If the spots were appointed by him, many people might not say anything but they would feel that it was unfair. They would think that Purdue had accepted bribes. Letting people choose themselves, broke the possibility of them being from a group. In order to compete for a spot, no one would be polite or give up easily.

   Master Purdue looked kind, but it didn’t mean that he was merciful. With a few words, he divided all the people and left. He didn’t want to wade in these troubled waters. The Shaolin Temple had already got a spot. It was enough as he would fill it.

   There was a riot among the people, but they didn’t fight immediately. After all, the scuffle would only kill or injure them. Finally, the people decided on a method to allocate the spots. They would use the way of defending and challenging. Large damages could be avoided. Most people had decided not to fight with the stronger individuals and only fight for the last few spots.

   There were many people present, but there were less than 10 people who had reached the top of the second difficulty or the seventh grade, which meant that the rest had hope. The first one to step up was a burly man. He was only in his forties. He had a scar on his face and looked ferocious. He held a dark iron bar in his hand. After entering, he looked around.

“Niu Ben is willing to accept challenges.” He said.

He stirred up a commotion, but no one came out. Niu Ben was one of the strongest among the people. He was only a little worse than the White Dragon King. This kind of strength could secure a spot. Even Mu Yi had considered him before, but he finally gave up. According to Chong Jiayi, Niu Ben was a bit arrogant. Moreover, in the Yellow River’s ancient road, it was difficult to guarantee that there would be no trouble. He didn’t choose him because of the risks.

   No one challenged Niu Ben so Purdue announced directly that Niu Ben acquired a spot. Most of it was very smooth. Soon the fourth, fifth, and sixth spots were taken. Then there were the challenges. The winners stayed, and the losers retreated. For the eighth spot, someone died.

   The last two spots brought out the people’s madness. Many people of the fifth and sixth grade wanted to pick up the cheap goods. In the end, more people died. For a while, the valley was full of the smell of blood. The Yellow River’s ancient road had not yet opened, and there was blood flowing into the river.

   The people of the major forces and Purdue were expressionless. It seemed that they had known for a long time that this would be the case. A clear understanding rose in Mu Yi’s heart.

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