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Chapter 386 The Light Gate


   The number of people who were allowed to enter Yellow River’s ancient road was filled once the ten people were selected. The rest of the people had to leave. Soon there were only thirty people left in the valley. The ten people from the crowd divided themselves into two groups. They knew the way to live and get treasures was cooperation. 

   Zai Feng was followed by Fan Yuan, an old eunuch and two ordinary men. Mu Yi couldn’t guess what their real strength was. It was certain that the two men were strong but Mu Yi didn’t know why Zai Feng had stayed. Zai Feng belonged to the third class who would be in danger once they entered.

The Taoist priest from Mao Mountain was alone. Master Purdue stood with the man from Baidi Town so that no one would look down on them. A woman from the Ancient city of Dunhuang came down for the sedan chair. She wore a veil but people could still see her attractive eyes.

   It was August 15. The time of the Mid-Autumn Festival had begun. The bright moon was rising slowly and everyone was waiting patiently for the night to come. When the valley was full of the moonlight, Master Purdue and the other people all became alert. There was tension and expectation in the air. 

“Please take out the keys.” Master Purdue said.

  Everyone brought out their keys. They floated in the air under the control of Master Purdue. The six keys combined into a round plate which was empty in the center. The empty space looked like a dragon. The moonlight shined through the space. In a trance, Mu Yi listened to a roar of a dragon. It became quiet and suddenly, a giant dragon with an was flying in the clouds and appeared in front of him.

The dragon was the totem of the Chinese. The emperor regarded himself as the dragon of heaven. The later generations were proud to be the descendants of the dragon. Mu Yi had seen many dragon totems before, but none of them could be compared with the dragon in his consciousness. The seed of Tao in his heart and the four chakras vibrated.

   Mu Yi was quickly freed from the illusion and found out there was no dragon. He felt three people looking at him in surprise. Master Purdue and the man from Longhu Mountain nodded at him. The Taoist priest from Mao Mountain just looked away. After a while, the man from Baidi town and the woman from the Ancient city of Dunhuang woke up. They were both surprised by Mu Yi already being awake.

   The woman from the Ancient city of Dunhuang looked at Mu Yi with great interest. Strength couldn’t be shown by waking early or late, but the mind could be evaluated. There were shortcuts for cultivation, but nothing for strength of mind. Fan Yuan and the old Taoist priest woke up later. Fan Yuan seemed to shrink after seeing that Mu Yi woke up earlier.

   Qiu Yuetong, Niu Ben and another two woke up one by one. As for the rest, they were slower. Zai Feng was the last one to wake up with the help of others. When he woke up, he looked at the plate in the sky excitedly.

   Mu Yi knew the reason he woke up so quickly was because of the Tao seed. He would have woken up much later than Fan Yuan without it. With the help of the Xin lamp, Mu Yi’s mind was comparable to the strongest individuals. Every time he opened a chakra, his strength of mind and spirit would increase a lot because he practiced the Five Dragons Godly Skills. 

   He never thought the Tao seed would help him wake up in advance. When all the people woke up, the two giant beasts on both sides of the valley seemed to come alive. Suddenly, they gave a long cry, and the moonlight seemed to be led by the sound.

   “The wolves howl at the moon!” Master Purdue said.

    The dragon, the wolves, the moon. The keys appeared in Mu Yi’s mind suddenly. A dazzling light came out from the plate and combined with the keys. The process was short. The light began to change and a light gate gradually grew. Everyone was staring at the light gate full of shock. It seemed like all the people were still in the illusion.

  It was the first time Mu Yi had seen something like this. He thought about who could create this scene and what the principle of the light gate was. Mu Yi had never seen someone who belonged to the third difficulty, but he knew they couldn’t create that. It  might be possible at the fourth difficulty. He could only stare at the light gate for some experience.

   Master Purdue said, “The light gate is the entrance to the Yellow River’s ancient road. There are many unknown dangers in it. Only by working together can we survive.”

    Mu Yi was doubtful. Few people would be calm when facing the treasures in Yellow River’s ancient road. They would join together now, but no one could ensure they could keep such a promise all the time.

“Don’t worry, Master Purdue. We will work together.”  Niu Ben said loudly.

   Master Purdue smiled and looked at the other people, “Well, let’s go.”

   Niu Ben was the first one to rush through the light gate. He didn’t see people of the major forces sneering. They all knew that the first person to enter the Yellow River’s ancient road would get more treasures, but he might die earlier than others too. The other people that had received spots followed behind him. 

   Xin Lu and others behind Mu Yi were ready to go. Without Mu Yi, they would have already rushed into the gate earlier. Mu Yi was being cautious because the people of major forces hadn’t moved. The best way choice was to follow them since he didn’t know anything about the situation. Mu Yi didn’t care about the treasure. He was curious about Yellow River’s ancient road and he needed pressure to improve himself.

  He owned the Xin lamp and Bamboo Tree of Life, which would accompany and help him all his life. He didn’t have much desire for external things. If the runes of the Xin lamp could be repaired, that would be better. With the complete Xin lamp and more strength, he could fight with people at the perfect level. 

“Frightened? ” Zai Feng said and looked at Mu Yi with disdain.

“You want to fight? I will fight you with no hands and feet.” Mu Yi said, glancing at him.

“You will die.” Zai Feng said.

“Never.” Mu Yi sneered.

“I don’t care if you are an evil Taoist or the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. If you enter the Yellow River’s ancient road, you will know the result of offending me.” Zai Feng said, taking a deep breath.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Mu Yi said.

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