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Chapter 387 the Light Gate Eats People

   Zai Feng led his people and entered first. The five people disappeared immediately. One of the people who followed Zai Feng suddenly turned around and looked at Mu Yi before. This person’s eyes had no emotion, but Mu Yi clearly felt hostility. The most important thing was that the hostility didn’t seem to have anything to do with Zai Feng. It was as if the other party had known Mu Yi for a long time.

   Mu Yi was a little confused about this man’s hostility. However, even if he didn’t hate Mu Yi before, they were destined to be enemies after entering the Yellow River’s ancient road. So Mu Yi didn’t care whether the man was hostile to him or not. He made sure to remember this so he would remain more vigilant.

   Only one middle-aged Taoist Priest had come from Mao Mountain. He entered the Yellow River’s ancient road next. Looking at him, Mu Yi couldn’t help but think of the old madman he met before. This middle-aged Taoist Priest seemed to be from Mao Mountain, but maybe he was not. Mu Yi had some connection with Mao Mountain, but this man was not interested in knowing him and seemed to be ignoring him.

   Then there were the three people from Longhu Mountain. The old Taoist Priest smiled gently at Mu Yi before entering, which showed kindness. However, the two young Taoist Priest next to him looked at Mu Yi with dissatisfaction. Even if Mu Yi had shown enough strength before, they were still defiant.

“Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag? Are you interested in cooperating with me?” The mysterious woman from the Ancient city of Dunhuang asked.

“In what way?” Mu Yi asked.

  He was immediately interested. She was a beautiful woman with a western style but Mu Yi wouldn’t jump to conclusions about her or dislike her for no reason. The Ancient city of Dunhuang could have a key and make everyone speechless, which was proof of its strength. The attitude of the people from Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain towards her was enough to explain her power. If there were good conditions, Mu Yi was willing to cooperate.

“Cooperate to kill people. Interested?” She said directly.

“Oh, who do you want to kill?” Mu Yi asked faintly.

He looked at the powerful people who had not yet entered, the one from Baidi town and Master Purdue. It was obvious that her enemies would not be these two persons. He would definitely refuse her directly if she wanted to kill the people of Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain. He was not qualified to challenge the two millennial schools. As for this woman from the Ancient city of Dunhuang, Mu Yi couldn’t put his trust in her.

“The person you want to kill the most.” She said.

“The one I want to kill the most? Who is that?” Mu Yi said, not directly admitting anything.

   This woman smiled mysteriously and walked into the gate without looking back. However, two words were clearly heard by Mu Yi before she disappeared: Zai Feng. Mu Yi’s eyes flashed coldly but quickly returned to normal.

“Almsgiver Mu Yi, I see traces of Buddhism in you.” Master Purdue said suddenly.

“Master Purdue is joking.” Mu Yi shook his head slightly and said.

He clearly knew that the man was seeing the Vajra glaze body. However, Mu Yi would not take the initiative to admit this kind of thing. After all, Vajra glaze body was a Buddhist magic skill. Although it was taught by Liao Fan, it was hard to guarantee that no one would stick their noses into other people’s affairs.

“Many people have tried to integrate the true meaning of Taoism and Buddhism, but all of them failed in the end. Your qualifications could have allowed you to reach the third difficulty, but now you are basically destroying your future.” Master Purdue said sadly.

“Thank you for your kindness, Master Purdue. However, the road is under a person’s feet, only by walking it can people know the destination.” Mu Yi said calmly.

“I hope you can find a different way.” Master Purdue said with a shake of his head.

It could be seen that he had no confidence in Mu Yi, because this road had been tried by countless talented people, but they all failed. Of course, Master Purdue didn’t know that Mu Yi had accumulated a shadow of the Tao seed. He didn’t know Mu Yi’s determination. However, Mu Yi felt kindness from this predecessor.

“I’ll wait for you on Yellow River’s ancient road.” The person from Baidi town said not bothering to disguise his voice.

“I’m looking forward to it, Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag.” Mu Yi said.

Him and the person from Baidi town stared at each other. He already knew about the identity of the person from Baidi town. Leng Yu’s letter had said that she wouldn’t enter the Yellow River’s ancient road. In fact, Mu Yi had predicted it before because she hadn’t shown any interest in the Yellow River’s ancient road since meeting Mu Yi.

   The main purpose of her letter was to tell Mu Yi that the real identity of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag was the young lord of Baidi town. Mu Yi was surprised by the information. After all, the young lord of the Baidi town and Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag weren’t something people would connect. Baidi town was located in the territory of Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag and these two things had a word in common but that wasn’t enough.

   However, Mu Yi soon accepted this fact. It was unexpected but reasonable. Mu Yi hadn’t forgotten what the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag said before he left. He said he would give Mu Yi a surprise soon. The surprise had really come very quickly. As for whether he was shocked or happy, only Mu Yi himself knew. He and the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag were enemies instead of friends. If they met, a battle was inevitable. Mu Yi felt a strong presence from the sword when the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag got close to him.

  It was as if he had sensed the feeling of death. At the same time, the Xin lamp was also beating in his mind, trying to compete with the sword. It was quickly suppressed by Mu Yi. Now wasn’t the time. Xin lamp would have the qualification to compete with that sword when it fully recovered. The current Xin lamp would only be suppressed. The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag took a look at Mu Yi and turned around to enter the gate with Master Purdue. Now there was only Mu Yi and his four people left in the whole valley.

“Priest Mu, can we also go in?” Nangong Xu asked.

They were at the end of the line now. He feared that the treasures would be robbed if they went in any later. As for Xin Lu and Li Jun, although they didn’t speak, their expressions had already shown everything.

“Let’s go in.” Mu Yi said after taking a deep breath.

He took a step. Behind him, Qiu Yuetong, Nangong Xu and the rest followed closely. After stepping into the gate, Mu Yi only felt that everything in front of him was twisted. Then, he felt dizzy. When he finally stepped on the ground, the light disappeared. Mu Yi was on alert immediately. He could see everything in front of him clearly.

  • ············

   After Mu Yi entered the light gate, several figures suddenly appeared in the distance. These people rushed towards the gate quickly. Their eyes were shining with blazing light. Their strength was not low. They were defeated in the previous competition but decided to hide away instead of giving up. When others all went in, they chose to take a risk.

   For a long time, there had been a limit for the number of people who could enter the Yellow River’s ancient road. They didn’t know why the limit was 30 people, but they were unwilling to give up. When they got close to the light gate it hadn’t disappeared. What they were most afraid of before was that after 30 people entered, the light gate would close immediately.

   However, it seemed their gamble had paid off. In the distance, a few other people came out. Their faces showed regret when they saw that people were about to enter the light gate. They had thought about trying but hesitated at the last moment. Now, when they saw that someone was about to succeed, they could not help but step forward but before they even took a few steps, they froze in horror.

   When those figures finally stepped into the light gate, without having the time to hide the ecstasy on their faces, they seemed to see something horrible. It was clear to see that these several people started to struggle desperately, wanting to leave the light gate. The light gate suddenly closed. It was like a big mouth with sharp teeth.

   Several people who had just started walking towards it could clearly hear the last screams from the people and saw the blood fog that remained. They didn’t even need to think about it. Those people were eaten by the light gate. No one would think that they could survive. The people who had watched could only feel lucky. Otherwise, they would have also become food. Looking at the empty valley, they couldn’t help shivering, and then turned around and ran away.

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