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Chapter 388 In Distress On the Ancient Road


   Mu Yi was totally unaware of what happened outside. At the moment, he was looking around in surprise. He thought the Yellow River’s ancient road would be a magnificent road to the sky, but now he found that he was wrong.

Under Mu Yi’s feet was not a muddy path, but a narrow,  blue stone road. The only difference was that the traces on the blue stone road were complex, and the scars of swords and axes were everywhere. It could be imagined that a dangerous battle had taken place on this path.

   On both sides of the path, there was a long rolling river, just as the blue stone road was placed in a river, but the blue stone road seemed to have some mysterious power to block the rolling river outside.

“The Yellow River’s ancient road refers to an ancient road in the middle of the Yellow River?” Mu Yi said.

“Is this the Yellow River’s ancient road? Is the Yellow River outside?”

Mu Yi, Ouyang Xu and his two friends thought the same. Ouyang Xu was surprised and couldn’t help but extend his hand outside. In his eyes, the outside was just the water of the Yellow River and was completely harmless.

“Be careful,” Mu Yi reminded him. After all, the situation was not clear, and no one knew what dangers were hidden on the Yellow River’s ancient road, so they were extremely careful.

   But it was too late. Ouyang Xu had reached out into the river.


   Suddenly, Ouyang Xu started to scream. Mu Yi and other people looked at him in horror, only to see that Ouyang Xu’s left hand had turned to a white bone in just a moment.

  Ouyang Xu quickly took his hand back, but his left hand was gone.

It was unexpected. Mu Yi guessed that there might be danger, but he did not expect that Ouyang Xu could not resist it.

  People looked at Ouyang Xu’s left hand, which was only white bone left then to the river which seemed calmas it flowed slowly outside. They were filled with a surging fear.

“Are you ok?” Li Jun was right beside Ouyang Xu. He had  wanted to extend his hand to touch the water, but now, he was thankful that he didn’t.

“I…” Ouyang Xu tried to bear the pain from his left hand, and he trembled as he stretched his left hand in front of him. Strangely, there was not a drop of blood flowing out of his left hand, only the bones of his hand.

   The flesh had not been bitten off, but seemed to have been melted off. The water outside melted his flesh and blood in a moment without harming his bones.

“I’m fine.” Ouyang Xu said, gritting his teeth. He tore the inner lining of his clothes and wrapped his left hand layer by layer.

   There was no damage above the wrist. Since his left hand completely couldn’t be used as before, it would become his weakness. 

   After this incident, all the people were depressed because Ouyang Xu had a bad beginning.

“Everyone should be careful. All of you cheer up. The Yellow River’s ancient road is more dangerous than we think.” 

Mu Yi took a look outside. Other than the threat of the river, Mu Yi had a vague feeling that there were other dangers hidden nearby.

“The people are gone.” Qiu Yuetong suddenly said.

Everyone was surprised then looked around. Sure enough, they did not find any other people. Just as Qiu Yuetong said, they were gone.

“Did they leave?” Li Jun asked.

“No, look at the ground carefully. There is no trace. Unless they can all fly, they can’t not leave without a trace,” Qiu Yuetong said. 

Everyone looked at their feet and looked at the distance then nodded.

“Is there more than one ancient road?” Xin Lu said with a deep thought.

“It’s possible. After all, there are six keys, so there may exist six ancient roads,” Mu Yi said. He didn’t know whether only five people could pass through each road, but he only needed to lead the people forward. This ancient road would eventually have an end, and he would meet the others there.

“Let’s move on,” Mu Yi said.

Mu Yi took the lead. Qiu Yuetong followed him closely, and Xin Lu, Ouyang Xu, and Li Jun followed behind them, moving down the ancient road. Xin Lu was the most optimistic at the beginning, but felt wary only half an hour later.

“Something’s wrong,” Xin Lu said, the oldest and most stable. 

  At present, they had been marching along the Yellow River’s ancient road for half an hour. Their speed was just fast enough for them to walk dozens of miles in half an hour. But the problem was that they had not reached the end yet. They had a feeling that even if they kept walking to the end of their lives, they would not arrive at the end of the ancient road.

“There seems to be a sound,” Li Jun said later.

Even without Li Jun’s warning, Mu Yi and other people heard it. At first, the sound was weak and easily mistaken for the sound of flowing water, but gradually, the sound was getting closer and closer like the sound of an army moving forward. The river around the blue stone road began to vibrate.

“Be careful, everyone. The danger is coming,” Mu Yi said. He couldn’t use the five thunders charm here, but the Xin lamp floated above his head. Facing the unknown danger, Mu Yi was alert.

   Qiu Yuetong’s long sword came out of its sheath. The body of the sword was as green as autumn water and sent out a sharp spirit. It was a sharp sword that would cut clean through iron as though it were mud.

  Mu Yi thought the sword was almost integrated with Qiu Yuetong.

  The sword could already be regarded as a magic weapon. With more spirituality, it could be regarded as the kind of magic weapon that everyone in the world dreamt of.

   The three others took out their own weapons. Xin Lu took out a pair of gloves as thin as cicada wings. Mu Yi had seen the strength of these gloves before. People wearing them could be invulnerable. What Xin Lu was good at was palm techniques, and the pair of gloves on his hands could be regarded as the most powerful tool for him.

Ouyang Xu lost his left hand, but he used his right hand to handle his sword. It was a flexible sword, so he didn’t have to worry too much.

   Li Jun, on the other hand, used a short knife that seems to be broken. The most commonly used weapons in the world was the sword and knife. The knife was known as the hegemony of soldiers, and the sword was known as the emperor of soldiers. Both of them were the easiest to use, especially the knife. As long as you had a little talent and strength, you could use it well.

 As they raised their guard, the river outside the blue stone road shook violently. Then, several people were shocked to see a white skeleton walking on the ancient road.

“What is this?” Mu Yi had expected the danger to come, but he was still shocked when he saw it with his own eyes. The river could melt everything, so how could there be skeletons?


   Suddenly, Mu Yi thought of Ouyang Xu’s left hand. The flesh and blood on his hand were completely melted, only the bone had been left undamaged. Did the river only melt the flesh and blood of people?

 Otherwise, the skeleton in front of him couldn’t be explained at all.

Qiu Yuetong, Xin Lu and the other two looked at the skeleton. They had their own conjectures. A single skeleton may not be worth their tension, but when there were skeletons coming in all directions, they couldn’t relax.

“Kill it.” Li Jun couldn’t bear it.


   Mu Yi didn’t hesitate to give orders. The more skeletons that gathered, the more likely they might be trapped here. They were powerful, but there were many skeletons to deal with. The blue stone road also affected their performance.

Mu Yi finally knew how the traces of battle on the blue stone road were made. The Yellow River’s ancient road was indeed full of danger.

   After hesitating, the skeletons around were slaughtered. There were many skeletons, but they were not strong or fasto, so Mu Yi and other people could easily defeat them. The only annoying thing was that there were too many skeletons to kill them all.

The passageway on both sides had been completely filled with skeletons, so that people could neither move forward nor backward. With the passage of time, they began to panic. 

“Do you feel it?” Taking advantage of the opportunity to get close to Mu Yi, Qiu Yuetong asked.

“You feel it, too?” Mu Yi asked, when he saw Qiu Yuetong nodding, he was more on guard.

“I don’t think we can keep fighting. We have to leave now,” Qiu Yuetong said.

“Well, I’ll be responsible for clearing the skeletons in front of me. You pay attention to both sides. Let’s get out of here first.” 

Hearing Qiu Yuetong’s words, Mu Yi didn’t hesitate. He didn’t know whether there would be any other danger to come soon, but he didn’t want to stay here any longer. He was panicked and was almost sure that if he stayed here much longer, there would definitely be something terrible.


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