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Chapter 389 The Terrifying Existence


  Having decided to clear away all the skeletons in front of him, Mu Yi didn’t reserve his strength. He urged the Xin lamp over his head, and a blue fire dragon suddenly flew out. The skeletons hit by the fire dragon quickly turned to ash. 

  Xin Lu and the other two were stunned and looked at Mu Yi in awe.

  Mu Yi realized that after the fire dragon devoured the skeletons, lamp oil was added to the lamp. His eyes brightened. He suddenly had the impulse to kill all the skeletons since he urgently needed lamp oil to repair the three spells and this seemed to be the best opportunity to get more.

  However, after hesitating for a moment, Mu Yi shook off the impulse and shouted, “Ignore the skeletons. Let’s go!”

  Mu Yi took the lead and rushed along the stone road. Qiu Yuetong’s sword swept away the skeletons on both sides as she followed closely behind. Xin Lu and the other two also felt the crisis getting closer and closer and escaped at top speed.

  A terrifying voice suddenly roared. 

  In spite of Mu Yi’s strong will, he felt like a boat being tossed upon the sea that could be overturned at any moment. It was even worse for the others.

  In this critical moment, the Xin lamp returned to his mind and blocked the storm-like attack.

  Qiu Yuetong grit her teeth and held on, shaking. Xin Lu and the other two were full of fear and froze in place.


  Feeling the crisis getting closer and closer, Mu Yi didn’t care about anything else. A circle of light appeared behind his head as he chanted a Buddhist mantra causing countless swastikas to rise  around him. With the circle of light behind his head, he was like a real Buddha.

  Under the attack of the terrible voice, Qiu Yuetong and others only felt complete darkness in their minds. Their weakening consciousnesses were like a candle’s fire in the wind. Just as they were struggling to resist, a voice suddenly resonated in their hearts. It was loud and full of warmth as it smashed the darkness above their heads. They saw an endless circle of light and felt an unprecedented calm.

  “Let’s go!”

  Mu Yi’s voice pulled them back to reality. Almost without thinking, they quickly followed Mu Yi and disappeared into the distance.

  As they ran, vibrations came from the blue stone road under their feet. Mu Yi turned around and saw a black tentacle-like thing drilling into the Yellow River’s ancient road. It only lasted for an instant before breaking and vanishing.

  “What was that just now? It was horrible!”

  The terrifying existence’s voice had made them feel hopeless as if they were facing certain death. Its strength was beyond their imagination.

  After escaping a certain distance and making sure that the terrifying existence they’d left behind wasn’t chasing them, they slowed down since no one could keep going at top speed for too long. Plus, if they consumed too much energy, they would be in a bad position if they encountered any dangers.

  “Thank you very much for your help.” Xin Lu was more sophisticated and took the lead in thanking Mu Yi. Without Mu Yi, they would have all died. The danger of the Yellow River’s ancient road was beyond their expectations.

  “You are welcome. Everyone should be careful going forward,” Mu Yi said. He was still worried  even though it hadn’t chased them.

  Mu yi noticed that Qiu Yuetong was absent-minded. “Is something wrong?” Mu Yi asked.

  “I’m fine.” Qiu Yuetong shook her head, but anyone could see there was something wrong with her. Since she didn’t want to say more, Mu Yi didn’t ask. Everyone had their own secrets.

  “I remembered a legend,” Xin Lu said, immediately attracting the attention of the group.

  “What legend?” Mu Yi asked.

  “The legend of the Yellow River’s white bone.” Xin Lu continued in deep thought, “It was several decades ago. It is said that the Yellow River was drying up at that time. Then, someone found that there was an army coming up from the mud, an army made up of skeletons. The army carried a coffin, but then, the Yellow River filled with water again and the skeleton army disappeared. At the time, no one believed it.”

  “Skeletons carrying a coffin in the Yellow River?” Mu Yi frowned. He didn’t believe the legend completely, but he didn’t disregard it. After all, the Yellow River’s ancient road had been a legend once and yet they were here now. Moreover, they had been attacked by the skeleton army before, so it was not impossible that the skeletons had been carrying a coffin.

  “Is the legendary skeleton army the one we met? And that horrible existence might be the thing that was in the coffin?” Li Jun blurted out and turned to look at Ouyang Xu. Fortunately, Ouyang Xu extended his hand. If he hadn’t, he would have probably become one of the many skeletons.

  Ouyang Xu didn’t notice Li Jun’s gaze because he had been staring at his left hand.

  “Are you ok?” Li Jun felt a little strange about Ouyang Xu’s actions. At the moment, he looked obviously abnormal.

  Others paid attention to Ouyang Xu. They were also curious about what had happened to him.

  “I…” Ouyang Xu raised his head stiffly, but when he spoke, his clothes, flesh and blood disappeared. Ouyang Xu had become a skeleton without any warning.


  Li Jun was about to come forward. He was shocked. Mu Yi and others also looked at Ouyang Xu in shock, who had become a skeleton. At this moment, it seemed that the air surrounding them was stagnant.

  “This is bad! He became a skeleton!” Xin Lu cried out. After all, Ouyang Xu had been his companion.

  Xin Lu didn’t move. Ouyang Xu was still holding his sword. Some of his instincts seemed to still be there, but they all turned into killing intent.

  Ouyang Xu lifted his hand and swung his sword. A sword of light hit the road in front of them, fast and full of deadly power. Perhaps because he had just become a skeleton, Ouyang Xu still retained most of his strength. 

  Xin Lu was experienced. As soon as Ouyang Xu had become a skeleton, he had been on guard. When Ouyang Xu suddenly attacked him, he quickly clapped his hands against the sword of light.

  When the sword of light dissipated, the flexible sword in Ouyang Xu’s hand suddenly bent and swung towards one side. At the same time, Li Jun brandished his knife fiercely. When Ouyang Xu had become a skeleton and attacked Xin Lu, everyone knew that the real Ouyang Xu was dead and they were facing a skeleton with most of Ouyang Xu’s strength.

The flexible sword was knocked out of Ouyang Xu’s hand and his body swayed. Li Jun’s knife fell down and cut Ouyang Xu in his shoulder mercilessly, cutting off his sword arm.

Xin Lu slapped Ouyang Xu on the chest, and Ouyang Xu’s chest began to break inch by inch starting from the point of impact. Then, he fell to the ground.

Li Jun wouldn’t spare him and was ready to cut him in the neck. After all, Ouyang Xu had become a skeleton and this was the only way to eliminate the threat, but Mu Yi suddenly stopped him.

“Wait a minute.”

When Mu Yi’s voice came, Li Jun’s knife barely stopped from slicing through Ouyang Xu’s neck. Li Jun looked at Mu Yi with puzzled eyes.

Xin Lu and Qiu Yuetong looked at him as well.

Mu Yi ignored their reaction. He watched Ouyang Xu, who was still struggling to get up. Then, he threw out a meditation body charm. Ouyang Xu froze.

Although Mu Yi was known to be good at charms for a long time, they were still surprised when they saw Mu Yi petrify Ouyang Xu with such ease.

Mu Yi went to Ouyang Xu to observe him carefully. He thought that things were not so simple. Ouyang Xu’s bones were as white as snow, but it was impossible for even the best butcher to achieve such a thing. The bones of the human body should have a kind of tint, except for strong people like Mu Yi who had reached the extreme of physical cultivation and had stepped into the level of golden muscle and jade bone.

Mu Yi touched Ouyang Xu’s bones with his finger, making a sound of gold and stone colliding. The other people gathered around out of curiosity.

“Taoist Priest, what have you found?” Xin Lu asked first.

Mu Yi didn’t answer Xin Lu but kept knocking on Ouyang Xu’s bones. At first, Xin Lu and others hadn’t understood what Mu Yi was doing, but gradually, when they saw black lines emerging on Ouyang Xu’s bones, they were stunned.

The black lines were dense and covered all of Ouyang Xu’s body like a big black net. At last, the black lines came together on Ouyang Xu’s head. The empty skull seemed to fill with a black flame shining out from the eye sockets and looked very strange.

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