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Chapter 390 Blood Evil of A Thousand Years


“What is this?”

Everyone was very curious. The reason why he had checked Ouyang Xu’s bones was that he had a feeling that something was wrong. Now, the facts showed that his feelings were not wrong.

Although Mu Yi didn’t know what these black lines were, he felt a chill. Ouyang Xu’s change was also closely related to the black lines. Mu Yi thought of the black tentacles he had seen at a glance.

Ouyang Xu’s bones suddenly trembled violently, and the black flame in his head burst out. The meditation body charm pasted on his forehead began to burn. Xin Lu and others immediately stood on guard to prevent Ouyang Xu from suddenly hurting people.

However, Mu Yi didn’t care. He just focused on the black material that gave him a very evil feeling. Seeing that the meditation body charm was about to be burned out, Mu Yi stopped hesitating. With a wave of his right hand, a blue flame fell on Ouyang Xu’s bones.

Ouyang Xu’s bones were wrapped in the Nanming Li Fire turned to ashes, despite his struggle.

Mu Yi felt the increase in lamp oil in the Xin lamp but was not happy. After all, compared to a seventh-grade, first-class expert, the lamp oil was far less valuable.

Xin Lu and Li Jun had a trace of sadness on their faces. The three had been partners. Even though they had prepared for all kinds of accidents, Ouyang Xu had died in such a dark way as soon as they entered the Yellow River’s ancient road. They hadn’t even touched the shadow of the treasures.

But ultimately, Ouyang Xu died because of his carelessness. If he hadn’t reached out, he would not have turned into a skeleton.

“Let’s move on.” Mu Yi got up. There was only one way to go. He didn’t know how the other teams were doing at the moment or what danger was ahead.

Hearing Mu Yi’s words, the others nodded in silence and began to move forward more carefully.

Mu Yi didn’t know how long the stone road was or how far it was to the end. The only thing he could do now was to keep going.


Just as they were walking carefully, there was a dull sound in front of them. They stopped at once and were all on guard.


Another dull sound came, and it seemed closer.


“Be careful, something is coming.” They looked ahead carefully.

Finally, a figure appeared in their sights.



“What is it?”

A black figure appeared looking both stiff and thin like a piece of dry wood. Before they could figure out what it was, the black shadow suddenly moved so fast that it came to Qiu Yuetong and grabbed her in a blink of an eye.


Qiu Yuetong’s long sword came out of its sheath like a flash of lightning. It was fast, accurate and ruthless as it stabbed into the heart of the shadow.

However, the sword did not pierce the black shadow but suddenly curved instead. The sharp fingers of the black shadow had almost touched Qiu Yuetong’s face. Fortunately, Qiu Yuetong pulled away at the critical moment and avoided it.

Xin Lu and Li Jun surrounded the black shadow on both sides. Li Jun cut at its head with his knife while Xin Lu lowered his body and hit the black shadow’s heart with his palm.

Suddenly attacked, the black shadow retreated two steps. It seemed to have fallen into an unfavorable situation, but it was Li Jun and Xin Lu who seemed most surprised. Li Jun felt as if his knife had tried to cut stone. No, something even harder than stone with his knife leaving only a small scrape on it. Xin Lu’s palm had achieved even less, having done no damage at all. A word appeared in the two people’s minds at the same time: invulnerable.

With the black shadow having stopped moving temporarily, Mu Yi and the other’s saw its appearance clearly. It looked to be a mummy with deep sunken eyes and hard skin like old bark, with black hair all over its body and sharp fingers.

When the mummy stopped, he suddenly became angrier. It saw Mu Yi was nearest so it turned to Mu Yi. Mu Yi smashed at it with a fist. Although he had no weapon in hand, his fist was the best weapon. He didn’t reserve any strength. The circle of light flashed behind his head, and his fist glowed with his condensed fist energy.

With a loud noise, the whole stone road seemed to be vibrating. The mummy was blown away by the punch, but immediately got up after falling to the ground. Except for a shallow fist mark on its chest, there was no damage.

Mu Yi frowned, but he did not wait for the mummy to come back at him. He summoned the Xin lamp and made the mudra. After a while, two fire dragons flew out to entangle the mummy. The fire dragons changed rapidly according to Mu Yi’s mudra and eventually became a fire lotus.

   After being wrapped by the fire lotus, the mummy struggled but was suppressed. However, the mummy in the fire lotus was either not being refined or else the speed of refining was too slow to notice.

   After dozens of breaths, Mu Yi suddenly ended his mudra, causing the fire lotus to dissipate and turn back into two fire dragons before returning to the Xin lamp. Although the mummy looked wounded and had black blood covering its body, it did not turn into ashes having managed to resist the Nanming Li Fire.

For a long time, Mu Yi couldn’t say he was proficient with the lamp, but he was confident in the power of the fire lotus. However, the Nanming Li Fire seemed to have met its bane as the black blood of the mummy had managed to suppress the Nanming Li Fire.

Even though the Nanming Li Fire was not at its peak, its power was terrifying. If ordinary experts got trapped, they would turn into ashes after at most a dozen breaths. Why couldn’t it burn the black blood of the mummy? Did its invulnerability have something to do with the black blood?

Qiu Yuetong came to Mu Yi’s side, “It’s the blood evil of a thousand years.” 

“Blood evil of a thousand years?” 

After entering the Yellow River’s ancient road, Mu Yi had found that Qiu Yuetong had been a little restless. She seemed very unfamiliar with this place but also kind of familiar with it.

“Yes. There are different levels of raising corpses. The blood evil belongs to a higher level. The biggest characteristic of it is that he can’t be hurt by a blade, water, or fire. Ordinary means can’t kill it.” 

“Water and fire do not hurt it?” Mu Yi sneered. He didn’t believe that there was anything that couldn’t be hurt by fire or water provided the flame or water was strong enough. He believed that if the Nanming Li Fire were at its peak, it would definitely turn the blood evil into ashes.

But for now, there was still something else he could try.

Thinking of this, Mu Yi shook his body and went to the mummy. Taking advantage of its unpreparedness, Mu Yi hit it in the chest again, aiming to force it outside the stone road.

   The mysterious force that blocked the river’s waters from pouring in did not stop the mummy, so it was smashed into the surging river.

Mu Yi and the others stared at the mummy in the river, but it didn’t turn to bones. The mummy struggled violently, but it seemed unable to swim, so it went farther and farther and finally disappeared from sight.

Although the threat of the mummy had been removed, they were not relieved. Before they had gotten far, they had met a skeleton army, the terrifying existence, and the blood evil of a thousand years.

If Mu Yi hadn’t been smart enough to knock the mummy into the river, they would have paid a great cost to kill it because of its hard body. Only strong experts that had reached perfection could really hurt it.

“I think we should talk.” Having solved their immediate problem, Mu Yi did not move forward but instead looked at Qiu Yuetong.

Xin Lu and Li Jun looked at the two in confusion. In their view, Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong were supposed to be together. After all, they were both dressed as Taoists. Maybe they were martial brothers, but judging by Mu Yi’s words, it seemed that things were not as simple as they had thought.

Qiu Yuetong raised her head and looked at Mu Yi. Seeing that Mu Yi was not moved, she nodded gently, “Okay, what do you want to know?”

Xin Lu and Li Jun had a very tacit understanding to take the lead in going forward. They had just eliminated the blood evil of a thousand years. According to common sense, there would be no danger for a while, so they left to avoid hearing something they shouldn’t. Although they were also very curious, they knew the rules.

“Your purpose?” Mu Yi asked. 

Based on the fact that Qiu Yuetong had dared to enter the Forbidden City to steal the key, it was imperative for her to enter the Yellow River’s ancient road for some purpose. Mu Yi hadn’t intended to pry into her purpose before, so he had never asked.

However, after they had entered the Yellow River’s ancient road, it seemed that she knew something. If there was no danger, it would have been fine. But now, even Mu Yi couldn’t guarantee that he would reach the end. Thus, Qiu Yuetong couldn’t hide what she knew anymore.

In order to reach the end, Mu Yi had to ask.

“To find a treasure to save people.” 

Qiu Yuetong did not elaborate, but it was enough.

“Do you know the Yellow River’s ancient road well?” Mu Yi asked. 

This question was his major concern.

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