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Chapter 391 Blue Stone Road Broken by a River

“You know about the Yellow River’s ancient road?” 

“I said I don’t know, but you won’t believe it.” Qiu Yuetong took a look at Mu Yi. “I only heard about the Yellow River’s ancient road from my elder. I really don’t know the specifics.”

Mu Yi nodded. It made sense for her elder to have been the one who gave her what knowledge she had. He could have known about the Yellow River’s ancient road and would know that he’d never get the chance to go, so he would not hide this information from Qiu Yuetong.

As it stood, Mu Yi knew nothing about the Yellow River’s ancient road. This was a good opportunity for him to learn what he could from Qiu Yuetong.

“According to the elders, there are six blue stone roads along the Yellow River’s ancient road, which lead to an ancient battlefield.” 

“Ancient battlefield?” Mu Yi was a little surprised. Wasn’t the Yellow River’s ancient road a place of treasure? How did it become an ancient battlefield? Looking at Qiu Yuetong’s expression he knew that she had not lied, and besides, there was no need to cheat him.

“It is that same ancient battlefield to which the Yellow River’s ancient road really leads. It is also called the lost place.” 

“Ancient battlefields, lost places?” 

“Although many ancient myths and stories are false or exaggerated, the once brilliant cultivation story is real. Today, cultivation has become extremely famous. It is said that there was a catastrophe. This lost place was one of the battlefields where the catastrophe broke out. However, danger and opportunity always come together. Although there are dangers here, there are also countless opportunities, skills, supernatural powers, and divine soldiers. However, it is a matter of luck.” Qiu Yuetong said.


“Yes, luck. Although strength also plays a part, it will depend on luck whether or not we can survive.” 

“So you are saying that  even a perfect master will die without enough luck.” 

“Naturally. Perfect masters are very strong when compared to you and me. But in this ancient battlefield, ancient masters walk everywhere. Perfection is common, and people with great abilities are not uncommon. They may have lost their lives long ago, but in many cases, this only makes them more dangerous.” 

Mu Yi smiled bitterly. He had thought that even if the Yellow River’s ancient road was dangerous, he could protect himself. It seems he was too naive. He had never really considered himself lucky or unlucky. The saying about “three different kinds of luck in one day” meant that people’s luck fluctuated even within a single day, so one had to obey fate.

Mu Yi didn’t know whether his life was hard or not when compared to others, but if he were to guess, it was probably hard. Which meant his luck was probably not good, which also meant he had no advantage on the Yellow River’s ancient road. He could only grit his teeth and go on.

“What? Afraid?” Qiu Yuetong suddenly looked at Mu Yi and asked with a hint of sarcasm in her expression.

“Isn’t it normal to be afraid? I haven’t lived enough, so I don’t want to die.” Mu Yi said without any shame. For a man of the world who had been fighting in the world for eight years, Mu Yi thought saving face was a very strange idea. Rather, when something was important, it needed to be anointed with blood, but when something was not important, it was not worth a penny.

“I didn’t expect an expert, the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, would be afraid,” Qiu Yuetong said.

“Miss Qiu’s words are obviously insincere. There are several experts in the world. I’m afraid that even the strongest of the perfect could dare not say they are completely without fear.” Mu Yi shook his head. Although he was proud, he was not arrogant.

Even though he was already a famous Envoy of the Flag, he understood himself well when it came to strength. He was far behind. Unless he could open all his chakras and reach the peak of the second difficulty, he would not be able to stand tall.

“Sooner or later you will be far stronger,” Qiu Yuetong said. 

She knew her family’s business and knew why they could achieve what they had today. Looking back at Mu Yi, when she fought him on Xiaohan mountain, they were evenly matched. Now, he had surpassed her. Plus, Mu Yi was so young. She was confident that in another few years, everyone in the world would know his strength.

Mu Yi didn’t answer. Who could tell the future? Whether they could even get through the present was a mystery.

“How far are we from that ancient battlefield?” Mu Yi asked, looking at Qiu Yuetong.

“There are six blue stone roads on the Yellow River’s ancient road, each of which has three calamities. We went through the first two calamities. After the next one, we will reach the ancient battlefield.” 

“What? This isn’t good.” 

Mu Yi suddenly remembered Xin Lu and Li Jun, who had taken lead. Although not much time had passed, there was no sound coming from ahead. The longer it was silent, the stranger he felt.

He rushed forward. Qiu Yuetong thought for a while and followed him immediately.

They didn’t notice a dark shadow suddenly flashing across the blue stone road behind them just after they left. It looked like a tentacle as it moved along the blue stone road.

Not far ahead, Mu Yi saw Xin Lu and Li Jun, and he was relieved. As long as they were safe, it was the best. After all, they both had the strength of the seventh grade and would be useful on the Yellow River’s ancient road.

If they lost those two, then their previous efforts would be in vain.

“Are you all right?” Though relieved, Mu Yi carefully observed the two men.

When they saw that it was Mu Yi, they immediately lowered their guard. Xin Lu took the lead and said, “There is no danger yet.”

“That’s good. Let’s move on. As long as we get through the last disaster, we will reach the end.” 

Mu Yi didn’t give them a detailed explanation of the ancient battlefield, but he gave them hope.

“We’re near the end?”


Xin Lu and Li Jun were very happy. What they were most afraid of stemmed from the fact that they could not see hope of reaching the end of this blue stone road. They were worried that perhaps there was no end. Now, with Mu Yi’s words, they were relieved. Although there was still a final disaster, they had already experienced two disasters. As long as they worked hard, they could see the treasure.

In the face of the legendary treasure, anyone would be moved.

Mu Yi silently glanced at the two people then the group continued to move forward. Although Mu Yi had been paying attention to these two, he didn’t notice the black flash of their eyes. Even Qiu Yuetong was ignorant of  it.

An hour later, Mu Yi finally knew what the third disaster was. The hard blue stone road was broken by a big river. The river surged then converged with the river outside.

It was strange that even if the blue stone road was broken, there was still a force to protect this area, so that no water poured in. The whole blue stone road seemed to be cut off horizontally by the big river. If they wanted to continue to move forward, they had to cross it.

If it was a common river, several people could cross it with their eyes closed, but this river could turn people into bones. The lesson learned by witnessing Ouyang Xu was still in their minds. Naturally, no one dared to try. But if they wanted to move on, they had to cross the river.

“What do we do?” Li Jun couldn’t help but watch Mu Yi anxiously.

Mu Yi had no good way. He didn’t have the ability to isolate the river, let alone connect the blue stone road.

Mu Yi looked at Qiu Yuetong because she knew more about the Yellow River’s ancient road.

Most importantly, Mu Yi believed that since it was a test, there would be a solution. That was to say, there must be a way to cross the river that acted as a natural moat. Otherwise, if he touched the river, he would become a white boned skeleton.

Qiu Yuetong shook her head. 

Xin Lu became a little anxious, “Are we going back?”

Iit was clear to everyone that there was no way back at this stage, and no one was willing to go back even if there was.

“I’ll try.” Mu Yi pondered for a while, then went to the river. He took a deep breath and hit it with a fist as hard as he could.


The river was overturned and the water surged, but the long river did not break. It was like a rainstorm falling into the sea that quickly disappeared.

Qiu Yuetong came to Mu Yi, and a sharp sword of light came out. She understood Mu Yi’s idea, so she also wanted to try it, but the result made everyone silent. The sword of light separated the water flow, but then it recovered quickly and rushed faster.

Xin Lu and Li Jun used their own methods and finally came back disappointed. It seemed that the river in front of them was really a natural moat that was impossible to cross.

“How did the rest cross the river?” Li Jun couldn’t help asking. There were a lot of them entering the Yellow River’s ancient road. If they really couldn’t cross it, wasn’t everyone wasting their time?

“It’s also possible that we were unlucky and chose a dead end,” said Xin Lu, shaking his head.

“No way. I don’t think so.” Mu Yi suddenly said. His words immediately attracted their attention.

“The Taoist has found a way?” Xin Lu asked in a hurry, while Li Jun looked at him with expectation.

“A theory that needs to be tested.”

“How?” Li Jun asked impatiently.

Mu Yi turned around and whispered. Xin Lu and Li Jun were close to each other. Mu Yi made a sudden move with all his strength. The chakra in the back of his head bloomed, and his fists were flying in the air.

Li Jun was astonished, and Mu Yi’s fists seemed to be slightly floating on their chests.

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