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Chapter 392 True murder


Qiu Yuetong didn’t expect the punch. She had a trace of consternation on her face. She didn’t expect that Mu Yi would attack and that he wanted to kill Xin Lu and Li Jun.

Before she could react, Xin Lu and Li Jun had already fallen. Fortunately, Mu Yi had a good grasp of his power. Although they flew away, they did not leave the scope of the blue stone road, so they did not end up as skeletons.

“Taoist, you…” Xin Lu spat out blood and pointed at Mu Yi with trembling.

Li Jun’s face was gray, as if he knew his fate.

Xin Lu and Li Jun seemed to frighten Qiu Yuetong. She quietly walked a short distance from Mu Yi, holding her a sword and looking alert.

“Do you want to play with me at this time?” Mu Yi looked at Xin Lu and said slowly.

“What do you mean, Taoist Priest?” Xin Lu looked at Mu Yi in amazement, but next to him, Qiu Yuetong frowned slightly, and the doubts on her face became more intense.

“You killed Ouyang Xu, didn’t you?” Although Mu Yi was asking, his tone was extremely assured.

“If the Taoist priest wants to kill me, just kill me. Why should I be wronged? I met Ouyang Xu for the first time only recently, and there was no prior injustice or hatred between us. Why would I kill him?” Xin Lu looked at Mu Yi with a face full of sadness and indignation. He looked wronged.

“You can’t change the fact that you killed Ouyang Xu even if you have a silver tongue.” Mu Yi shook his head.

“Ouyang Xu was clearly killed by the corrosion of the lake outside. What’s it to do with me? Did I ask him to put his hand out?” Said Xin Lu loudly.

“I originally had thought that Ouyang Xu’s death was due to his carelessness and by being contaminated by the water. It was not until I met the blood evil of a thousand years that I began to have doubts,” Mu Yi said slowly.

“I don’t agree. Why do you say that I killed Ouyang Xu? What does it have to do with the blood evil of a thousand years?” Said Xin Lu.

“Of course, it’s related to the blood evil of a thousand years. Do you remember the black lines on Ouyang Xu’s body? At that time, I thought it was something hidden in the lake. I didn’t doubt this until I met the mummy with the blood evil of a thousand years. He had a similar strength to Ouyang Xu, but after he was driven into the river outside, he did not dissolve. Isn’t it strange?” Said Mu Yi.

“You’re so unreasonable. A blood evil of a thousand years mummy is a corpse. The flesh and blood have already changed. Isn’t it normal for it not to be corroded by the river? As for that kind of power, Ouyang Xu was eroded by the river, and that blood evil of a thousand years has been on the Yellow River’s ancient road, which inevitably has something to do with it. What’s it to do with me?” Said Xin Lu.

“What you said is very reasonable. In fact, although I had my doubts about the events surrounding Ouyang Xu’s death before, I didn’t doubt you. I didn’t have any certainty regarding your hand in his death. But now, I am sure that you are the murderer,” said Mu Yi firmly.

Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Xin Lu was shocked. He looked at Mu Yi in a puzzled way. In fact, it was not just him, even Qiu Yuetong looked unsure. Of course, at that moment, she couldn’t fully believe Mu Yi, even if Mu Yi had saved her life. However, she believed in Mu Yi more than Xin Lu and so watched the events unfold coldly, taking no action.

“Why?” Xin Lu was stunned and puzzled.

“Because you were punched by me, and you’re fine,” Mu Yi said with a smile, and they were all shocked.

Qiu Yuetong took a deep look at Xin Lu. Although Xin Lu seemed to be in a mess and spat out blood, a careful look revealed that his aura had not changed much. 

If Xin Lu was just an expert of the seventh grade, how could he be the opponent of Mu Yi? Suddenly, he was attacked with Mu Yi’s full strength. Even if he didn’t die, he would at least be hurt much more than he seemed to be.

“What’s more, you didn’t run away after I attacked, but you argued with me. Do you think that’s normal?” Mu Yi continued. Qiu Yuetong’s face changed as she too recognized the inconsistencies.

Xin Lu’s face turned gloomy, and he finally stopped pretending. He stood up, and Li Jun did the same.

Qiu Yuetong saw this and went to Mu Yi. It was now evident who the enemy was.

As Mu Yi said, it was not easy to bear his fist. Xin Lu and Li Jun were both okay. This was not normal.

“Well, what a good Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Xin Lu looked at Mu Yi and said, “But what’s the matter with you? Wouldn’t it better to pretend that you didn’t know? Otherwise, you’re too smart to be left alive.”

“Is that right? I’d like to see how you will kill me,” Mu Yi sneered and looked at Xin Lu.

“I will kill you myself.” Xin Lu chuckled at Mu Yi. His eyes were dark and his face was covered with black lines like Ouyang Xu had been.

Li Jun was in the same state. Xin Lu chose Mu Yi, and Li Jun chose Qiu Yuetong.

If the previous Xin Lu was a common seventh grade, first class expert, he was now equivalent to a senior level expert and a bit stronger than Mu Yi.

Mu Yi didn’t underestimate him. The blood evil of a thousand years was enough to explain the threat he now faced. Xin Lu was not invulnerable, but he wasn’t far behind it.

Therefore, Mu Yi chose to summon the Xin lamp and encircle Xin Lu with the fire dragon and attempted an attack. Before the impact however, a black light appeared on Xin Lu, blocking the Nanming Li fire. The black light made Mu Yi think of the blood evil of a thousand years.

When Xin Lu saw that the Nanming Li fire could not hurt him, he looked at Mu Yi with ferocity clear on his face.

“Well, just die.”

Mu Yi snorted coldly. He activated the second turn of the secret fire control technique. At the same time, the two fire dragons turned into a fire lotus and wrapped around Xin Lu.

“The blood evil of a thousand years has a thousand years’ foundation. I can do nothing. But you are not enough to compete with the Nanming Li fire,” Mu Yi said in his heart, biting the tip of his tongue and spitting out a mouthful of blood. After a while, the color of the fire lotus became brighter and brighter until it began to take the shape of  a Vermilion Bird spreading its wings.

“Die.” Mu Yi’s heart was fiercer. He saw that the lamp oil in the Xin lamp was consumed in an instant as Xin Lu’s scream came from within the Vermilion Bird’s changing body.

On the other hand, Qiu Yuetong’s sword was full of light, but she couldn’t suppress Li Jun. At best, it was an equal balance of power. Li Jun was completely fearless and fierce. Qiu Yuetong’s sword of light fell on him, but he ignored it and pushed his attack. By contrast, Qiu Yuetong was in a hurry and on the defensive, but holding her own.

Mu Yi didn’t intend to neglect Qiu Yuetong and wanted to quickly defeat Xin Lu. But after seeing that she could still resist, he felt a little relieved.

After the time of more than ten breaths, the sound from the inside of the Nanming Li fire was almost inaudible, but Mu Yi still didn’t relax. After a few more breaths, Mu Yi felt that the last of Xin Lu’s aura was gone. He inaudibly sighed in relief and recalled the Nanming Li fire.

A layer of black ash fell where Xin Lu had once been.

Li Jun didn’t expect him to end up like this. Although Li Jun acted brave and fearless, it didn’t mean that he was truly unafraid of death. After seeing Xin Lu’s death, he chose to run away.

Qiu Yuetong was willing to stop him, but she was stopped by Mu Yi.

“What’s the matter?” Qiu Yuetong looked at Mu Yi a little puzzled. It was like releasing the tiger back into the mountain to let Li Jun go.

“Let’s go.” Mu Yi pulled Qiu Yuetong. To her  surprise, he ran into the broken flow of blue stone road.

When her body fell into the river, Qiu Yuetong showed a trace of despair on her face. She didn’t expect Mu Yi would pull her into committing suicide, but then she found she was wrong because she didn’t feel pain. The river just sent a sharp chill through her, but it was tolerable.

While she was still confused, Mu Yi pulled her across the river. When she arrived on the opposite side of the blue stone road, the river suddenly disappeared leaving only their wet figures.

Qiu Yuetong didn’t care about her situation at all. She stared at Mu Yi incredulously as he ignored the hand he was holding.

Mu Yi did not look at her, but looked at the opposite side. Although there was a river separating the two sides like a wall, the situation on the opposite side was clear.

A scream came from the opposite side. It was Li Jun. Just listening to his scream, they could guess what kind of terrible things he met.

She couldn’t help but take another look at Mu Yi. At this time, Mu Yi’s face was solemn, as if he had expected it.

Finally, Li Jun’s scream disappeared, but the sound of chewing soon broke the silence once more. After a while, Qiu Yuetong shuddered. Maybe because she was wet, she approached Mu Yi subconsciously.

“What?” Qiu Yuetong asked quietly. No matter how powerful she was, she was a woman. In addition, she was pulled into the river by Mu Yi. She thought she was going to die. In an instant, she found that she was safe and the frightening river was nothing. What happened to Ouyang Xu’s hand then?

Qiu Yuetong was in a state of confusion. It was hard to figure it all out. She could see the gap between her and Mu Yi. Although her strength was good, she was just a quick success. Her will was firm, but a lot of things couldn’t be done with just a firm will. At least in terms of experience, she was far less than Mu Yi.

“The real murderer of course includes Xin Lu,” said Mu Yi in a deep voice.

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