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Chapter 393 Terrible Monster



   With only a few words, Mu Yi solved many doubts in Qiu Yuetong’s heart. She was a very intelligent woman. Everything was clear now.

   On the other side of the river, a dark shadow gradually became clear. Even if they had been prepared, when they could see its real appearance clearly, their hearts shook.

   The figure was more than ten feet tall. Its flesh was a dark amalgamation of a human’s torso with tentacles for legs and an alligator’s head. Half of a bloody body was still clamped in its thick jaws. The corpse was barely recognizable as Li Jun.

   As the monster’s eyes fell on Mu Yi, Mu Yi felt that his blood was about to freeze. This feeling did not come from his body, but from his soul, mind and spirit. Fortunately, this feeling came and went quickly. The monster did not cross the river, but left.

   Until the monster left, Mu Yi wasn’t relieved. He gasped heavily. His back was wet and his legs were weak. Qiu Yuetong was not much better than him.

“What was it?” Qiu Yuetong asked in fear.

“I don’t know.” Mu Yi shook his head. The monster put too much pressure on him and made him feel that he would die at any moment. This kind of feeling would not have been felt even if faced by a perfect expert.

   Mu Yi guessed that the monster surpassed his cognition and the level of a perfect expert. It was also likely the owner of that horrible voice from earlier.

   As for why the monster left without eating them, Mu Yi had no idea, but he was not going to complain, instead he was relishing the feeling of still being alive.

“However, the three people of Xin Lu’s group were killed when they entered the Yellow River’s ancient road and became scheduled food,” Mu Yi said slowly.

“You mean, sacrificial offerings?” Qiu Yuetong’s face changed suddenly. At this time, she could not help but think of the sarcastic expressions of his forces. The quotas, perhaps as Mu Yi said, were only scheduled food. Although there were still many questions, Qiu Yuetong believed Mu Yi’s words.

“Who knows?” Mu Yi shook his head. He felt a little sad about the death of the three. At the beginning, he didn’t doubt the three people. After all, they were all selected by him personally, and they also had a little reputation in the world. The three people together could have helped him a lot.

   No one thought that the Yellow River’s ancient road would be so dangerous and full of darkness. 

   When Ouyang Xu’s hand stretched out and his flesh and blood were melted, Mu Yi was really scared and dared not to experiment, but it was precisely because of Ouyang Xu’s encounter that he could not leave the blue stone road.

   Later, countless skeletons came in from the outside, trying to kill him and awakening him to the thought that there might be more dangers outside. If the blood evil of a thousand years had not appeared, Mu Yi would have kept believing that the road was the only safe place. But when he pushed the blood evil of thousand years out and nothing happened, he began to have doubts. After all, he had never heard that the river could only melt the flesh and blood of the living.

   When he used the Nanming Li fire to refine the blood evil of a thousand years, the black substance on its body made Mu Yi think of the black lines all over Ouyang Xu’s body and the things in his head.

   How did Ouyang Xu die? Was it the sudden collapse of his body and the disappearance of all his flesh and blood? If the river was really so terrible, how could this blue stone road be still intact? What about the creatures in the river?

   If it was not the river, where did the problem come from? At least he could be sure that even if there was something wrong with Ouyang Xu, it couldn’t be outside, so he went through it from the beginning to the end, and the only loophole might be the moment when they entered the Yellow River’s ancient road.

   After entering the Light School, Mu Yi lost his sense of Qiu Yuetong and other people for a moment, but the process was so short that he ignored it subconsciously. What if the transience was just his instincts? After all, sometimes instincts could also cheat you.

   Although there was doubt in his heart, Mu Yi didn’t make any accusations initially. Instead, he observed Xin Lu and Li Jun carefully. Their performances could be said to be perfect, but this  actually made Mu Yi even more suspicious. 

When Qiu Yuetong was going to talk about the Yellow River’s ancient road with Mu Yi, they left without any curiosity or hesitation.

   Anyone who entered the Yellow River’s ancient road came for the treasure. There were all kinds of dangers and it was not easy to learn more about the Yellow River’s ancient road. If they were not curious, then it could only mean that they either didn’t care about the danger or they were not concerned with the treasure. 

The most important thing was that Mu Yi felt a slight threat from the two people. Some people were born with a sharp sixth sense which allowed them to detect when someone’s eyes fell on them. Because of the Way of Magic Figures and the unity of Godly Man, Mu Yi was even more sensitive. He could feel it when someone’s heart was malicious towards him, but the signs didn’t appear until they had entered the Yellow River’s ancient road.

   If they had found the treasure, it would be understandable that they had other thoughts in their hearts, but they had been relying on Mu Yi, so why did they have hostility towards him?

   After seeing the breaking of the current, Mu Yi didn’t think that it was the third disaster because if it was the disaster, it could be solved definitely. If Ouyang Xu just stretched out his hand and became a skeleton, then even perfect experts would not be able to survive.

   He had a feeling in his heart that as long as he passed the river, there would be no danger. So where was the third disaster?

   Most Things in the world were not worth over-thinking. Mu Yi was very intelligent from his experiences till this point. So when a series of things linked up slowly and he had eventually arrived at an answer, he decided to attack Xin Lu and Li Jun.

   He had only been 70-80% sure. He remembered Qiu Yuetong’s words about luck, so he decided to gamble as he felt that the threat behind them was getting closer and closer.

   Fortunately, he won his bet in the end. Although it was a pity for Xin Lu, it was a reality. He wouldn’t lose his life due to guilt.

   As for killing the monster to avenge the three people, Mu Yi was not so naive. The monster’s power was far beyond his imagination. Looking for the monster was just looking to die.

   Maybe the purpose of this cutoff was to stop the monster. As for all this, whether it was arranged long ago or for other reasons, it was not something he could find out. The Yellow River’s ancient road and the ancient battlefield were far beyond his imagination. Fortunately, he was lucky this time. If he was ruthless enough, as soon as there was a trace of doubt in his mind, he would have pushed people into the river to verify his ideas, but Mu Yi couldn’t do it which almost put him at serious risk.

   Why did the monster choose Xin Lu’s people as food instead of him and Qiu Yuetong?

In retrospect, whether the one from the ancient city of Dunhuang wanted to join hands or Zai Feng wanted to fight to a finish with him on the ancient Yellow River Road, it seemed sure that he would meet them if he survived. Was there really no connection?

   Monster, cutoff, sacrificial offerings, food, and everything else echoed in Mu Yi’s mind. He felt that he had touched upon something. The truth seemed to be in front of him, but he could not see it clearly.

“Well, let’s go.” Mu Yi turned around and went on with Qiu Yuetong, but his steps were heavy.

   In his sea of knowledge, the Xin lamp rotated slowly and flickered from time to time. After refining Xin Lu, more lamp oil had gained more oil than expected. In this dangerous time, it was helpful for Mu Yi to have more lamp oil.

   So although his heart was a little heavy, he refined the lamp oil to make up for the incomplete runes. With the continuous refining of the lamp oil, one of the incomplete runes quivered slightly and reached perfection causing the other 11 runes to light up. Looking carefully, there were still two old runes that were slightly dim and incomplete.

   It was because of Xin Lu’s strength that Mu Yi could get so much lamp oil and repair an incomplete rune. It was a pity that Li Jun escaped. He might have been able to repair another rune. The more runes that were repaired, the more powerful the Xin lamp would be.

   Of course, if the monster could be refined, the Xin lamp would not only be restored completely, but far surpass the power it had in the past. It was not impossible for the Nanming Li fire to become even stronger. However, this matter could only be thought about. He dared not think about the monster. It was luck that let him survive the last encounter.

   How were the other people? Did they meet the same monster? Thinking about it carefully, Mu Yi disregarded the idea. Although the Yellow River’s ancient road was mysterious, he didn’t believe that every blue stone road had such a terrible monster. Otherwise, no one could survive.

   This might be what Qiu Yuetong said about luck, right? The blue stone road the monster chose was the unlucky one.

   Although he knew that there would be no danger in front of him, Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong did not lose their vigilance. When the river outside the blue stone road decreased gradually and finally dissipated, Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong looked at each other and understood that they had reached the end.

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