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Chapter 395 fire beast


   The arrival of Master Purdue and the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag shocked the group. Everyone’s expressions were different. Some people were surprised and some were grim, but then, some were gloating.

   The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag was injured, but Mu Yi was not happy. Instead, he gained a deeper understanding of the dangers of the ancient battlefield. After all, he knew the power of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. With the magic weapon in his body, he was at the forefront of this group in terms of power.

   However, he didn’t pay much attention to the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. The magma river in front of him, and the coming treasure, was what he was really interested in. Especially as he had done so much to get here.

“Did you meet with danger, Master Purdue?” The old Taoist from Longhu Mountain asked.

“Bad luck,” Master Purdue said with a wry smile, proving Qiu Yuetong’s words.

“Luck is really strange. I took two of the most fortunate descendants from the mountain, but I still lost one person halfway.” The old Taoist from Longhu Mountain shook his head.

“Luck? I have different opinions,” Zai Feng said suddenly, attracting everyone’s attention.

“This so-called luck is, in fact, fate. There is a good fate for the Qing Dynasty, so I am protected. Even if I was the weakest, I would not be in danger,” Zai Feng said loudly.

“Prince Chun means that the fate of the Shaolin Temple is not good?” Master Purdue asked.

“How about the Shaolin Temple compared with Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain?” With the words from Zai Feng, all were silent.

   Even Master Purdue, in the face of Zai Feng’s question, did not argue. The fact was that now the Shaolin Temple was far inferior to Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain especially when Master Purdue had lost an arm. So, despite the fact that Zai Feng had intended to insult him, Master Purdue remained silent.

   At least before the ship of the Qing Dynasty sank, he was the prince and the younger brother of the current emperor. Compared with Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain, he was also a little stronger

  There was some truth in the saying of fate and luck. There were many people in the world who believed in it. If a man’s fate could be controlled for a while, nothing could stop him.

“Ha ha.” Seeing that everyone was speechless, Zai Feng smiled again. The sarcasm in his voice could be understood by anyone.

   Master Purdue’s face filled with anger. Although the Buddhists paid attention to doing good deeds, they also had their own pride.

“What a great opinion Prince Chun has. I only hope that your luck will continue to be good.” Master Purdue retorted. After all, as long as you had eyes, you could see the fate of the Manchu Qing Dynasty. When the last breath of Manchu ended, the world would be turned upside down.

“Well, you don’t need to care about it,” Zai Feng said. 

It was also the main purpose of his coming here. It was said that there was a real dragon here. If he could get it, he would get a better fate. It was not impossible to replace his brother in that case.

   That said, if there was a real dragon, it must be dead. The experts all over the world could band together and still lose to a real dragon.

  They stopped talking. The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag went to one side alone, sat down, and began to adjust his aura. Zai Feng didn’t continue to ask about Master Purdue’s trouble. After all, even if Master Purdue had lost one arm, he was also a perfect expert. It was easier to kill him than to crush an ant.

   The reason why he dared to be arrogant was because of his status as Prince Chun and the protection of Fan Yuan and the old eunuch. However, Zai Feng’s eyes were looking at the woman from the ancient city of Dunhuang constantly. As for his ideas, everyone knew.

   The latter frowned slightly and looked at Mu Yi occasionally. It was clear that she wanted to bring disaster to the East. How could Zai Feng fail to notice her actions when he had been paying close attention to her? Therefore, Zai Feng looked at Mu Yi and became more disgusted.

   If the opportunity presented itself, he would let Fan Yuan kill Mu Yi.

   Mu Yi ignored Zai Feng. At the moment, most of his mind was immersed in the Xin lamp. After one of the runes was repaired, the power of the Xin lamp improved. What’s more, Mu Yi felt that he had more control over the Xin lamp.

   It was a pity that there was still too little lamp oil. He dared not kill too many for fear of provoking a threat he could not handle. Otherwise, he could replenish the lamp oil quickly, so that the remaining incomplete runes could be promptly repaired. Once all the runes were complete, his strength would advance. 

   Time passed slowly. After half a day, Mu Yi felt a slight vibration at his feet and opened his eyes. The magma river had finally changed and had begun to boil violently, as if there was something rising from below.

   The expressions of the onlookers suddenly changed. They became excited to the point of fanaticism.  Mu Yi suppressed the curiosity in his heart and waited quietly.

   Suddenly, the middle of the magma river burst and a shadow leaped out of it briefly before jumping back into the magma once more. Although the shadow disappeared into the magma quickly, Mu Yi still saw it. The creature looked a bit like a pangolin with a red all body and a long tail. The most important thing however, was that it could survive in the magma.

“Fire beast,” Qiu Yuetong said.

“What is a fire beast?” Mu Yi asked, looking at the others. He knew that the fire beast was very important. Otherwise, people would not wait here.

“A fire beast is a special creature that lives in this ancient battlefield, and it is also the biggest chance. There is a kind of core in the body of a fire beast. The more you get, the more treasures you can exchange them for,” Qiu Yuetong said.

“Core? Exchange?” The meaning of the core was obvious, but what exchange? Who were they to exchange with? Was there a transcendental existence in this ancient battlefield?

“Exchange with whom?” Mu Yi asked. Fortunately, the two had been communicating with their spirits, and it was not likely to be heard.

“I don’t know. I just heard that if you want to get treasures in this ancient battlefield, you must get the core of the fire beast first. How many treasures you can get depends on how many fire beast cores you can get.”  

  No wonder the group of people had been waiting.    Mu Yi passed the crowd quietly and found that Zai Feng was eager to try. Maybe in his opinion, he was the most powerful one now, and he should go first.

   Gradually, more fire beasts jumped out of the magma river. It seemed that there were some changes in the magma river that caused them to escape.

   The fire beast was not much bigger than a wildcat. It had webbed palms, a flexible tail, and a sharp forehead. It could swim in the magma freely like a fish in water.

“I would like to take the lead. Do you have any opinion?” Zai Feng said.

“If Prince Chun has the ability, then you can hunt the fire beast,” the old Taoist from Longhu Mountain said slowly.

“Fan Yuan, go. Do not disappoint me.” It was impossible for Zai Feng to go down in person. Otherwise, with his strength, he would be burned to ashes in a moment.

   Fan Yuan nodded and went to the edge, holding the sabre in his right hand and standing with concentration.

   Suddenly, a fire beast leaped out of the magma, and Fan Yuan moved. With a wave of his right hand, there seemed to be a flash of lightning, and the fire beast split. Then, waving his hand again, a metallic net flew out and caught the fire beast. He pulled the net gently and secured the fire beast.

   However, Fan Yuan did not continue to advance, but instead quickly retreated. The light of the magma had caused his face to become bright red. Standing on the edge of the magma river, he had to endure unimaginable heat. The risk was small however for an expert of Fan Yuan’s level, as even if he fell into the magma, he could hold on for a while.

“My Lord, I’m glad I didn’t disgrace myself,” Fan Yuan returned to Zai Feng with the net. After the fire beast died, its body dimmed rapidly. When the last ray of light disappeared, Fan Yuan tapped the fire beast and heard a click. The fire beast cracked like a stone. In the middle of the fire beast’s head, there was a fire-red ball as big as a thumb.

   After seeing the ball, Mu Yi suddenly felt the Xin lamp in the sea of knowledge beating fiercely, and a strong desire rose in his heart to eat the fire beast’s core.

   Mu Yi took a deep breath and suppressed the impulse in his heart. It would be a shame to steal at this time. Besides, there were many fire beasts in the magma river.

   It seemed that Fan Yuan killed a fire beast with ease, but in fact, the real situation was not so simple. It was not difficult to kill the fire beast with a sword of light just a few feet away. Almost all people could do it, but the key was how to take the fire beast out of the magma river after killing it.

   The net in Fan Yuan’s hand was obviously special. They had been prepared for a long time. Although he didn’t know whether the other major forces were ready, Mu Yi was certain that he had not prepared for this.

“Ha ha, what a beautiful fire beast core.” Zai Feng took the fire beast core and laughed loudly. Fan Yuan was full of pride. 

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