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Chapter 396 Giant Tail


“It’s your turn.” Zai Feng said dismissively while he pocketed the fire beast core. It was not the best time to target the fire beasts that were far from the bank. But Zai Feng didn’t care.

   Everyone looked at each other cautiously. Finally, the woman from the ancient city of Dunhuang strode forth, ” Well, if no one else will act, then I won’t stand on ceremony.”

She walked to the side of Magma River. There were only a few fire beasts that could be seen and they were far from the riverbank. fire beasts were so fast that even perfect experts had to expend some effort to catch them. If you couldn’t correctly judge the timing in advance, it would be hard to capture a fire beast. But the expression on her face showed that she was confident.

   After a while, a fire beast leaped out from the river on the woman’s right side. The woman swung her whip and bound it before pulling it from the Magma river with ease and killing it, grabbing its core.

   It seemed that they had an agreement that everyone could only kill one fire beast each time. The old Taoist from Longhu Mountain entwined one with a Buddha duster. The Taoist from Mao mountain killed one with his strong palm. Master Purdue drew one into a Jade bowl. The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag speared one with his sword energy. 

   At this point, Mu Yi knew that it had become a performance to show off their strength. 

   Zai Feng looked at Niu Ben with an expression of disdain. Niu Ben was lucky to get a fire beast core using a long stick and a net.

   Now, the only people who hadn’t gone yet were Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong.

   Mu Yi looked at Qiu Yuetong and nodded. She took a deep breath and came to the riverbank. She grasped the hilt of her sword tightly.

   When a fire beast eventually leaped out of the Magma River, Qiu Yuetong brandished her sword and killed the fire beast. Then, a thin rope flew out of her hand and pulled the fire beast back. 

   When Mu Yi readied himself for his turn, a voice suddenly called out.


   Mu Yi looked around and his face darkened when his eyes landed on Zai Feng. 

“What’s wrong?” Mu Yi said.

“You and Qiu Yuetong were in a group, so only one of your groupgets a turn.” Zai Feng smiled. Actually, no one had agreed on the rule that one group only gets one fire beast core. Zai Feng just wanted to embarrass Mu Yi. No one wanted to get involved so they didn’t lend a hand. After all, if Zai Feng fought with Mu Yi, the others would get more benefits. 

   The woman from the ancient city of Dunhuang stood there watching events unfold with interest.

   Qiu Yuetong tightly gripped the hilt of her sword once more, preparing to help Mu Yi.

“What if I say that I must take a fire beast core?” Mu Yi said slowly.

“Then I will enact justice for the sake of fairness.” Zai Feng said. At the same time, Fan Yuan took a step forward to force Mu Yi to submit.

   However, just when a fight was about to break out, the earth shook. The Magma River tossed up and roiled, attracting everyone’s attention. Any intent to fight was abruptly quenched.

   Many fire beasts were jumping out of the river in a panicked state. Everyone took position in preparation to kill the fire beasts.

   Mu Yi took a look at Zai Feng and saw that Fan Yuan and another had gone to kill the fire beasts. The old eunuch had left as well.

   Mu Yi sighed. Without the old eunuch there, it would have been a good chance to kill Zai Feng. What’s more, it seemed that the woman from the ancient city of Dunhuang planned to gain fire beast core first. But, circumstances being what they were, Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong could only begin to kill the fire beasts.

   As it was, everyone tried their best to fight the fire beasts. Mu Yi called out the Xin lamp which offset the rolling heat he had been feeling.

   When the Xin lamp appeared, several people saw it. Fan Yuan was one of them. It seemed that he knew of the artifact. Actually, Mu Yi had wanted to work with Fan Yuan, who intended to enter Yellow River’s ancient road, before. 

   Mu Yi had guessed the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag and the woman from the ancient city of Dunhuang would look at him upon bringing out the Xin lamp. But what attracted Mu Yi’s attention the most was the look of deep contemplation that came from the old Taoist.

   Despite these looks however, no one came to trouble him. Not even Zai Feng. Because of this, Mu Yi was able to give his all in killing the fire beasts.

   Under the control of Mu Yi, two fire dragons flew out and twisted lightly, killing a fire beast and collecting its core.

   After killing a fire beast, the lamp oil also increased a little and the Xin lamp showed a strong desire to devour the core.

   With a little hesitation, Mu Yi threw the core to the Xin lamp. He knew the core could be exchanged for treasures, but his main purpose was to recover the Xin lamp. As long as the Xin lamp recovered, his strength would greatly increase. For Mu Yi, it was more important to recover the Xin lamp than to exchange the cores for treasures. 

   After devouring the fire beast core, Mu Yi felt that the fragmentary symbols recovered quickly, but a single fire beast core was not enough. Mu Yi began to speed up, increasing the number of cores he gained. All of them were devoured by the Xin lamp.

   After devouring seven cores, the Xin lamp quivered and a fragmentary symbol recovered, increasing the power of the Xin lamp.

   Mu Yi continued to kill the fire beasts and recover the Xin lamp. He could feel a strength rising in the Xin lamp. The last fragmentary symbol recovered slowly as it required more energy to fully repair. The Xin lamp devoured more than ten cores, but it still couldn’t completely recover. What’s more, the fire beasts were becoming more and more difficult to kill, which slowed down his efficiency. At the same time, Mu Yi felt something dangerous coming from the deep river.


   Suddenly, the river burst and a giant fire dragon came out. The Taoist from Mao mountain was the first one to turn and fight. His right hand turned into jade as he fiercely rushed at the fire dragon at full strength.


   His right hand collided against the giant fire dragon. Then a figure flew out. It was the Taoist. He molten shell covering the giant fire dragon and revealed its giant tail.

   The Taoist obstructed the huge tail for a bit, but then the tail continued to attack. The old Taoist from Longhu mountain, Fan Yuan, and the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag were in range of its attack. They had no choice but to fight back.

   The white silks, sword of light, and evil spirits collided with the giant tail at the same time,  making the earth tremble once again. Then three figures flew back.

After that, the giant tail continued its arc and smashed the rocks before coming to rest in the magma river.

    Seeing this, everyone chose to retreat. The giant tail was so terrifying that the strongest experts there could only barely resist. If the giant tail attacked wildly, no one could stop it.

   Mu Yi was upset and cast a regretful look at the fire beasts in the distance. The Xin lamp was close to recovery, but in the current situation, it was impossible to continue gathering their cores. That giant tail had proved to be more powerful than any fire beast.

   Suddenly, Qiu Yuetong put something round in Mu Yi’s hand. Mu Yi looked and was stunned for a moment before looking at Qiu Yuetong.

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