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Chapter 398 Perfect Level


   While the three took the opportunity to launch their attack, Mu Yi was wrapped within a fire lotus, watching the experts’ attacks as the fight escalated. He paid particular attention to the sword of Qiu Yuetong, which was elegant as it was powerful. Looking on he couldn’t help but think of the image of a sword immortal.

   At the moment, having gathered both energy and spirit, Qiu Yuetong’s sword was no worse than the attack of those experts who had achieved the perfect level. Of course, this was only the case for those experts who did not use a magic weapon. After all, a magic weapon was enough to widen the gap between them.

  The fire beast king had the upper hand in the fight. There was obviously a scar on his tail made by the sword of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, and there were also some light handprints and scars across his whole body.

   However, these injuries were not even considered minor injuries for the huge fire beast king. It was much more difficult to kill it than one may believe. However, it made sense. If someone could kill it at will, so many top fighters would not choose to join hands.

   In the moment when the fire beast king knocked the others away, Qiu Yuetong and the two by her side launched an attack on the fire beast king one after another.

   The target of Qiu Yuetong’s flying sword was the eyes of the fire beast king. Unfortunately, at the critical moment, the eyes of the fire beast king would always snap shut.


   The long sword was bent, and a series of sparks flew about.

   The emaciated man belonging to Zai Feng’s group came to the head of the fire beast king, with a dark dagger in his hand, and stabbed the weak part of the fire beast king’s jaw.

   The long whip of the masked woman in the ancient city of Dunhuang hit against the fire beast king but seemed to have no effect on the creature. If one looked carefully however, she was hitting on the palm print left by the middle-aged Taoist priest in Mao Mountain. The tip of the long whip was sharp, constantly stabbing into the body of the fire beast king. She kept hitting it in order to build up minor injuries on it.

   The king of fire was suddenly attacked and felt pain. He could not help shaking his head.

   Qiu Yuetong felt the quake and came back with a graceful figure.

   The emaciated man felt fear in front of the massive jaws of the gargantuan beast.. His body shook and disappeared.

   Because of the long whip, the masked woman from the ancient city of Dunhuang was the furthest away and safest.

   The three attackers had succeeded in arousing the anger of the beast king. The fire beast king opened his mouth as a fiery light began to glow in its throat, and the temperature around it also increased. At this time, a figure suddenly dropped from the sky. It was the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. The mask on his face had already disappeared, and he didn’t care that he was seen.

   In his hand, he still held his frightening sword and he hit the head of the king of beasts with the blade.

   In this attack, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag seemed to have exhausted all his strength. With the magic weapon in his hand, even though the fire beast king was extremely powerful, its huge head still hit the ground, and its mouth just opened was closed now.

  The long sword of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag was pushed deeper into the head of the fire beast king.


   Suddenly, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag roared. Behind him, a white tiger appeared, and roared as if to mirror him.


   The white tiger roared and the magma River boiled causing an invisible wave to sweep out. Several of the experts were focused on it. No one dared to be careless.

   The emaciated man was in a trance, and came out of the shadow in embarrassment. The masked woman from the ancient city of Dunhuang retreated and frowned.

   In the middle of the sky, Qiu Yuetong’s body trembled, and suddenly blood gushed out.

   At the same time, the old Taoist around Zai Feng stood in front of Zai Feng, and Zai Feng’s chest suddenly appeared a burst of light, enveloping him in it.

  The young Taoist in Longhu Mountain and the maid in the ancient city of Dunhuang gushed blood because of their weak strength.

   Mu Yi’s fire lotus rippled gently all over his body, resisting the voice. However, he swayed and hugged the fallen Qiu Yuetong. It was strange that the fire lotus didn’t hurt Qiu Yuetong, and even protected her.

   However, at this time, the twelve symbols in the Xin lamp were finally integrated, forming a symbol that was dozens of times more complex. The symbol was a bit of bronze, and it seemed as though it was real. It gave Mu Yi a heavy and reckless feeling through his mind induction.

   After a long time, memories rushed into Mu Yi’s mind and informed him how to completely control the Xin lamp.

   What was an expert at the perfect level?

   It represented the harmony of one’s own body, not leaking Qi, and self-control in a subtle way. If you chose to do so, you could even control the beating of your heart, the flow of blood, and the viscera. This was controlling the subtleties.

   Of course, the whole body’s strength could also be condensed. One percent of your strength could exert 30% or even more of your actual power. You could keep yourself at your peak stamina and combine your heart with Qi and Qi with your spirit and energy. In this way, you could be called an expert of the perfect level.

   In fact, the most powerful aspect of experts at the perfect level was control. When it came to internal Qi and mental power, they were not much superior to the senior level. But they would not waste any power, and control all their energies freely, so the strength they could exert would naturally be stronger.

   Therefore, to some extent, Mu Yi already had the foundation to become an expert at the level of perfection. As long as he practiced and gradually integrated his spirit, Qi, and energy, sooner or later he would come to this step. However, he had only opened four chakras at the moment, and there was still a long way to go to achieve real perfection. That said, this did not mean that he could not demonstrate the power of perfection in advance.

   Previously, he assumed that after the full recovery of the Xin lamp, it would help him to use power at the perfect level. Now with the complete recovery of the Xin lamp, he found this speculation to be true.

   Mu Yi felt that his mind and the symbol were integrated together, and the Xin lamp also returned to his sea of knowledge. After which Mu Yi suddenly felt a kind of enlightenment, as well as a kind of control over himself. This feeling was the same as the level of perfection!


   At this time, a cry of a rosefinch rang out, only to see the fire lotus wrapped in Mu Yi begin to change and become a blue rosefinch. It floated above Mu Yi’s back with its wings down to protect him.

   The white tiger roared and the red finch crowed before charging into this ancient battlefield.

   He had been forbearing for a long time, and finally chose to fight.


   He pointed at the fire beast king and saw the red sparrow behind him suddenly flapping its wings. In a flash, he came to the hover over the king of the fire.

   At this time, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag made his body shake and disappeared directly.


    Vermilion Bird fell down and directly covered the fire beast king. Then, the Nanming Li Fire exploded. The horrible temperature spread out, making the whole platform seem as though it was burning. The fire beast king let out a pained roar.

   Under the siege of the experts there, Mu Yi’s attack had finally hurt the fire beast king, but the battle had only begun.

   With the Vermilion Bird’s bravado, Mu Yi suddenly attracted a lot of attention. All of them were either surprised or shocked at the moment.

   Zai Feng was the most shocked. Watching Mu Yi show his power, he felt ashamed. The stronger Mu Yi was, the stronger his anger was, and the fiercer his killing intent was.

   In addition to Zai Feng, Fan Yuan also looked at Mu Yi with fear. He had personally experienced the power of the Nanming Li Fire previously. But at that time, the Nanming Li Fire was much weaker than it was now. It would not be so easy for him to defeat Mu Yi now.

   The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag looked at Mu Yi from afar, and wanted to fight with him. If not for the timing, he would have fought with Mu Yi immediately. This was a fight between him, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag and Mu Yi, the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. 

   As for the rest of them, after seeing the power Mu Yi wielded, they had more confidence in themselves. After all, the goal of the whole group was to kill the fire beast king.

   The fire beast king finally opened its mouth, and a red flame burst out. It wasn’t an attack, but rather restrained the Nanming Li Fire. It was not that the Nanming Li Fire was not as good as the fire from the fire beast king, but that the fire beast king liked the fire. It could live and play in the magma, and its resistance to fire was strong.

   Therefore, the Nanming Li Fire caused some damage to the fire beast king, but the damage was not as serious as expected.

   However, its struggle was the clearest signal that the beast king was indeed injured. As long as they worked hard, they could kill it.

   Therefore, after the Nanming Li Fire vanished, people began to attack it again. Everyone tried their best. Master Purdue and the old Taoist of Longhu Mountain were responsible for restraining the actions of the fire beast king.

   The middle-aged Taoist in Longhu Mountain cooperated with the masked woman from the ancient city of Dunhuang to cause more wounds across the body of the fire beast king.They managed to accumulate more and more injuries on it, waiting for the chance to finish it off.

    The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag and Fan Yuan were good at attacking. They attacked the fire beast king together as well.

   Niu Ben, the emaciated man, and Qiu Yuetong were the weakest. They could only wait for the opportunity to harass the beast.

   As for Mu Yi, he was also close to the fire beast king. His fist was more refined. He had the Nanming Li Fire. When the fire beast king fought back and everyone retreated, he would gather a Vermilion Bird to attack the fire beast king. Several times, the fire beast king’s body had been scarred, and his breath was weakening. He would never regain his previous prestige.

   The fire beast king would have liked to eat those small beings that hurt it. But the cooperation between them was more and more tactic. Several bursts of power had wounded them as well, but the injury caused by them to it was more serious.

  Now, the powerful fire beast king was gradually falling into the disadvantageous position under the siege of these people. It seemed that it was not far from being killed. Maybe in the next moment, or after another round of attacks, the fire beast king would be killed.


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