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Chapter 399 The King of Fire Beasts — Death



Although the fire beast king was not intelligent, it still had a strong instinct for survival. Originally, it had thought that the beings who had intruded on its domain were merely a group of tasty morsels. It hadn’t expected that not only would its teeth be broken, but that even its life would be at risk. A feeling of danger crept up within the fire beast king and it finally chose to escape.

For the fire beast king, this fear and pain were new. It was the undisputed lord of this area and no one had ever made it feel like this. Although it had been slow to react, it had finally realized that it was no match for these tiny invaders.

“Look out, it’s going to run!” Master Purdue suddenly cried out. The jade mortar over his head was still emitting light in order to cover the fire beast king, so he was the first to detect the change in the fire beast king.

“Don’t let it escape.” The old Taoist of the Longhu Mountain also shouted with a dignified face. The white threads from the Buddha duster in his hands fiercely multiplied, and they entangled the lower body of the fire beast king layer by layer.

The rest of the group also recognized the change in the fire beast king and did not reserve their strength any longer. They took out their own unique skills. They had already made it this far.. If the fire beast king escaped, they would be just one step short of success. If the fire beast king entered the Magma River again, there would be no way to beat it regardless of the strength of those present..


The middle-aged Taoist priest of Mao Mountain who had been circling around the fire beast king suddenly shouted. All of a sudden, continuous explosions rang out around the fire beast king. Though the flesh of the fire beast king was like rock, holes were now seen covering its body. However, there was no blood.

The most peculiar thing about fire beasts was that they didn’t have any blood. If they died, their bodies would turn into solid stone. The huge fire beast king was no exception. It was beaten so badly, but there was no blood flowing out. However, its huge body had begun to shake after the explosions.

But the fierce attacks were far from over. After the middle-aged Taoist of Mao Mountain had finished attacking, the masked girl from the ancient city of Dunhuang lashed her long whip, which made a loud cracking noise and thrashed the fire beast king. The worn body of the fire beast king began to emit smoke, and the original wound began to worsen.


The fire beast king felt the pain and roared with a loud voice, struggling more violently than before.


Even though the Buddha duster of the old Taoist of the Longhu Mountain was a magic tool, it still couldn’t restrain the fire beast king for long. With its struggles, the white threads broke continuously. Even the jade mortar over Master Purdue’s head was shaking like it might fail at any moment.

The tail of the fire beast king abruptly became red and swept directly towards the old Taoist priest of Mao Mountain and Master Purdue.


All of a sudden, there was a rumble of thunder, and then Mu Yi could only see a ray of grey sword light and hear a tiger roaring.

Even if he didn’t see who had attacked, Mu Yi knew that it was the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. Only he could cut with such a shocking strength.


The fire beast king roared even more furiously. Mu Yi could see a broken tail thrown high before falling into the Magma River.

After this stroke, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag retreated. His face was pale and his eyes were closed tightly. The long sword full of evil spirits was already in its sheath.


Fan yuan roared at the same time. He jumped on the back of the fire beast king and stabbed it with a long knife. He thrust it deeply along the original wound.

The emaciated man, Niu Ben, and even Qiu Yuetong had not missed this opportunity and made full use of what they had learned. Even though they could only cause slight damage, they could play a certain role.

Mu Yi had been accumulating strength. Although his unique skill was powerful, it had too many limitations. Due to this, it could not be compared with those skills of the real perfect-stage experts. At the very least, his foundation was far inferior and lacking the ability to continuously attack was a major weakness.

Therefore, Mu Yi would have to prepare for a period of time before each attack. After the people took their turns to attack, Mu Yi reached out his hand again and a lifelike Vermilion Bird cried out and collided with the fire beast king.

The fire beast king, who had been rushing forward, was immediately hit and lurched back.

At this time, the jade covered middle-aged Taoist priest of Mao Mountain came up to the behemoth and lightly jumped. He then slapped toward the head of the fire beast king. This palm seemed to be weightless and without any strength. Even the attack from Niu Ben seemed more powerful than it.

However, the eyes of the fire beast king suddenly widened. From its eyes, Mu Yi could feel panic or even despair.


Master Purdue said in a low voice, and the jade mortar over his head smashed heavily on the head of the fire beast king.

“Good heavens.” As soon as the old Taoist of Longhu Mountain put the Buddha duster back, he made a gesture with his fingers like a blooming lotus and came to the fire beast king in a flash. His fingers fell on the forehead of the fire beast king.

Mu Yi could clearly feel that the breath of the fire beast king was falling rapidly and there was no room for recovery, so he stopped fighting and just watched quietly.

The rest of those present could also see that the fire beast king was near its end. At last, smiles of relief appeared on the faces of everyone. Through such a long fight, almost everyone had done their best. If the fire beast king had escaped, it would definitely have been a pity. Fortunately, they succeed.

However, when the breath of the fire beast king fell to the lowest point and people thought it was dead, a violent breath suddenly came out.

“Watch out!”

Someone yelled, and then everyone turned around and ran away. Mu Yi only had time to catch Qiu Yuetong and pull her away. At the same time, the Xin lamp was suspended over his head. Mu Yi was unsure of what was about to happen, but acted on instinct.


Just as Mu Yi turned around to protect Qiu Yuetong, a loud noise burst forth. Then, like an earthquake, rocks fell from above of his head while the ground shook. Then suddenly, the broken body of the fire beast king was propelled by a huge force and shot at them..

“Bang! Bang! “

Mu Yi only felt a huge force coming from behind, and the defensive cover formed by the Xin lamp suddenly rippled. Although it didn’t break, the force still made him fall directly to the ground. Mu yi didn’t fight against the force pushing him to the ground, since standing there would make him a more likely target for attacks as opposed to lying on the ground.

Fortunately, the event came and went quickly. Mu Yi was on the edge of the battlefield and he had been quick to react, so he hadn’t been hurt at all. He had been a little shocked at worst.

Qiu Yuetong had been protected by him, so she hadn’t got hurt either. But when he had fallen down, she seemed to have acted as a cushion for him. No wonder it had felt so soft.

Mu Yi raised his head, and there was still a sweet fragrance in his nose. Qiu Yuetong was a little stiff. Even with the layer of the human skin mask, it could still be seen that her face had turned red. Those bright eyes made Mu Yi subconsciously ignore the human skin mask she was wearing at the moment and made him want to immerse himself in them forever.

However, Mu Yi quickly shook the feeling off. He sobered up in the next moment and quickly got up from her. At this time, the storm had passed, but the platform had become covered with large stones. One of them was less than half a foot away from Mu Yi. If it had deviated a little bit, it might have directly hit Mu Yi.

With the weight of the stone, Mu Yi estimated that even if he could bear it, he would be hurt.

“The core of the fire beast king.” Mu Yi suddenly realized. Those present had made their efforts to kill the fire beast king just for it. At present, although the fire beast king finally died, the core could still be preserved. Even if it had been broken, it was enough to attract people to fight for it.

As for the so-called distribution according to merit mentioned at the beginning, no one would take it seriously. Even when Mu Yi had just got up, someone had been quickly walking across the platform, looking for the core or its fragments.

At this time, Qiu Yuetong suddenly extended her hand and a nail-size splinter of the core was lying there quietly. It was red and looked crystal clear. Even Mu Yi could feel the eagerness of the Xin lamp.

“Protect yourself.” Mu Yi nodded to Qiu Yuetong. Then he moved and joined the others to search.

After seeing the fragment in Qiu Yuetong’s hand, he was already sure that the core had been broken. The most important thing now was to see who could find more.

Mu Yi used his mental power but it was a pity that Mu Yi’s mental strength was not as good as that of true perfection-stage experts. Although his strength had reached this level, his mental strength was still much worse. Fortunately, he had continued to exercise it, so although it was not as strong as those perfection-stage experts, he could use it at will.

Soon, Mu Yi found a fragment inlaid on a stone. When he got the fragment, Mu Yi saw Fan Yuan’s eyes flickering in the distance.

Everyone joined in the search. Even Zai Feng was no exception. Under the protection of the old eunuch, he was searching for fragments. During this period, Mu Yi had found seven more fragments, which was neither good nor bad..

In addition to the first piece, Qiu Yuetong had found another 11 pieces. Even the first piece had flown into her hands automatically. This luck made Mu Yi envious, but it couldn’t be helped.

Qiu Yuetong was lucky, Mu Yi had only well wishes for her. Besides, he owed her several fire beast cores from before, but he couldn’t say the same for the others and finding fragments couldn’t be concealed.

The fire beast king had exploded in all directions. That was to say, the fragments of the core were scattered everywhere. However, everyone knew that more should have fallen into the Magma River and then sunken. Although they felt pity, no one was stupid enough to look for them in the river.

When all the pieces that could be found were found, the atmosphere on the platform suddenly changed and the situation seemed to be on the verge of conflict.

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