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Chapter 400 The Fifth Chakra



When Mu Yi returned to Qiu Yuetong, Fan Yuan happened to be standing at the entrance. On the other side, the emaciated man was hiding in the shadow of a stone. At the last corner of the triangle formation, Zai Feng was staring at him wearing a strange smile next to the old eunuch.

“Good. Do you remember what I said before we came in?” Zai Feng looked at Mu Yi and said directly.

“What if I do and what if I don’t?” Mu Yi said without fear.

“If you remember it, hand over the woman behind you and the fragments in your hand. If you don’t, I will let you remember again.” Zai Feng said loudly and exposed the identity of Qiu Yuetong. It must have been the old eunuch beside him who had told him. After all, Qiu Yuetong had tried her best when fighting. If the other side could not recognize her, he would be too worthless.

At the moment, Zai Feng looked like he was sure he could defeat Mu Yi. Although Mu Yi had the strength of perfection, Zai Feng was not afraid. Because in his opinion, it was not difficult to kill Mu Yi with so many helpers. Especially at this time, Niu Ben had quietly come to him and was looking at Mu Yi coldly.

Mu Yi didn’t know whether Niu Ben had joined Zai Feng’s group early before or he had chosen to surrender, but it was certain that he and Mu Yi had become enemies.

Now, it was enough for Zai Feng to have Fan Yuan in the realm of perfection, the old eunuch who had almost reached perfection, and the two senior experts to deal with Mu Yi.

As long as Fan Yuan could entangle him for a moment, Qiu Yuetong was likely to be killed by Niu Ben and the emaciated man. This would still be the case even if the old eunuch did not take action. If the old eunuch did make a move, Qiu Yuetong would be dead for sure.

“Really? I have something to say to you. “Mu Yi said.

“Oh, what is it?”Zai Feng asked.

“When a man gets angry, he will kill. Believe it or not, I’ll kill you at the cost of my life and let Manchu lose its prince. “Mu Yi’s eyes showed a trace of killing intent. No one could ignore the threat of a strong man in the realm of perfection, even if Zai Feng was sure to win.

“You?” Although he said this, Zai Feng took a step back and didn’t look at Mu Yi until he was sure of his safety.

“Of course, even if I can’t kill you, it’s okay to seriously hurt the bodyguards around you. Do you think that no one will take advantage of such an opportunity?” Mu Yi confidently said. In fact, it was better not to fight if he could. Because he was not sure he would win. As for the masked woman from the ancient city of Dunhuang, although she had said she wanted to ally with him and kill Zai Feng, who knew if she would use him? She might join the fight when he and Zai Feng were both wounded.

He hadn’t fully believed her, but it was no problem to use her as a threat. Zai Feng was a suspicious person and used his own logic to speculate about others’ actions. If someone was seriously hurt, would he take advantage of it? Absolutely.

Because of this, he thought that others would do the same. If Fan Yuan was injured, someone might come out to attack him. After all, he had collected many fragments.

When Zai Feng looked back, he found that everyone was looking at them, so he became more certain. Therefore, he hesitated for a moment but still didn’t order Fan Yuan to attack. In his opinion, this was not the right time. He would kill Mu Yi when he was alone.

Zai Feng had already sentenced Mu Yi to death in his heart. Sooner or later, he would be killed. As for Qiu Yuetong, she was also a dead woman.

Zai Feng didn’t fight for the fragments, so it was impossible for others to do it. There was a flash of disappointment in the eyes of the masked woman from the ancient city of Dunhuang.


At this time, the giant peak rocked again, giving the sensation that it would collapse at any time. The Magma River was boiling. Opposite to the magma River, a gap appeared looking like a monster’s maw. It was dark inside the gaping hole..

“Finally.” Master Purdue said happily.

At this time, no one mentioned the average distribution, so it was natural that whoever got it could own it. Everyone was looking at the sudden crack, their eyes ablaze.

Mu Yi looked at the crack and then the faces of the people. He pondered in this heart. It should be the last entrance. If he wanted to get the treasure, he needed to exchange the fire beasts cores for it. However, he had to cross the river first.

“Everyone, I’m going first.” The old Taoist of the Longhu Mountain, who had been calm all this time, couldn’t help getting excited at last. He grasped the young Taoist beside him and jumped towards the opposite side. The magma river was only about ten feet wide. For the strong experts in the perfect stage, this distance was nothing. Even if he grasped a person in his hand, the old Taoist still fell steadily at the crack. He then flashed into it and disappeared.

“Now that we are here, let’s go.” Master Purdue said, whipping his empty sleeve, and he crossed the Magma River.

Next, people crossed the river one after another without humbleness.

“Do you remember our alignment?” After everyone else left, the masked woman of the ancient city of Dunhuang suddenly looked at Mu Yi and asked.

“Of course, but it’s not so easy to kill Zai Feng and he has some means to protect himself.” Mu Yi pondered and said that he really wanted to kill Zai Feng but he would not be rash.

“I’ll deal with Fan Yuan, and you deal with the old eunuch. As for the confidante beside you, it’s not difficult for her to stop the other two guards of Zai Feng, right? What’s more, with my understanding of Zai Feng, for his own safety, he will only send one person to deal with your confidant. If there is any problem, my maid can help.” The masked woman of the ancient city of Dunhuang seemed to have taken everything into account.

“Can you kill Fan Yuan?” Mu Yi directly got to the point, because it was useless if they couldn’t kill Fan Yuan and the old eunuch. As for her saying Qiu Yuetong was his confidant, he was not in the mood to explain since there was no need for that. She just misunderstood them, and he knew it.

“I can’t kill him. I can suppress him at most.” Said the masked woman of the ancient city of Dunhuang.

“It’s hard for me to kill the old eunuch beside him. Even if I succeed, the final price will be too high. If they do not die, there is no hope to kill Zai Feng.” Said Mu Yi, shaking his head.

“As long as you can stop the old eunuch, it won’t be hard to kill him.” said the masked woman of the ancient city of Dunhuang.

“It seems that I am not the only one you asked for help.” Mu Yi realized clearly that since he and she would both have no time to kill Zai Feng, and since she claimed it would still not be difficult to kill him, she must have other helpers. In addition to them, the rest of  those here were almost all in the realm of perfection. It would  indeed not be difficult to kill Zai Feng, even if he had any means of protection.

“So how about it?” The masked women of the ancient city of Dunhuang did not admit or deny her inclusion of others into her plan, but only asked Mu Yi for confirmation.

“Okay, but you should stop Fan Yuan first.” Mu Yi only pondered for a moment then directly agreed. This was the best chance to kill Zai Feng. Once he left the Yellow River Ancient Road, it would be more difficult to kill him.

As for the other person allied with the masked women, it had nothing to do with him. The Revenge of the Manchu Dynasty that would inevitably come was something he would worry about in the future. It was easy to imagine that Empress Dowager Cixi in the Forbidden City would be furious, but it would be impossible to send an army to attack him. More than likely, she would send experts to kill him. As long as the old monster in the third stage didn’t get involved, he would not be afraid even if she sent strongmen in the realm of perfection. Moreover, he wouldn’t have done it alone.

“Good.” The masked woman of the ancient city of Dunhuang took a deep look at Mu Yi and then took her maid away. When she was about to enter the crack, another voice came into Mu Yi’s ear.

“My name is Hua Qianwu!”

“Hua Qianwu? “Mu Yi shook his head. He then looked at Qiu Yuetong and said, “let’s go.”

Two people crossed the Magma River together and entered the crack.

It was very dark inside, but it was nothing for Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong. However, just after entering, Mu Yi found that Qiu Yuetong had disappeared.

Without any sign, she just vanished. Even Mu Yi didn’t have time to determine what had happened. His face became gloomy. It wasn’t because he was worried about what would happen to her. It was because of this unthinkable method that could make a person suddenly disappear.

Mu Yi didn’t dare to be careless. He directly put the Xin lamp over his head and protected himself with layers of flames that looked like lotus flowers.

He carefully observed his surroundings and determined that it was not an illusion. Qiu Yuetong had really disappeared. That said, Qiu Yuetong wasn’t the only one gone. All those who had come in had disappeared. No trace of them passing through could be seen on the ground.

Looking back, he could still see the light from the magma river. One side was the exit and the other was the unknown. After hesitating for a moment, Mu Yi finally stepped inward. Since he had already reached here, he had no reason to regret and return.

People had been eager to enter, so although he couldn’t guarantee there would be no danger, at least the danger should be controllable.

In fact, Mu Yi’s interest in the so-called treasure was not so great. His Xin lamp had been completely restored. With its blessing, Mu Yi had achieved the strength of those at the perfect stage. Although it couldn’t last too long, it was enough.

The combination of the spells on the lamp, his mind, and the Xin lamp made him realize a lot more. The magic tool had been constantly refreshing his body without him realizing. He could clearly feel that the glaze Vajra body was slowly strengthening. Perhaps it would not be long before it could reach the fifth level.

The biggest advantage was that he felt that the fifth chakra had reached the edge of activating. It was not that he urgently wanted to unlock it, but instead was the result of a natural change. Even if he didn’t take the initiative, his body’s instinct was constantly pounding even to the point that the chakra couldn’t resist.

Thinking of this, Mu Yi stopped worrying. He found a clean place to sit down and silently checked the fifth chakra. He decided to turn it on.


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