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Chapter 401 Endless treasures

The fifth chakra was also known as the Viśuddha. As the name implied, it controlled sound, and sound exists in many forms. Speaking was sound, thunder was sound, the roar of insects and beasts was sound, for all things in the world had their own sound. To summarize, the sound was Yi Tai.

Yi meant wind and Tai meant immensity.

For others, opening the Viśuddha was just one more chakra, and their strength would improve a little. But for Mu Yi, the Viśuddha was a crucial step in his practice. The effect of combining the charms with the Viśuddha was definitely an example of the saying “one plus one is more than two”, as Mu Yi’s strength could be greatly improved.

In fact, whether it was Taoism or Buddhism, there were some skills that used the Viśuddha. Taoism had the above-head downward strike, five words, and six rules. Buddhism had the lion’s roar and silent meditation, each of which made use of the Viśuddha to the best.

Even if a man didn’t practice these skills, when he turned on the Viśuddha, a light voice was enough to make the spirits of ordinary ghosts disappear and a shout would frighten the beasts in the mountains.

Moreover, after the Viśuddha was opened, Mu Yi’s Avatar of Life could be increased by another stage. It was not far from the integration of the seven mortal forms. It also gave Mu Yi more assurance of his survival in this dangerous and unknown ancient battlefield.

According to Qiu Yuetong, luck was more important than strength here. But in the eyes of Mu Yi, luck was merely one aspect of survival; strength was also indispensable. Otherwise, even if one’s luck was good, the chance of survival in the ancient battlefield would still be small.

Gradually Mu Yi calmed down and didn’t find anything amidst the deep lingering haze around him.

His mind was immersed in the deepest part of his body. There was a huge door standing there. But when Mu Yi looked closely, he could see that there was a gap in the door. He had a feeling that as long as he pushed on the door gently, he could open the door and see the scene inside.

Mu Yi did not hesitate to wield all of the mental and spiritual forces he possessed and run them into the gate.


A thunderbolt-like voice resounded in the heart of Mu Yi. His mind froze for a moment. When he recovered, he found that the gate had disappeared. Instead, a light wheel stood within his body, seemingly small, but infinite, resonating with the other four chakras.

Countless lights radiated from the wheel of light causing Mu Yi to feel warm all over his body as though he was in a hot spring. His throat suddenly became itchy.


Mu Yi opened his mouth and roared out of his mouth. His voice was like thunder and the waves of the ocean, powerful and continuous.

The fog around Mu Yi disappeared with the force of his voice.

At the same time, a light wheel appeared behind Mu Yi’s mind. There were actually two light wheels. One was thick while the other was thin, and they were closely attached together. The light constantly blended together, and the two light wheels even started to slowly merge. This kind of integration however, seemed that it would not be successful in a day or a night.

In the past, Mu Yi cultivated and tempered his body with the help of the Nanming Li fire, so that the light wheel could be completely integrated. Without this external force, although the light wheels would instinctively attract each other, it still needed a lot of time to integrate so Mu Yi was not in a hurry.

When he made a breakthrough, the Tao seed in his heart seemed to absorb something and suddenly became solidified. Although it was far away from real coagulation, it was at least making continuous progress. He believed that one day, not only would the seven light wheels be fully integrated into one, but the Tao seed would fully mature.

Mu Yi didn’t know how long it took for him to open his eyes. He felt the power of his body surging constantly, and his mental strength and spirit began surging again. A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Finally, Mu Yi had a foothold in the ancient battlefield. He was now unafraid of even those full-fledged, perfect-stage experts.

With the help of the Xin lamp, he was able to mimic the power of the perfect-stage with the four previous chakras. Now that he had the fifth chakra, he was able to completely establish his strength as a perfect-stage expert, and he could enact this power twice as long as before.

Thinking of this, Mu Yi was moved, and his mental power was integrated with the Xin lamp. A feeling of completeness came to his mind. The newly increased strength was quickly familiarized, without any strangeness. This was the biggest advantage of the completeness level. Through mastering each power, even if a smaller amount of strength was used, one could show a greater level of effect than one lacking in completeness. It was like the gap between wood and iron.

Later, Mu Yi opened his eyes. It was still the same channel, but he felt that it was different from before, but he couldn’t say exactly what it was.

To be cautious, Mu Yi even went back and looked at the rolling magma under his feet. Finally, he was certain that it was the same. Then he felt his mood rise and started to walk along the passage.

Although Mu Yi felt that it didn’t take much time to unlock the fifth chakra, he couldn’t guarantee it. After all, in such a state, it was easy to ignore the passage of time. At present, there was no way to know, so he could only hurry to avoid any accident. After all, if he met Zai Feng, the other would not fail to make use of this opportunity.

Mu Yi hurried until he came to a large, bronze hall which was hidden in the mountain.

He couldn’t tell the age of the bronze hall, but the style was simple and the hall was very spacious. Only a few thick dragon pillars supported the space. Mu Yi was not relaxed, instead finding himself wary.

Until now, he did not see Qiu Yuetong, or even a single person, which was undoubtedly abnormal. Though, perhaps the bronze hall was not the end, or there were many such bronze halls.

However, Mu Yi quickly denied this possibility. The cost of such a bronze hall was unimaginable. There were more than ten people left, and was there to be more than ten bronze halls? A bronze hall for each of them? This would not make any sense.

Just as Mu Yi was thinking, he suddenly felt a slight shock under his feet and the hall slowly lit up with countless night pearls above his head, illuminating the whole hall.

Seeing this situation, Mu Yi became more alert. Sometimes, the unknown was the most terrible.

Suddenly, a figure emerged, shrouded in layers of light. He could only vaguely make out the outline of a person, but he couldn’t see exactly what it looked like. Seeing the figure suddenly appear, the Xin lamp on the top of Mu Yi’s head slowly turned up, combining his mental power and the Xin lamp’s symbol into one.

“Sacrifice the core of the fire beast, and you could get the treasure you desire.” All of a sudden, a voice resounded directly in Mu Yi’s mind without any sign.

Thinking of what people said before, Mu Yi couldn’t help but believe the voice somewhat. However, the common fire beast core was gone. It was swallowed by the Xin lamp. That said, he had the fire beast king’s core fragments. The fire beast king’s core fragments were only eight in total. Even if the Xin lamp had strong desires toward them, he hadn’t let it swallow them.

It was not that he must get some treasures. After all, he had the Xin lamp and the Bamboo Tree of Life. Ordinary treasures were of little use to him. Unless it was those treasures of heaven and earth that could increase him to the third stage, he wouldn’t be moved easily.

The reason why he had kept the fragments was just in case. They could make many big forces come here regardless of the danger, so there must be a reason for it.

“I want to know what I can get.” Mu Yi said after a moment of silence.


With the man’s voice, curtains made of light immediately appeared in front of Mu Yi, on which countless small words were written. After one glance, Mu Yi could not bear to look away.

The first light curtain was a variety of magic items, including not only magic weapons, but also magic treasures, and even legendary magic weapons.

Originally, Mu Yi thought that his magic weapon was absolutely top-notch, but now it could only be called average in front of those he saw here. If word of these magic weapons spread, it would cause a bloodbath.

Mu Yi took a deep breath, resisted the impulse to exchange the fragments, and then moved his eyes to the second light curtain, which recorded all kinds of Dharma formulas and miracles.

Mu Yi looked at it and even found the trace of the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu. Its position was at the bottom.


Mu Yi still remembered that in King Xian’s grave, people fought for the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu, but now it was just the most common skill. That kind of gap would make people want to spit out blood, and desire to snatch away these skills.

However, Mu Yi quickly came to his senses. After all, impulse was only impulse. With his strength, there was no possibility of seizing these skills. At present, the only thing he could do was  use the eight pieces of fire beast king’s fragment in his hand.

Now, Mu Yi couldn’t help feel regret. If he had known, he would have tried his best to kill the fire beasts and search for the fragments of the fire beast king’s core. It was no wonder that at the beginning, people would look for them with red eyes. Unfortunately, he had missed the opportunity. Even Qiu Yuetong had more fragments in her hands.

Mu Yi shook his head hard to drive away the regret in his heart, then moved his eyes to the third light curtain. His eyes widened completely, because on the light curtain, he saw two words, Tao seed!

Mu Yi felt his heart beating. He was no longer someone who had just begun on the path. He would not be so ignorant as to know nothing about Tao seed. There was even a Tao seed in his heart, but it was just a virtual shadow. It was far from mature and he did not know how long it would take.

But at present, there was a mature Tao seed in front of him, and his mood at the moment could be imagined.

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