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Chapter 402 Sacrifice



What was a Tao seed?

The Tao seed was the foundation of Tao. The fruit of all one’s understanding of the Tao. For a strong person who had mastered the second stage, the Tao seed was a supreme foundation.

As long as the Tao seeds were condensed, it meant that the door to the third stage had been opened, and that one could step into the third stage by merely willing it. From then on, one would be able to shed one’s old self and become a true expert. Although no one could dare say that this would ensure a power capable of dominating a dynasty, there was no problem in achieving the Millennium foundation.

Why could Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain become a millennium school; a school standing immortal in the face of generations of dynasties? Ultimately, it was because of the existence of an expert of the third stage. As long as this powerful force existed, even the most powerful Dynasty was not willing to provoke these schools.

At the same time, Mu Yi also understood how each generation’s millennial schools had obtained the most powerful of backings. This Tao seed in front of him undoubtedly revealed the answer. Since there was a Tao seed belonging to no one in this place, did it mean that a Tao seed could also be inherited?

Then, Mu Yi thought of the virtual shadow of a Tao seed in his heart. All along, Mu Yi thought that the Tao seed was the result of his own hard work and a happy coincidence after he experienced the disaster of loss. But at present, his thoughts began to change. It seemed that the truth was not as simple as he thought.

Back then, he experienced the disaster of loss, and only found himself in Liao Fan’s hometown. He didn’t get lost completely. But at present it seemed that the Tao seed’s virtual shadow in his heart and the disaster of loss were just coincidentally linked. Perhaps the disaster of loss was just an indirect effect that made his Tao seed’s virtual shadow appear. Perhaps the Tao seed’s virtual shadow was in his body since long ago, but he just wasn’t aware.

Once people began seeing possible links, they couldn’t help thinking things through. This was what Mu Yi was doing at present.

He thought of the unknown fist technique that was taught to him by the old Taoist Priest. Previously, under the old Taoist Priest’s stick, he continued practicing the unknown fist technique despite not thinking it to be useful. But as he embarked on the road of martial practice, he gradually realized the extraordinary nature of the unknown fist technique. Every time he struck out with the unknown fist technique, a force would enter his body and rush through him, before sinking into his abdomen and the deepest parts of his body.

At the time, he thought that all those forces had been integrated into the Mūlādhāra, and later became his strength to break through the shackles. Now however, he thought of the Tao seed and the virtual shadow.

What was the origin of this shadow? It should have been created after opening the heart chakra, right? If the disaster of loss was just a guide, then was the virtual shadow already in his body priorly?

If so, who planted the virtual shadow of a Tao seed into his body?

An easy answer popped into his head, but there was a kind of thick, persistent bitterness in Mu Yi’s heart.

As he arrived at the answer, Mu Yi didn’t rejoice. The old Taoist Priest’s love for him even exceeded his imagination. He suddenly understood why the old Taoist Priest’s body was originally strong before suddenly falling ill. His body had become worse and worse day by day until he died.

This had long been a doubt in Mu Yi’s mind after he started cultivating. He was aware that in the second stage, his body had been continuously tempered. So even if the old Taoist Priest abandoned his cultivation, how could his body that was far stronger than ordinary people, age so quickly until death?

The answer to this question had finally come to him. It was related to the shadow of the Tao seed.

“Old man… you idiot. You fool.” Unconsciously, Mu Yi was already in tears.

The truth was clear, but Mu Yi was not happy at all. If it was not for his sake, the old Taoist Priest could have even lived a hundred years, but he…

After a while, Mu Yi dried his tears, for he had just felt the shadow of the Tao seed quiver, and he could not help but think of the face of the old Taoist Priest who was looking at him kindly.

“Don’t worry, old man, I will not let you down. You’ll have your revenge. I will certainly repay you in the future.” Mu Yi looked firm again.

Then, he looked at the last light curtain once more. Before that, he noticed Tao seed and hadn’t looked at anything else. When he looked at it again, he had a revelation. The Tao seed was not a rare treasure in this light curtain. Even if it could directly let people enter the third difficulty, it was barely middling in the ranking.

There were many unheard of treasures beyond the Taoist seed. It was not enough to describe them simply as rare treasures. At the top of the light curtain, Mu Yi saw something that astonished him. A real dragon’s soul.

It was thought that dragons were merely legends. The dragon’s soul listed here told him plainly that dragons were not just legends, but real beings. The value of the dragon’s soul could not be estimated.

In addition to the dragon’s soul, Mu Yi even saw the dragon’s blood. Unfortunately, without the body of a real dragon, it was impossible to eat dragon flesh.

Finally, Mu Yi looked at all three light curtains, and then looked up at the light man. “How can I exchange for these things?”

If the price was right, Mu Yi didn’t mind exchanging for some things. It was worth it. For example, he saw an item called the Vermilion Bird stone. Since it was called the Vermilion Bird stone, it must have something to do with Vermilion Bird. Maybe the Nanming Li fire needed it.

Although the fragments of the fire beast king were good, they might not be better than the Vermilion Bird stone, which was possibly more appetizing to the Nanming Li fire. However, Mu Yi first needed to know how to exchange for these items and what he could afford.

“You have eight fire beast king cores, equivalent to ten basic units.” When the light man finished speaking, the light curtain in front of him changed again. Behind every object, there were some numbers.

The dragon’s soul cost 100000 units!

Just looking at the first row, Mu Yi’s face was black. Although he had been predicted that the dragon’s soul might be very expensive, he hadn’t expected that it would be expensive to this degree. What was the concept of 100000 units? The fire beast king’s core in his hand was only ten units. Ten thousand times the fragments in his hand could be exchanged for a dragon’s soul.

How many units was the core fragment of a fire beast king worth then? According to Mu Yi’s own judgment, even the complete core of the fire beast king was only equivalent to three or five hundred units, which was far from 100000.

Mu Yi believed that if someone saw the same light curtain he did now, that person’s face would definitely turn black.

A fire beast king worth only three or five hundred units, had caused so many perfect stage experts to be close to death. If there was another fire beast king, they would probably have all died.

Therefore, it was impossible to exchange for the real dragon’s soul.

And ten units···

Mu Yi’s eyes continued to move down, and his face became more and more bitter. He found that an ordinary magic weapon needed 50 units to be exchanged, and even one or two hundred of them were common. He had thought the fire beast king’s core in his hand was very valuable, but circumstances revealed that he had thought wrong.

After thinking about it though, Mu Yi realized that this made sense. The value of a fire beast king was only at the level of a top-level magic weapon.

In the end, Mu Yi finally saw what he could exchange for, a magic weapon!

But even a top-level magic weapon was just a burden to him. Couldn’t he just exchange some useless magic weapons and give them to his subordinates?

Mu Yi shook his head. He wasn’t generous to that extent, but ten units were the most he could use here. Would he go back empty handed?

Later, Mu Yi looked at Vermilion Bird stone again, but the price of the Vermilion Bird stone was one for ten units, which undoubtedly exceeded his expectation.

Mu Yi didn’t have any expectations for the Tao seed. The value of a Tao seed was 1000 units, which was still far beyond his means. Even if all the fire beasts’ cores in the hands of all the experts present added up, it was far from enough to exchange for the Tao seed.

“Should I just leave empty handed? Or should I get a Vermilion Bird stone? “Mu Yi couldn’t help thinking. Although he knew that the stone was probably his best bet, he still felt reluctant.

“Want these treasures?” When Mu Yi had some regrets, he suddenly heard a voice in his ear.

“What, will you give them to me for free?” Mu Yi didn’t have much fear of the light people, so after listening to the other’s words, he asked directly.

“If you sacrifice ten units, you will get a message,” said the light man.

“A message?” Mu Yi’s eyes opened wide.

“Yes, it’s a piece of information that might give you what you want.”

“This is possible?” Mu Yi was keen to grasp the loopholes in the light man’s words.

“Yes, you can choose whether to exchange or not,” the light man continued.

“May I ask you a question?” Mu Yi thought about it and said.

“Yes.” The light man replied.

“Do these things exist? And how do others choose? “Mu Yi asked.

“Those were two questions. Which one do you want answered?” Said the light man.

“The first,” said Mu Yi, gritting his teeth.

“A lot of things no longer exist.” The light man replied, and then the three light curtains in front of Mu Yi changed again, but they had fewer items listed.

 But even then, the things on three light curtains numbers in the hundreds. Moreover, Mu Yi could see the Tao seed, Vermilion Bird stone and even the dragon’s blood. The real dragon’s soul however, had disappeared.

And the real dragon’s blood, like the Tao seed, needed 1000 units in exchange.

Mu Yi looked at the light curtain and was speechless for a long time. The light man did not urge, and the whole hall became silent.

As time passed by, Mu Yi finally got the answer after about a breath of incense.

“I choose to offer these in exchange for information.” Mu Yi said loudly, then stretched out his hand. In the palm of his hand, the eight pieces of the fire beast king’s core were lying there quietly. 

As soon as Mu Yi finished his words, the fragments of the fire beast king’s core disappeared. Even though Mu Yi had been looking at them, he did not find any evidence of how they had disappeared.


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